Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 5424: Go in



Puff puff puff puff puff!


The body of the six-caliber quasi-immortal was pierced by five spear lights, and five blood holes appeared. One of the blood holes was the location of Dantian Yuangen. It was directly crushed by the spear lights, and the soul did not escape. out.


The finger spear technique is indeed very powerful, but just as soon as you get started, the attack power is extremely sharp.


This finger-spear technique is naturally not limited to the practice of the present body. The past body and the future body are also comprehended together.


Moreover, the ‘past body’ seems to be more suitable for finger spear, because the body of the past body is more powerful.


The body of the same calamity, the past body, is stronger than the present body.


After killing the six calamities, Lu Ming kept in shape, like a bolt of lightning, rushing towards the remaining four people.


But it was still a step too late, mainly because they were far away from each other. When Lu Ming rushed in, the news had already been heard.




Lu Ming drank low and grabbed his fingers. The remaining four people had nothing to resist, and they were killed one after another.


“Brother Tianyun, do you still continue to explore? The news from the other party has already spread. I am afraid that the masters behind will arrive soon.”


Xi Tianteng walked over.


“Brother Xi understands this faction? How many masters are there? Has the Nine Tribulations quasi immortal come in this time?”


While Lu Ming asked, he calmly observed the jade, and found that the combat exploits on the jade had indeed increased a bit, and he was one step closer to the one hundred thousand combat exploits.


“I know this faction. I have seen those people just now. From the command of the Immortal King Jiayu, the Immortal King Jiayu is a powerful man with three changes and eight changes. This time There is no Nine Tribulations quasi immortal who came in, but there should be three quasi immortals in the eight changes.”


Xi Tianteng explained.


“Is there no Nine Tribulations Quasi Immortals? Very good.”


Lu Ming nodded.


After all, there are requirements to enter here this time, and you must not be too old.


Of course, it is not limited to the younger generation, but the age cannot exceed a certain value.


If you are not too old, you will reach the Nine Tribulations quasi immortal. After all, it is a minority, and not every faction can send it out.


In some factions, the strongest is only the Eight Tribulations quasi immortals, and even the Seven Tribulations quasi immortals.


Without the Nine Tribulations Quasi Immortal, Lu Ming would be fearless.


Lu Ming plans to go directly in.


He is determined to win this trip.


If Dique’s task is not completed, he may be directly obliterated by Dique.


He wasn’t afraid of death, he just didn’t think it was worth it.


If he completes the mission of Dique, he will not only get a complete immortal scripture, but also enter the primordial place of the Yin Cosmic Sea to practice, which is very tempting to Lu Ming.


“Brother Tianyun, although your combat power is strong, you only have the cultivation base of the Six Tribulations Quasi Immortal. The gap between the Six Tribulations and the Eight Tribulations is too big to be careless.”


Xi Tianteng reminded.


Although Lu Ming was able to forcefully kill the Seven Tribulations when he rescued him before.


His combat power shocked him.


He was originally a genius who broke through the limits of the Four Tribulations. He broke through under the Great Tribulation of the Origin, comparable to the Five Destructions, but even if he broke through to the Six Tribulations Quasi Immortal, his combat power was not as good as Lu Ming.


But he is well aware of the gap between the Six Tribulations and the Eight Tribulations.


The further you go, the bigger the gap between each kalpa.


The gap between the Eight Tribulations and the Seven Tribulations is more than the gap between the Seven Tribulations and the Six Tribulations.


The gap between the Nine Tribulations and the Eight Tribulations is even greater than the gap between the Eight Tribulations and the Seven Tribulations.


In the future, the more difficult it is to cross-level.


“Don’t worry, I’m sure.”


Lu Ming smiled slightly.


“Okay, then I’ll accompany Brother Tianyun on a trip.” Xi Tianteng also acted decisively.


“It seems that we can just wait here.”


Lu Ming looked into the depths of the forest, and there were some figures flying over quickly.


A total of seven people.


The headed bald young man, wearing a battle armor, is burly, and has a terrifying aura.


“You two who dare to kill us, die for me.”


The bald young man yelled and waved his hand, and a huge hammer hit Lu Ming and Xi Tianteng.


The hammer grew sharply, like a mountain, and smashed into Lu Ming and Xi Tianteng. The violent power made Xi Tianteng’s face change drastically.


He can’t stop him at all, he will be smashed to death with a hammer.




On the side, Lu Ming stepped out, his figure soaring into the sky.


In the process of rushing through, Lu Ming displayed the Trinity, but it was just a fusion of power.


The flesh and soul are not fused.


The fusion of flesh and soul is his biggest killer, and the persistence is too short, only one minute, it must be used on the blade.


The opponent has three Eight Tribulations quasi immortals, and now only one has come. Lu Ming’s biggest assassin is absolutely unusable.


But just a fusion of power is enough.


A punch was blasted, the void shook violently, and a bang hit the giant hammer.


The sledgehammer shook, and flew back.


Lu Ming’s body shape is like electricity, he swiftly keeps up, swinging his fists in succession, and in an instant, dozens of punches penetrate the void, covering all the seven opponents in it.


The bald young man grabbed the giant hammer and shouted angrily. The giant hammer danced frantically and confronted Lu Ming’s fist.


Dozens of punches were all blocked, but the bald young man stepped back again and again, qi and blood surged in his body and almost vomited blood.


“How is it possible? It’s just a quasi immortal of six calamities~IndoMTL.com~The bald young man roared, his face full of incredible.


The six people behind the bald youth were also shocked, with fear on their faces.


Lu Ming’s punches just now were terrifying. If the bald youth hadn’t blocked them just now, they would definitely be dead.


Not far away, Xi Tianteng’s eyes also widened, his face full of stunned.


Although he was prepared, he was shocked when he saw that Lu Ming was really suppressing an Eight Tribulations quasi immortal.


“Six calamities are enough to kill you.”


Lu Ming continued to shoot, with his fists crisscrossing and pressing towards the bald young man.


The bald young man shot with all his strength and used the means of pressing the bottom of the box to be able to withstand Lu Ming, but he was obviously lost, he kept retreating, and defeated sooner or later.


Lu Ming’s current state has displayed the Trinity, and his power has merged, enough to fight against Huang Tianshangming who has not displayed his trump card.


At the beginning, Huang Tianshangming didn’t use his hole cards to suppress an Eight Tribulations quasi immortal of the Shengguang Great Universe, and Lu Ming was able to do it naturally.


“Quickly send the news, let all the others come, and join forces to kill this person.”


The bald youth yelled.


In fact, there is no need for him to call, someone has already spread the news in advance.


Sure enough, in the next moment, several figures flew out from the depths of this poisonous land.


The two headed by them have a strong aura, no weaker than the bald youth, and they are also quasi immortals of the Eight Tribulations.


The two Eight Tribulations quasi immortals are extremely fast, and they are approaching in a blink of an eye.


“It’s time.”


Lu Ming’s thoughts moved, and the Trinity urged to the extreme. The flesh and soul of the three bodies merged together, bursting out an even more amazing force.




Lu Ming blasted out with a punch, hitting the opponent’s giant hammer here.


The power of this fist was too strong. The bald young man’s arm gripped the hammer with a click, the bone broke, and the giant hammer flew back and hit the bald young man’s chest.


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