Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 4288: To the seventeenth floor



After all, it is a woman who has been together before, even if separated.


If you get worse, if you do a little evil, he will be tolerant and will not be cruel and heartless.


But Bai Beibei, she ruthlessly stepped on his bottom line and touched his inverse scale!


Calculates the person he loves the most and wants to hurt her and grab her face.


Also price his most obsessed and sinking face so low, unforgivable, kill without forgiveness!


Mu Qianxi agreed with him at this time, saying: “She really deserves to die, I’ll kill her!


“You **** people’s feelings and kill them again. I’m really afraid that you will be punished by the gods and struck by lightning!”


Although, they are not afraid of lightning strikes!


However, accumulate virtue!


She didn’t know that City Lord Bei’s nature was evil, and he was crazy.


Or was he abandoned by Huaxin Da radish, heartbroken and perverted?


So, it’s more appropriate for her, an outsider who has a grudge against her, to do it.


I want to insist on killing myself all my life, but I don’t know how to say it?


I’m afraid that the little baby will think that he is worse and worse, and that he will despise him even more.


Originally, he is not as unique as Jingying, the natal contractor, in the heart of the treasure owner, and he is not as considerate as Shuilong.


It’s not like Ah Huan is good at pretending to be pitiful and cute, nor is it like Ah Yu who has a gender advantage as a little sister.


Can only compete with the taciturn dark and the bad-tempered Soulkiller for the rest of the rankings.


Because all kinds of things happened in Shen Dingyu, he felt that among all his partners, Little Treasure’s impression of him had become the one at the bottom!


Now the goodwill accumulated by teaching the baby to refine medicine is almost exhausted, and these days will not end!


Life said: “Okay! Then leave it to the baby to kill you!”


I got back all the chips I lost before, and in this round, Mu Qianxi bet all!


Everyone gasped, “This beautiful little girl is too fierce, too bold!”


“There are so many chips, play slowly! This approach is too angry!”


“It’s a pity, there is one less beauty in Shen Dingyu!”


The corner of the dealer’s mouth twitched slightly, “Please—”


Life said: “Little baby, do you need my help? In terms of gambling skills, Shuilon and the others are completely inferior to me!”


The corners of Mu Qianxi’s mouth twitched slightly, “You just said that you eat, drink, and play with girls. Who can compare to you when it comes to things that aren’t your business?”


Having been slapped with autism all his life, he forced a smile and said, “That’s called knowing life. Other guys don’t have fun. Endless years are boring and boring!”


“Okay! Don’t forget I can use my soul power here, I can cheat! Also, I’m not bad at gambling!”


Mu Qianxi said: “It’s time to start!”


In this game, Mu Qianxi chose a type of card.


The cards are arranged with pictures of elixir from low to high level, and each person is dealt three cards.


Each permutation is divided into size, the larger one wins.


Mu Qianxi asked Lifetime, “You didn’t design this card?”


Lifetime replied: “You guessed it right, little baby! After all, it’s the Divine Cauldron Domain. Naturally, it has to have its own characteristics, so I specially designed a kind of card, it’s amazing!”


Mu Qianxi replied, “It’s amazing!”


His creativity can collide with ideas separated by countless worlds, which is really amazing.


All three cards are dealt, then start showing!


The dealer was very confident from beginning to end, but when Mu Qianxi’s card was shown, he almost hit the corner of the table!


“You…you won!”


Mu Qianxi said lightly: “What’s wrong? Can’t I win?”


This beautiful and outrageous little **** the opposite side won, and then look at the chips she threw, the dealer can’t wait to die at this time!


If he loses so much, he will be chopped off by the city lord!


“One more game!” he said with red eyes.


He can’t lose so much, one more game, one more game, and he will win it back.


Mu Qianxi said indifferently: “Sorry, I have no plans to continue betting with the loser, and I have so many chips now, I should be able to go to a higher floor!”


“Bam—” He slumped to the ground in a cold sweat.


He cried and shouted: “I know you are a beautiful and kind girl, please… please play another game with me!”


This manager on the fourth floor is actually going to roll around. This kind of situation can only happen to a poor ghost who loses and goes bankrupt! Everyone was excited to watch the show.


Mu Qianxi said indifferently: “Since you have left many people with nothing, you should be prepared to accept that you may lose with nothing.”


City Lord Bei raised his eyebrows slightly and said, “I actually won this game? Is it luck?”


She laughed, “It doesn’t matter, just let her go from the fourth floor to the tenth floor!”


When Mu Qianxi reached the tenth floor, she said all her life: “Those above the tenth floor are masters. Do you want to leave it to me, little baby!”


Mu Qianxi gave up the super powerful plug-in support, “I’ll try it! Come here, don’t you want me to have a good time? It’s too hard, I won’t be brave!”


Life is right, those on the tenth floor are masters of masters.


In modern times, they are all masters banned by major casinos.


It’s just that a mountain is taller than a mountain, and the manager on the tenth floor is stronger, because he can make thousands, but other gambling masters can’t!


Even so, Mu Qianxi still has an advantage when he encounters someone who can use his soul power, taking all the audience.


They can only send this crazy little ancestor to the eleventh floor. “Lord City Lord, there’s something wrong with that woman? She lost everything below. It’s not her strength at all, it’s her pretense! Either…or she can make a thousand! Obviously only our own people can make a thousand!” A man knelt on his knees. Bay City


The Lord said before him.


The corner of Lord Bei’s mouth twitched slightly, and said with interest: “This sister, it’s really interesting! It turns out that she is a master of gambling, but I want to see, how long can you last?”


She was still smiling happily, expecting that Mu Qianxi would lose everything, after all, Mu Qianxi bet everything every time!


As long as she loses a game, her face is hers.


However, she never waited, and Mu Qianxi never lost again.


“Lord City Lord, that woman… that woman has reached the sixteenth floor!”


“She…she’s on the seventeenth floor!”




City Lord Bei’s eyes became gloomy, “Okay! It’s very good! It’s so hard for her to deceive me! Drag the old gambling emperor out of the coffin and let him deal with this woman!”




Mu Qianxi climbed to the seventeenth floor and said all his life: “The seventeenth floor is supposed to be guarded by the King of Gambling. Except for me, the one with the most powerful gambling skills in the Divine Cauldron Domain is qualified to be the person of pleasure. The king of gambling in a city within a capital!”


Mu Qianxi asked, “What about the eighteenth floor! The highest one in this city is the eighteenth floor!” He smiled meaningfully in his life: “The eighteenth floor! There is a big surprise! Wait! You’ll know when you go up, little baby.”


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