Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 5747: The attack is useless



Huang Tianbaixu, holding the Nine Nether Profound Blades, stood in the other direction, Qi Qi locked Lu Ming and others.


Changtian Xuansheng, Cangtian Liuli, Huang Tianzhiming, and Huang Tianmeiye also surrounded Lu Ming and surrounded them.


“I’m here to help you.”


At this moment, Tang Feng has condensed his body, like an immortal sword, showing his sharp edge, transmitting sound to Lu Ming and the others, wanting to help them.


“Senior, don’t come here.”


“Just help Xiaoqing and the others, they can’t support it anymore.”


Lu Ming hurriedly sent a voice transmission to Tang Feng.


Although Tang Feng stepped into the cosmos realm with half a foot, there is still a huge gap with the old cosmos realm. If he intervenes, he will only die.


In addition, the major universes such as Honghuang are now in crisis.


At this moment, the Great Universe of Yellow Heaven, the ancestor of the first ancestor of the Yellow Heaven Clan, has crossed the boundary between Yin and Yang and entered the realm of Yangjian.


In addition, a large number of mummified corpses also flew out of the Yellow Sky Universe.


These mummified corpses, like the ones that flew out of the sky, were mostly strong people from the Huangtian Clan, who had absorbed their energy and spirit.


Of course, there are also other races in the universe.


Since ancient times, the Universe Sea has experienced an extremely long period of time, and the existence of half-step cosmic-level existences born in the major universes is far more than the current point.


However, most of the half-step universes fell when they impacted the universe, and the bodies were secretly taken away by the Cangtian clan and the Huangtian clan. became a corpse.


These are all half-step universes. Even if they are turned into mummified corpses, they are blessed by the power of the ancestors of the Yellow Heaven Clan. It is also very terrifying.


These mummified corpses also rushed to the major universes, surrounded the universes such as Honghuang, and joined forces with the previous mummified corpses to frantically attack the ‘cosmic formation’ of the major universes.


With so many powerful mummies joining forces, if it weren’t for the cosmic formation, the universes would definitely not be able to resist.


Now, only by activating the formation with all my strength, it has resisted the attack of the mummy.


But the motivation to move forward was blocked, and it was difficult for them to control the major universes and escape into chaos.


The Huangtian Great Universe also stayed in the distance. Like the Cangtian Great Universe, it was not too close. Obviously, it was refining the Yin Universe Sea.




The dazzling sword light rushed into the periphery of the major universes and entered the army of mummies.


Half foot stepped into the universe, Tang Feng’s combat power was extremely powerful, the sword light fell, and a mummy that was half a step universe before his death was directly cut into two halves.


However, this kind of mummified corpse was blessed by the power of the ancestor of the ancestors of the Heavenly Clan. The body was cut into two halves, connected by silk threads, and reassembled to kill Tang Feng.


Tang Feng snorted coldly, and the sword light swept out, strangling it like a meat grinder, strangling this mummified corpse into pieces, and it was difficult to recover for a while.




Tang Feng rushed past and killed another mummified corpse, also strangling it into pieces.


With the addition of Tang Feng, the pressure on the major universes has been reduced a lot.


At this time, the cosmos-level war has also broken out.


The two Chaos Spirit Treasures exuded terrifying fluctuations, killing Lu Ming and Ye Qing, while the other four cosmos realms also performed terrifying magic tricks.


The Taoist of Sanqing used one Qi to transform Qing into thirty-six figures, each holding a gossip array plate and thirty-six huge gossip pictures, surrounding five people in the middle.


The other four cast their magic spells to resist the attack of the Celestial Clan Cosmos.


The five joined forces to block the attacks of the Celestial Clan Cosmos.


But their faces became heavier and heavier.


Everyone can see that the ancestor of the ancestors of the Celestial Clan, in refining the Yin-Yang Cosmos Sea, once the refining is successful, the strength will be amazingly improved.


Is it really like what the heavens and others say, will they step into the realm of the creator?


In that case, they would have no chance and all would die.


Must stop!


“Block them for me, I will be born to prevent them from refining the yin and yang universe.”


Ye Qing transmits voice to Lu Ming, Taoist Sanqing, Xue Universe and Immortal Emperor Wuyue.


The four nodded, realizing that the most critical moment had come, and they all showed their determination.


Boom boom boom!


The four of them all exude a splendid brilliance, burning the power of truth together.


Especially Lu Ming, he was completely reckless with the power of burning truth, his body seemed to be covered with a layer of splendid flames, and he tried his best to cast more than a dozen top-level immortal arts.


At the same time as the immortal art was cast, he also pushed the Chaos Gourd with all his strength, and the six black and white chains were wrapped around the Ten Tribulations World Destruction Jar.


I don’t want to completely control the World Destruction Jar, I only need to control two breaths.


“Blade of Destruction!”


“The Misty Moon Butterfly!”


“Promise gossip!”


Xue Yuyu, Immortal Emperor Wuyue, and Taoist Sanqing successively used ultimate moves to resist the attacks of the six cosmic realms of the Cangtian Clan and Huangtian Clan.


“Green Mountain White Jade Sword!”


Ye Qing seized the opportunity, and a sword light flew out from the eyebrows, shattering the void, and it was extremely stunning. In an instant, he crossed the endless chaos and slashed towards the sky.


The length of the sword light must be calculated in ‘light years’, and the length exceeds the current diameter of the universe.


However, the Cangtian Cosmos did not mean to dodge in the slightest, nor did it use any means to resist, Ren Jianguang slashed on the Cangtian Cosmos.


There are ripples on the surface of the universe, like an iron sword thrown into the sea, and between the ripples, the sword light disappears.


Afterwards, Lu Ming, Ye Qing and the others were horrified to discover that the size of the Great Universe seemed to have shrunk a little quickly.


“No, not only did it not hurt the universe, it didn’t stop him from refining the universe sea, but he was lured into it, attacking the ocean universe, and indirectly helping him refine the ocean universe.”


Ye Qing’s face was a little ugly.


Lu Ming, Xue Yuyu, Taoist Sanqing and Immortal Emperor Wuyue also thought of this.


The methods of the ancestors of the Cangtian Clan are simply unfathomable, as strong as Ye Qing’s attacks, they can easily guide ~IndoMTL.com~ not only do they not harm themselves, but they can also become their own help.


How can this be played?


“I don’t know what I can do. The cultivation base of the ancestor has already reached the peak of the universe, and is about to break into the realm of creation. I don’t know how much higher than you are, and it is still trying to attack the ancestor.”


The sky sneered.


In the eyes of other Cangtian clan, Cangtian Wujie, Cangtian Xuansheng and Cangtian Liuli are the ancestors of the Cangtian clan, but in their eyes, the ancestor of the ancestors is their ancestor and the oldest existence of the Cangtian clan.


Ye Qing stopped attacking the ancestors of the Cangtian clan. With a turn of sword light, he slashed towards the sky without disaster.


“We break out of the encirclement and help the major universes to find a way to let them escape, as much as they can escape.”


Ye Qing transmits voice to everyone.


The current situation is a desperate situation. It is impossible to retreat completely. The only way is to fight to the death and try to let as many people escape.


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