Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 4613: Who do you choose to save



“Now the Eternal Pavilion has integrated his name to make himself complete. Either he will stay in the Chaos Realm forever, and when the Chaos Realm is punished and collapsed, he will usher in the final punishment!” If he escapes, it means that he Mistake. He shouldn’t have changed the time on the Eternal Chain, everything will be corrected. The Eternal Chain will be submerged in endless negative emotions, heading for destruction, this is the correct fate. of the world


The rules cannot be violated, not even the eternal artifact.


“So, Xi’er, who do you choose? One of the two.” Tiandao asked. Mu Qianxi said coldly: “How much of your selfish desires are contained in the seemingly righteous rules? If others don’t like it, you should like it. Is there something wrong with you? Why did this world give birth to a heaven like you? It’s really too bad.




Mu Qianxi scolded all the swear words that could be used, and the scolding was so unbearable that he wanted to block his hearing, so Mu Qianxi withdrew his soul power and left.


God will not give her a solution. Instead, she will watch the show and expect her to do the multiple-choice questions in pain.


Eternal artifacts are born powerful, but no one has ever known what they are carrying?


In order to protect your companions, you know what you can’t do.


For the sake of his companions, the eternal and immortal self goes to death, and he can calmly face it without regret.


Mu Qianxi looked at Ah Ting and the chain in the air, it turned out to be like this, Jing Ying had already expected this step.


“Ah Ting, you know that such a thing will happen when you get your name, what on earth are you doing here?” she asked. “Who wants to be incomplete and live in this world without a name. And if I don’t come, the Chaos Realm will be destroyed and my name will be broken, I will not feel better. Why don’t you come in and find a solution. If you find a solution, my Eternal Pavilion will change get


Super powerful, it must be able to solve the fragments that the God Emperor took back his sister. ” Ah Ting replied.


The bad thing is that Heaven intervened and didn’t give him time to find a way.


On the contrary, he was directly and seriously injured, and even encountered a strong enemy like a **** emperor.


Then, the Chaos Realm collapsed, and the idiot A Nian acted. Mu Qianxi said in a deep voice: “Indeed, many things were unexpected, we didn’t give us enough time to deal with them, and the accidents came one after another. This time it was not God Emperor’s plan, but Heaven’s plan, this dog Things become the last


The winner. “


A Ting said to Mu Qianxi: “Don’t wake up my sister, okay? I never asked you, just this one thing.”


“Ah Ting, what are you talking about?” A voice as gentle as water came out, and Mu Qianxi’s heart burst into a blue light.


Long water-blue hair flew across the air like flowing water, and a picturesque figure stood beside Mu Qianxi.


“You…didn’t you hear what I said?” Ah Ting was so angry that he wanted to join.


Mu Qianxi replied: “But I haven’t started to wake up Jingying yet!”


Crystal Ying said: “Xi’er is so worried, hesitant, and painful. As a contracted person, I can feel it no matter how deeply I sleep. And the younger brother of the twins is in such a crisis, I can also feel it.” Sensed.”


Since my sister woke up, she couldn’t press it back and continue to sleep. He didn’t have the ability.


He said to Jingyingying: “Sister, stop Ah Nian. If you are complete, you can do it. I agree with it without saying a word. Now you should not do it…”


Crystal Ying looked up at the sky and said, “Ah Ting, why do you want to stop Anian? Anian is merging the Chaos Realm, we can do our own thing.


“Xi’er, there’s no need to choose between the two! Obliterate the law, as long as it doesn’t exist, then there will be no punishment.”


The water-blue eyes are so gentle and water-like, but they are tough and decisive, as if they are carrying a majestic and incomparable power.


Mu Qianxi was slightly taken aback, “Erasure the law?” Jing Jingying said with a smile: “Yes! It is also thanks to Xi’er who got a lot of information from Tiandao, let me know that it is all that Anian endured. Selfish desires, using their own special ability and status of checks and balances to impose on us




“We are born strong and born for one thing, why let us take care of the others. This is unreasonable imposed on us, and it can be erased if it is unreasonable.”


Mu Qianxi was slightly taken aback, “How should I erase it? When the rules were born?”


It needs to go back to the past time, but obviously Ah Ting is too weak now to do it. Crystal Ying said: “It’s really difficult to solve this urgent need, we can only solve this first! Ah Ting used time retrospect for Ah Nian, who is also an eternal artifact, so that Ah Nian’s time stays at the time when he was born, which violates our own. birthday


A rule from birth.


“But what if his natal contractor ordered him to do this? It wasn’t his own decision. Is this law valid?”


“Then we have to go back to the beginning…” Mu Qianxi frowned slightly. Crystal Ying said to her: “Here is where you met the little Anian, didn’t you? Ah Ting was in the Chaos Realm at this time, and sent Anian back! At that time, none of us saw Ah Nian’s appearance. It’s hard to do


Only Ah Ting, who controls time, has the ability to help him. “


They entered the Chaos Realm to participate in the Nine Realms Grand Competition, which was not the same as entering other realms, but returned to the past time of the Chaos Realm.


Because the Chaos Realm was sealed, its time actually stayed before their masters fell asleep, and because of the punishment, they didn’t listen to the split, but they wouldn’t flow back.


In other words, the time they are currently in is actually the time when Ah Ting sent Anian back. Of course, the Chaos Realm keeps splitting and collapsing, and it is not exactly the same.


But it doesn’t matter, Ah Tingzai and Jingjingying woke up too.


She naturally has a way to go to the real same time and space and accomplish everything they want to do.


A light flashed in Mu Qianxi’s eyes, and she said excitedly: “Crystal Ying, you are so powerful and smart! Tiandao makes all kinds of tricks, and we can take advantage of loopholes, but…”


She was slightly taken aback, Ah Ting’s natal contract was not her.


Crystal Ying bent down to Jiuye and smiled softly, “Jiuye, my younger brother will be entrusted to you.”


Mu Qianxi was slightly taken aback, “What if the legal punishment falls on Jiuye, the natal contracter? Will something happen to Jiuye?”


Crystal Ying gave Mu Qianxi a reassuring smile, “Don’t worry, if the laws of this world were effective for Jiuye, he would never exist today. Even if it is difficult for me to obliterate the laws, he will definitely be able to!” “


Huang Jiuye nodded and said: “No problem, I can definitely do it.”


Crystalline is easy to say, but it is not easy to really do all this.


The moment the water-blue light burst out, Mu Qianxi felt that her soul power was drained.


This time point is the same, but the space is completely different.


So, the power of the crystal clear space brought them to another space at the same time.


The span is a bit big, this is not a simple and easy thing to do, but Jingying did it. She saw the gray and pitiful little girl again. There were so many things on his body that made it hard to breathe. The emotion of wanting to die and disappear completely swallowed him up, sad, painful and desperate…


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