Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 5738: The purpose of the celestial family



Chapter 5738 The purpose of the family of the sky



“We are indeed dead, but before we died, a seed of life was planted on the skeleton of the Creator. The seed of life is always absorbing the power of the skeleton of the Creator. Is it difficult to be resurrected? What’s more, our ‘corpse’ was taken back later.”



The cosmos realm of the Cangtian clan holding a jade sword explained one sentence.



“Impossible, in the depths of the cosmic sea, the repulsive force against you is enormous. With your strength, it is impossible to plant your own life seed on the skeleton of the Creator before you die.”



Ye Qing said.



“It’s true that we can’t do it, but that doesn’t mean no one can.”



The universe realm holding the jade sword smiled faintly.



“So, you are fake death, and the so-called fall of the creation fairy tower is all fake?”



Ye Qing said.



The six cosmic realms of the Cangtian clan and the Huangtian clan looked indifferent and did not answer.



“You can plant the seeds of life on the skeleton of the Creator and resurrect it, but in the cosmos, you can’t do it. Those Immortal Kings and Half-Step Universe of your two races are indeed dead. I’m very curious. What did you pay such a high price for? You just wanted to lead me out?”



Ye Qing said again.



“Ye Qing, you overestimate yourself.”



The cosmic realm holding the jade sword smiled contemptuously.



“Everyone, this matter is a grievance between you, I will not intervene in it, and I will leave.”



At this time, Immortal Emperor Wuyue opened his mouth.



The six cosmic realms of the Celestial Clan did not die, which was completely beyond his expectations.



He once, and secretly entered the Immortal Tower of Creation to check, and determined that the six cosmic realms of the Celestial Clan had indeed fallen. Otherwise, they would not dare to show up, wanting to destroy the cosmic sea and monopolize the relics of creation.



“Now, do you still want to go?”



A cosmos realm from the Yellow Heaven Clan, with a cold murderous aura and a powerful aura, locked onto the giant battleship where Immortal Emperor Wuyue was located.



“It’s okay to tell you, we sacrificed so much, one of the reasons is to draw you all out. If we don’t die, how dare you show up? Ye Qing, why would you show up so easily? “



“And Xue Yuxu, the Taoist of Sanqing, how could he easily show up? If you don’t show up, how can you be caught all at once?”



A universe realm holding a jade sword.



Lu Ming’s thoughts turned sharply, and some doubts in his heart suddenly became clear.



The Cangtian Clan and the Huangtian Clan probably knew for a long time that the Elemental Immortal Clan had returned to the vicinity of the Cosmic Sea, but they never showed up, hiding in the depths of chaos, waiting for an opportunity.



And they also speculated that most of the universes in the universe have successfully broken through and entered the universe, but they usually hide themselves and are difficult to find.



Also, they also guessed that Ye Qing was not dead. . .



The elemental immortal race, and the cosmic realm hidden in the cosmos sea, these forces add up to a threat to the celestial race.



If you want to find out all these hidden powerhouses and get rid of them, you can only lead the snake out of the hole.



They suspended animation, the Great Universe of Heaven and Great Universe of Yellow Sky declared themselves, and the Sea of ​​​​Cosmic was caught in a melee, so it was possible to draw out all the masters one by one.



In doing so, it can also allow all forces and powerhouses to kill each other and hurt both sides, so they can take advantage of the fisherman.



However, the Celestial Clan is also ruthless. In order to achieve their goals, they sacrificed most of the Celestial Clan’s immortal creatures and the half-step universe.



It is estimated that those immortal creatures and the half-step universe are kept in the dark, and they don’t even know that they have become a **** in the universe of the Heavenly Clan.



But, is it really worth it?


Just to get rid of a powerful enemy, sacrifice so much? Sacrificed most of the masters of the Celestial Clan?



This is strange?



If everyone is dead, what’s the point of getting rid of the hidden threat?



Simply for their own universe?



In addition, Lu Ming still had some questions that he couldn’t figure out.



The Cangtian Clan and the Yellow Heavenly Clan have been opposed to each other since ancient times, or are they deadly enemies, killing each other?



But looking at the appearance of the six cosmos realms, it is obviously not a hostile relationship, and the plan of suspended animation is obviously negotiated.



Could it be that the battles between the two great heavenly clans since ancient times were all fake, and they were all acting?



Not like!



At least, from the Celestial Clan that Lu Ming came into contact with, it didn’t look like acting.



Back then, the arrogances of the Heavenly Clan completely regarded each other as their mortal enemy, and the mentality that they would kill each other could not be fake.



Or, most of the Cangtian Clan and Huangtian Clan were kept in the dark. Only the top-level cosmos realm knew what was going on?



But what is the purpose of doing this and letting the two sides fight?



Also, Ye Qing said that those creatures in the sea of ​​​​cosmos who have entered the original land and condensed the original power have disappeared after death, as if they were led away. For, the purpose of doing so, and why?



These questions just flashed through Lu Ming’s mind and happened in an instant.



“One of the reasons? You do this, and there are other reasons?”



Ye Qing asked.



“Of course there are other reasons. Just to kill you, why do we have to sacrifice so much, why do we need to make arrangements for eternity, and let the two tribes kill each other for eternity?”



“The cultivation of all the universes and almost all beings in the Cosmic Sea relies on the Yin-Yang Cosmic Sea and absorbs the power of the Yin-Yang Cosmic Sea for cultivation. Only by killing all the creatures in the Cosmic Sea, the spirit, energy and spirit of all the creatures can be used for the sake of our Cang and Yellow Clan. The use of the ancestors of the original ancestors can allow the two ancestors to break through the shackles and reach the omnipotent realm of the creator, and our two clans can truly achieve glory.”



An unhurried explanation of the universe holding a jade sword.



The ancestor of the first ancestor?



Break through the realm of the Creator?



Lu Ming, Ye Qing, Xue Universe, Daoist Sanqing~IndoMTL.com~ and even Immortal Emperor Wuyue, and all the creatures under the universe, all of them were trembling in their hearts?



Can the Cangtian clan and the Huangtian clan each have an ancestor? Why never heard of it?



At this moment, they felt that the entire sea of ​​​​cosmic was shaking violently, and some kind of force was passing quickly.



“What’s going on? Why can’t I sense the Yang Universe Sea?”



“I can’t sense the Yin Universe Sea either, as if the connection with the Yin Universe has been cut off.”



“The profound meaning in my body is weakening, not good…”



All the immortal creatures and half-step universes of the great universe, such as the Great Desolation, Wanling, and the Immortal Insect, all exclaimed in unison.



Ye Qing, Xue Yuxu, Taoist Sanqing, and Immortal Emperor Wuyue seemed to have feelings. They looked in the direction of the Yang Cosmos Sea and the Yin Cosmos Sea respectively. They seemed to see something unbelievable. Unbelievable face.



Lu Ming’s immortal consciousness is connected to the puppet battle body, and it operates the power of reality. With the help of the puppet battle body’s eyes, he looks in the direction of the Yang Universe Sea.



The air of infinite chaos, like fog, blocked his sight, but at this moment, it seemed to be peeled off in front of Lu Ming’s eyes, and vaguely, he saw a huge universe that was swallowing the Yang Universe Sea.



(End of this chapter)



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