Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 5423: I have a way



Through Xi Tianteng’s explanation, Lu Ming understood that why the twenty-odd big clans in the underworld attacked the prehistoric universe completely because of the great deduction division.


“What is the origin of that great performer?”


Lu Ming asked.


“From the Huangtian clan.”


Xi Tianteng said.


“Huang Tian clan? Could it be that you were used as guns and Ye Qing offended the great player. He said so deliberately, wanting to use your hands to get rid of Ye Qing?”


Lu Ming said.


“Thinking about it now, it’s not impossible, but at the beginning, no one thought about it. Every fairy king was crazy, and the great deduction master can indeed deduct countless secrets. All the fairy kings People are convinced.”


“So, the immortal kings of various races led the masters to attack the prehistoric universe, and a shocking battle broke out with Na Ye Qing.”


“That Ye Qing was really too strong. At the beginning, there were nearly forty immortal kings with a total of more than two dozen tribes. So many immortal kings besieged Ye Qing, but in the end, Ye Qing killed 20. Many, that’s more than twenty fairy kings.”


“Many big clans were destroyed in that battle. However, after paying such a heavy price, Ye Qing was finally killed. However, no one got the secret of breaking through the fairy king.”


“The remaining immortal kings speculated that the secret of breaking through the immortal king should have been hidden in the wild universe by Ye Qing. The immortal kings were unwilling to retreat. They believed that one day, this secret would be exposed. It’s just that the time hasn’t arrived. Therefore, the immortal kings lead people of all races into forbidden land, hibernating in the prehistoric universe, waiting for the opportunity.”


“Unfortunately, endless years have passed, and the primordial universe has been blown up, and the secret has not been discovered. At this time, some people have awakened, and the news is mostly false, so they will all retreat at that time.”


Xi Tiantengdao continued to explain.


Lu Ming finally understood the origin of those forbidden lands.


It turned out to be dormant, waiting for the opportunity to break through the secret of the immortal king.


“You are dormant in the prehistoric universe, don’t you think Yang Ting doesn’t care?”


Lu Ming asked.


This is the biggest question.


The prehistoric universe, but in the hinterland of Yang Ting, a group of masters of the Yin world hide here, and Yang Ting does not care about it. This is incredible.


“If Yang Ting knows how to take care of it, how can we stay? I don’t know exactly why this matter is. Maybe Yang Ting has other purposes.”


Xi Tianteng said.


“Then you know, what happened in the end of the Great Desolation World War?”


Lu Ming continued to ask.


“Are you curious about the prehistoric universe?”


Xi Tianteng asked pointedly.


“Of course, my ancestor, Dili, participated in the Great War, and was suppressed by a man and king for endless years, but the ancestor of Dili would not tell us this, I naturally I’m curious.”


Lu Ming answered calmly.


“I don’t know, that great battle broke out suddenly, and some of the forbidden areas could not be restrained and finally participated in the war, and finally was destroyed. My clan Mingzhe kept his body and stayed dormant for a long time.”


Xi Tianteng.


Next, the two chatted a little more.


Lu Ming has almost understood the affairs of the major forbidden areas more clearly.


Obviously, the various races were used by the great performer of the Huangtian tribe, who obviously wanted to deal with Ye Qing.


The biggest question here is why Yang Ting doesn’t care?


It’s like the end of the flood, the flood was destroyed, and Yang Ting didn’t care.


Is there anything in common here?


However, everyone in the forbidden areas thought that Ye Qing was dead, but Lu Ming knew from the villain king that Ye Qing was actually not dead, and he had escaped into the fairy-level battlefield with suspended animation.


Naturally, Lu Ming would not tell Xi Tianteng about this.


“Brother Xi, what do you plan to do next? Do you exit the same way, or continue to look for the entrance to the core tomb?”


Lu Ming asked.


“My faction was attacked and killed by other factions before, and almost all died. It is estimated that I am the only one left, but even if I am alone, I can find the entrance to the core tomb.”


Xi Tianteng said.


“Can you find the entrance to the core tomb?”


Lu Ming was puzzled.


“Yes, this continent is full of plants, and I have a natural talent to communicate with plants, let these plants help me find unusual places, and then confirm whether it is the entrance to the core tomb. Blind search is many times faster.”


“Brother Tianyun saved my life, I will do my best to help Brother Tianyun get an entrance.”


Xi Tianteng said.


Lu Ming smiled, and did not refuse.


He is not that stupid. Why refuse to have such a good thing?


He looked for it alone, and didn’t know when to find it. Maybe in the end, he didn’t find a single entrance, but was all found by others.


Immediately, Xi Tianteng began to cast the spell, and his body exuded a hazy radiance, which diffused out and touched the surrounding plants.


Those plants, exposed to this brilliance, all swayed, seeming to respond.


Xi Tianteng comes from the Tianyin Teng family and belongs to a high-end plant life. It is normal to be able to communicate with plants.


He was passing messages to each other through these plants, getting what he wanted~IndoMTL.com~ About an hour later, Xi Tianteng stopped.


“There is an area full of poisonous gas in the northeast. It is the most peculiar area nearby. Let’s go and take a look. Maybe one of the entrances is right there.”


Xi Tianteng said.




There is nothing to hesitate, the two set off and flew towards the northeast.


Shortly afterwards, a mountain forest appeared in front of him, and poisonous gas was permeated.


The animals on this continent are all ordinary animals, so I don’t dare to come here at all. It’s deadly silent here.


However, these poisonous gases did not pose a threat to Lu Ming and Xi Tianteng at all, and their bodies were covered with a layer of original power, which easily blocked the poisonous gases and penetrated into the place.


But the two have not probed how far away, a few figures appeared in front of them, and the powerful aura locked them in.


There are five people in total, two of them are six calamities quasi immortals, and the others are under the six calamities.


Obviously, someone here is the first to board.


“Two people, stop, this place is already occupied by us, please exit immediately.”


One of the six calamities quasi immortal Dao.


“What if we don’t refund?”


Lu Ming said lightly.


“No retreat, this is your place of burial. Don’t blame me for not reminding me in advance.”


Then I said coldly.




Lu Ming whispered, his body shape suddenly rushed out.


“Dare you…transmit quickly.”


One of the Six Tribulations quasi immortal screamed, and at the same time he slashed towards Lu Ming with a sword.




This time, Lu Ming didn’t use “Universal Fist”, but used finger spear technique. The five fingers were like five quasi-soldier spears, and they grabbed the opponent’s long sword.


With a click, the opponent’s quasi-celestial war sword was abruptly cracked. At the same time, five spear lights shot out from Lu Ming’s fingers.


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