Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 4040: Black Fox of Doom



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With a terrible and malicious black air, like a big net, it enveloped the little fox.


It is too late to escape.


“Who are you? You are definitely not an ancestor!” The little fox widened his eyes.


Why did such a monster appear in their ancestral land?


“Hahaha! This king is of course not your ancestors, but the king of your nine-tailed fairy fox clan.” A wicked laugh came out.


The thick black gas turned into a black fox. This fur color looks different from the nine-tailed fairy fox.


Mu Qianxi said coldly: “You let go of the little fox!”


The black fox was a little surprised, “Humans came here? How could it be possible?”


It has been focusing on the Nine-Tailed Fairy Fox family for a long time, and naturally understands the affairs of the Nine-Tailed Fairy Fox family. So far, no human being can come here.


“I said, let you let go!” The crimson flames swept toward the black fox.


The black fox immediately shook its tail. It had nine black tails, which dispelled Mu Qianxi’s attack.


“The flame is good, but the power is not good? It’s just a virtual god, who dare to do something to this king. After this king eats this little fox, he will tear you up!” The black fox looked at Mu Qianxi’s eyes very much. Contempt.


It’s too weak and too weak, it’s not worth it at all.


A black gas rushed out, leaving a blood hole on the little fox.


The pure blood of the nine-tailed fairy fox family makes the eyes of the black fox full of greed.


“It’s really delicious! I’ve smelled this kind of blood a long time ago, and it’s very similar to yours. I guess the nine-tailed fairy fox that ran to the gods recklessly is your parents, right?”


This is the first time the little fox has heard from his parents. He eagerly asked: “Where is my father and mother?”


“Hahaha! Where, of course it entered my stomach and turned into my strength!” The black fox laughed frantically.


The little fox’s eyes are red, “You…you killed my parents, I want to fight with you!”


The little fox exploded with all his power, and his nine silver-purple tails flicked frantically, trying to break free.


The black fox said gloomily: “Your nine tails are really an eye-catcher, don’t worry, I will send you to reunite with them immediately.”


It has always been jealous of the color of the nine-tailed fairy fox’s tail, which is a noble silver purple, so why is its coat color black that was rejected by that person?


It opened its mouth wide and swallowed it towards the bound little fox.


Then, his face changed instantly.


Mu Qianxi approached it like a ghost, the six elemental spiritual skills were smashed at almost the same time, and the terrifying poison bomb exploded.




Mu Qianxi hurriedly pushed away, a silver-purple light flashed in the void.


The little fox ran into Mu Qianxi’s arms and stared at the huge black fox with hatred.


“Master, this black fox killed my mother, I want to kill it, I want to avenge my parents!”


It has exploded all over its hair, and its parents have never come back. You can see from the uncle’s performance. It must be violent.


But when I heard the news of their death, it was really sad and painful.


Even though the black fox has thick skin and thick flesh, he was caught off guard by such an attack, and he was also injured a little bit.


The black fox stared at the little fox and said: “I underestimated you, a little cub, and used illusion to deceive me, escape from my hand, and then give this human a chance to attack me.”


Mu Qianxi said coldly: “My little fox said, I want to kill you and avenge his parents, so you will die today!”


The black fox seems to have heard a big joke, “Human, do you know who this king is? This king is bad luck, the black fox king, far surpassing the existence of the virtual god, the **** general, and the **** king. You think Kill me, is it a dream?”


The terrifying black energy swept towards Mu Qianxi.


Mu Qianxi patted the little fox and said: “This guy is just bluffing, not that strong. If you want to avenge your parents, then use the abilities you learned here and do your best to fight him. Come on!”


The little fox felt that his whole body was crushed by the power of the bad luck Black Fox King. He had a headache, but he was very tenacious and said: “Master, I know!”


Nine-tailed fairy fox is best at illusion, here is their ancestral land, illusion broke out completely, so bad luck black fox can not tell which figure is true and which figure is false?


The bad luck black fox king is still very arrogant and said: “Small bugs, your parents didn’t lie to me by using these tricks, do you think you can? Go to death!”


Nine black tails are overwhelmingly shrouded towards the little fox. Its whole body is imprisoned, and it is about to be crushed completely.


But in the blink of an eye, the little fox disappeared.


The bad luck black fox king’s face changed, “How can this little cub use double illusion?”


“Burning the sky and killing!”


“Darkness is annihilated!”


“The water dragon is coming!”




Mu Qianxi attacked instantly, and countless medicine needles burst out like rain.


Of course, the little fox hasn’t learned double illusion, but it uses one layer, and Mu Qianxi, who understands their illusion, also uses one layer.


“It’s just useless work!” The bad luck black fox snorted coldly, trying to completely wipe out Mu Qianxi.


“Boom Rumble–” It did use the terrifying power that could obliterate Mu Qianxi, but this power was blocked by the blue barrier.


“Puff–” When it exploded with this blow, the little fox walked around behind it and bit one of its tail.


“Hiss–” The bad luck black fox gasped in pain.


The other eight tails lashed the little fox crazily, and the little fox didn’t let go of his mouth.


“Puff–” The little fox bit the whole tail of the bad luck black fox with a vengeance.


“Boom–” It was also taken away by a domineering force.


Black blood was flying, and a black tail also flew out of the air.


The little fox feels a lot of pain, it really hurts.


But it did something, it was already very satisfied.


A lavender figure passed by and caught the little fox. Several medicine needles pierced its body and quickly healed it.


“Little fox, you have done a good job. If your parents know, they will be proud of you! Next, let this guy solve it to my master!”


The little fox nodded obediently and said: “Yeah!”


The bad luck black fox sneered again and again, “Human, you haven’t seen the reality clearly until now, how can you survive by me?”


Mu Qianxi said mockingly: “Don’t talk too much now, otherwise your face will be ugly by then.”


Mu Qianxi burst out the power of darkness, and a tower of seven darkness was suspended above the head of the bad luck black fox.


“I definitely can’t beat you alone, but I didn’t say that I would not find a helper!”


Sure enough, the face of the black fox king of bad luck changed suddenly, “The Tower of Aion, the tower of the dark beast control, how could it be in your hands?” Although the black fox king of bad luck is not a beast of the dark era, it is a beast Standing in its position, it must know a lot of things, and naturally also understand the Aion, so it recognized it at a glance!


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