Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 3852: Next time


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The Qi Mocha over there made a thrilling escape, and Zhuge Shu, the big brother of Ling Yu Pavilion, was also seriously injured.

An old man raised his hand and patted his head, “You should not take away the inheritance that belongs to our young master.”

“Boom–” A tyrannical spiritual force tore through the air, breaking the old man’s arm.

“Old Piff, would you dare to try with my disciple of Ling Yuge?”

The pavilion master came personally, magnificent.

The expressions of these elders of the Black Sun Sect changed drastically, and said: “Ling Yu Pavilion has sent someone here, we will withdraw!”

Presumably those guys on the other side have already avenged the Second Young Master. Zhugeshu will look for a chance to clean up in the future.

“Fortunately, there is still time.”

“Those guys from the Black Sun Sect are so despicable and shameless, they actually acted on our disciples.”

“It was our carelessness.”

The other elders of Ling Yuge also hurried over.

Someone said: “Pavilion Master, Heiyang Sect has also sent many masters to chase and kill Junior Brother Qi and Junior Sister Mu, you hurry up to save people.”

“I hope Junior Sister Mu and Junior Brother Qi can hold on.”

The pavilion master hurriedly said: “You few, **** the disciples back to Lingyu Pavilion, and the others will follow me to save people.”

They swept in the direction where Mu Qianxi had left before, but they didn’t see any figure after looking for it for a long time.

An elder said: “I heard that they were all imaginary gods who were chasing and killing them. They are just half gods. I’m afraid they will die in nine deaths.”

The pavilion master said: “Stop talking nonsense! How could something be wrong with that little girl, she is a monster.”

That is a person who can never die if he enters the abyss of Ling Yu, and he can bring people into freely.

That’s someone recognized by his junior and younger brother.

The elders sighed: “Hey! Pavilion Master, I know you hope your disciples are fine.

“But you have to be mentally prepared, otherwise I’m afraid you can’t stand it.”

“Boom—” In a river valley, a wave of water threw a person towards the bank.

“Puff–” Qi Mocha vomited wildly with a pale face, and he also vomited a lively little fish.

He lay paralyzed on the ground and said: “I’m still alive, and God knows how badly I have been sinned.”

He got up with difficulty, “The so-called catastrophe will not die, there must be a blessing, I…”

There were many footsteps, and he was surrounded again.

There is no happiness, only disaster.

Qi Mocha’s heart collapsed, and she lay back again.

“I can’t move anymore. If you want to kill, please do whatever you want!”

He is exhausted now, his bones being crushed by sharp rocks in the river.

No matter how effective Qianxi’s medicine is, he will not be cured so quickly.

The master of the Black Sun School sneered: “You should have given up struggling long ago, and you can still suffer less.”

“Anyway, he is already a useless person. Bring it back to the sect and hand it to the Young Master for disposal. The Young Master will definitely make him worse than dead.”

“It seems that the woman is not going to care about her life and death.”

As soon as their words fell, they heard someone say: “I thought you could keep running for three rounds anyway! You can’t move after only two rounds, it’s really useless tea!”

“Who?” Their faces changed drastically.

A figure appeared out of thin air like a ghost, with ink flying.

A sword tore through the space, and a crimson flame greeted them frantically.

The power of this sword, the horror of the fire element, is not like the explosive power of the sixth-order demigod.

They dodged, defended, and said in horror: “It turned out to be her!”

“Controlling the power and spiritual skills of such fire elements, it is no wonder that the Second Young Master will die by her hands.”

The aquamarine light danced wildly, and the elemental spiritual skills of the wood broke out, entangled them.

Darkness is shrouded, they can’t see anything for a moment?

The wind element exploded with a killer move, causing damage to each of them.

At this time, the people of the Black Sun Sect were a little dumbfounded, “Four Elements, it turned out to be Four Elements! What a terrifying talent!”

“No matter how many spiritual masters she is, it’s just a demigod. Let’s join hands, and I’m afraid we can’t kill her.”

“That’s right.”

The murderous intent is overflowing, they also furiously counterattack.

Mu Qianxi said: “Little Red, Invincible, Little Momo!”

The huge snow-white big cat, the little red pig with terrifying flames, and the dark ink phoenix participate in the battle.

They widened their eyes, “Three contract beasts, two two-star super mythical beasts, and one three-star beast.”

It’s just an ordinary two-star, one-star, they don’t feel terrible.

But Mu Qianxi’s contract beasts are the same as their masters, far surpassing the same level, and it is not difficult to skip the battle.


Mu Qianxi and his contract beast have cooperated for countless rounds a long time ago, and they cooperated very tacitly.

Even if the opponent’s level is much higher than her, they start to lose out.

“The water dragon is coming!” The water elemental spirit exploded.

“Star Yao Realm.”

The stars are dazzling, and Mu Qianxi, who understands the profound meaning of light, can explode the light elemental spiritual skills beyond their imagination.

The people of the Black Sun Sect seem to be in the vast sea of ​​stars.

Here, the soul seems to be washed, because they repent for every innocent person they have killed.

“Boom bang bang–“

The moment they lost their senses, the five elemental spiritual powers exploded.

Someone has no bones in an instant, even if they are still alive, they will be seriously injured.

“Six Elements, it turns out to be Six Elements!” Their eyes were cracked.

This is a monster genius they have never heard of.

What bad luck did their Heiyang Sect have gone, which provokes such a character.

Xiao Hong walked over the flames and said to Mu Qianxi: “Master, these guys are all burned to me.”

The imaginary gods of the Black Sun Sect couldn’t help but shudder, and said: “No… don’t kill me!”

Mu Qianxi said: “Do you have a reason not to let me kill you?”

They haven’t figured out a reason yet, Mu Qianxi said: “It seems that there is no more.”

“Xiaohong, leave it to you.” She said to Xiaohong.

“No…” They screamed in horror, but they didn’t escape the power of the ashes.

After Mu Qianxi eliminated the enemy, Qi Mocha also recovered a lot of it.

His eyes gleamed and said: “Qianxi, I found you are more powerful. Especially the light elemental spiritual skills.”

“Of course, I’m a half **** of the sixth rank.” Mu Qianxi replied.

Qi Mocha slandered in his heart, half **** sixth order! Even the sixth-order Void God that he saw would be difficult to achieve! This perverted.

“Hi…” Qi Mocha took a breath.

He has been pierced with medicine needles and has turned into a hedgehog.

Mu Qianxi said: “This time the performance is OK, try to escape for three rounds next time, and struggle a bit more.”

Qi Mocha wanted to cry, “There is another time.”

“You have to be strong, not just for the next time, but for the next time, next time…”

He covered his ears, “Please stop talking, I don’t want to hear or not…”

“If you want to have a better life, please break through the King of God sooner! Break through, I won’t bother to care about you.”

Qi Mocha has godless eyes, this **** of life!

Mu Qianxi personally treated Qi Mo Tea, and Qi Mo Tea naturally recovered quickly.

A turquoise light flashed, and Ayu took the feather obtained from the ruins and said: “Master, I just absorbed its power. Then I found that it seemed to be sensitive to another feather that was born at the same time. , Can take us there!”


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