Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 5737: The universe of the celestial family



Chapter 5737 The universe of the Heavenly Clan



In the chaotic void, three huge figures emerged and appeared in front of everyone.



“Senior, Qiu Qiu, rewind and return to the formation.”



Lu Ming hurriedly transmitted sound to Tang Feng, Qiuqiu and others.






Tang Feng is very decisive. He is very clear that a major change has occurred in the matter, and three universes have appeared. They are not at all capable of fighting against them. If they continue to stay, they will only get in the way.



He took Qiuqiu, Yan Heng and others, quickly retreated and rushed towards the prehistoric universe.



At this moment, the cosmic formation is finally completed.



The newly-appeared cosmic realm glanced at Tang Feng and others indifferently. One of the cosmic realms snorted coldly, stretched out a big hand and grabbed it in the air, grabbing Qiuqiu.



Yes, this person’s goal is Qiuqiu.



But Lu Ming and Ye Qing stared at each other for a long time. When the other party moved, they also moved.



Lu Ming manipulated the puppet battle body, flapped his wings, brought a violent hurricane, and rushed towards the big hand, the Wan Dao Chart revolved, and more than a dozen top-level immortal arts were continuously shot out.



Boom. . .



After a dozen consecutive attacks, the big hand was bombarded one after another, and the big hand was finally repelled under the superposition of the dozen or so attacks.



And Ye Qing dodged to Qiuqiu not far from them, slashed three swords in a row, and slashed into the void in three places.



The three voids split open. It can be seen that in the void, there are three big hands, which were slashed by Ye Qing and retreated.



It turned out that the other two universes appeared in the dark and wanted to take the ball in one fell swoop, but Ye Qing found them and stopped them all.



With such a block, Qiuqiu, Tang Feng, and the others all entered the prehistoric universe, as well as the ‘Cosmic Array’.






The giant battleship of the Thunder Immortal Clan turned its direction and charged towards the chaotic void in the distance.



Immortal Emperor Lei Ming, the ancestor of their clan, has been suppressed by Lu Ming and has no backbone. Now, three universes have suddenly appeared. Those half-step universes, immortal kings and true immortals on the battleship dare to stay.



The gods fight and bring disaster to Chiyu.



They really don’t dare to intervene. Intervening in the battle of the cosmos is extremely dangerous, and if they move, they will die. Before helping Immortal Emperor Huo Fen, they have done their best.



Now, Lu Ming, Ye Qing and Xue Universe will naturally not block the giant battleship of the Lei Xian clan. Their current attention is all on the three newly emerging universes.



Even the confrontation between Daoist Sanqing and Immortal Emperor Wuyue stopped, and they stood in the void, staring at the three new universes.






The giant battleship of the Thunder Immortal Clan had not yet flown very far. The chaos in front of it was empty, and the air of chaos surged, bursting out three fairy lights.



These three immortal lights, from yin to cold, from evil to demon, are three immortal soldiers, and the target is the giant battleship of the Thunder Immortal Clan.



Boom! boom! boom!



The three immortal soldiers bombarded the defensive mask of the battleship. The giant battleship they fought vibrated violently, and the defensive mask was sunken, and it looked like it would collapse at any time.



The next moment, a sword light appeared.



It is a pitch-black sword, the blade is curved into a moon arc, and the breath it exudes is earth-shattering, far above the average immortal soldiers.






The sword slashed down and stood where the protective mask sank.



An extremely harsh voice sounded, and the defensive mask was actually cut open, and a terrible breath rushed into the defensive mask.



Immediately, there was a shrill scream inside the battleship, and a large number of Lei Xian clan powerhouses turned into a cloud of blood.


The next moment, in the tumbling chaotic atmosphere, three towering figures emerged, surrounded the giant battleship of the Thunder Immortal Clan, and played three immortal arts.



It’s true!



The immortal arts played by the three figures have all reached the realm of transforming the virtual into reality.



These three people are also in the universe.



Three more universes appeared.



In addition, the states of these three universes are all at their peaks. The three of them are accumulating their power, and their power is so powerful. This time, the giant battleship of the Thunder Immortal Clan was finally unable to resist, and the defensive mask was broken. Slash the terrifying battle knife in one fell swoop, directly severing the giant battleship into two pieces.



Almost all of the Thunder Immortal creatures on the battleship died tragically. Only a few half-step universes survived, but they were all severely injured. They retreated wildly and fled towards the Wuxian Clan’s battleship.



“Immortal Emperor, help.”



Those half-step universes of the Thunder Immortal Clan shouted in horror.



“The Nine Nether Profound Blades of the Yellow Heaven Clan, hehe, it turns out that none of you died.”



Ye Qing opened her mouth, her face extremely solemn.



“The ancestors of the Cangtian Clan and the Huangtian Clan, how could it be possible that they all died in the Immortal Tower of Creation?”



Chaos Zero exclaimed.



At this moment, the cosmic formation has been completed, connecting the flood, all spirits, mountains and seas, fairy insects, and other large-scale universes to form an incomparably huge fairy formation.



The top masters of the various universes, standing within the formation, can clearly see the situation in the distance.



At this moment, all the top masters of the various universes are as tumultuous as the rivers and seas, and their faces are as pale as snow.



Among the other sects, there are a few people who have visited the ancestors of the Celestial Clan, and those cosmos realms have now recognized them.



“Impossible. I personally went to the Creation Immortal Tower to investigate. They were indeed dead, with no breath of life. The corpses were lying in the universe of light spots. There was absolutely nothing wrong.”



“Hun Yihe also obtained a drop of blood essence from a cosmic realm, and even had close contact with him. If he hadn’t determined that the cosmic realm of the Cangtian family was dead, how could he dare to disagree with the cosmic realm? To attack the heaven and the universe.”



. . . . . .



“I am also very curious~IndoMTL.com~ I have also investigated and determined that you are dead. Although I have not recovered my cultivation at that time, I am still inseparable. It is definitely not suspended animation. How did you come back to life? ?”



Ye Qing also asked.



Among the three universes of the Cangtian Clan, one of them has a ‘Ten Tribulation Destruction Jar’ suspended on his head, and one of the three universes of the Huangtian Clan is suspended with a “Nine Nether Profound Blade”. The ring surrounded Lu Ming, Ye Qing and others in the middle.



They were not in a hurry to take action. They watched some half-step universes of the Lei Immortal Clan enter the battleship of the Wu Immortal Clan, and did not block it.



It’s like watching a few ants, no need to deliberately block it, the victory is completely in hand, and everything is under control.



Lu Ming, Xue Yuyu, Taoist from Sanqing, slowly gathered with Ye Qing, and their faces were extremely solemn.



Especially Lu Ming, who had seen the corpses of these six people with his own eyes, never expected that these six people did not die, but reappeared.



Moreover, they appeared at the last moment of their battle with the Elemental Immortals, and they almost lost both. This cannot be a coincidence.



“Ye Qing, it’s okay to tell you.”



A cosmic realm from the Cangtian Clan smiled faintly. This man wore a purple robe, his long hair was loosely scattered, and he held a jade sword, like a mortal genius.



(End of this chapter)



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