Everlasting Chapter 4908: Wicked



I will never die


However, the change of things will not be so pleasing. Chen Feng and the black demon were pleasantly surprised at first, and thought that they could continue to kill their opponents. Yuan Shang was directly torn to pieces by the sword energy.


Previously, the sword formation had not been able to help Chen Feng and the Black Demon, but now they finally showed their power, beheading a Hun Yuan under the watchful eyes of Chen Feng and the Black Demon.


In fact, this is normal operation.


These eight swordsmen above the level of Hunyuan can completely solve the existence of one above the level of Hunyuan.


It’s too easy to deal with a Hunyuan.


I was just unlucky before. I never took advantage of opponents like Chen Feng and Hei Mo who had special means.


So after the eight swordsmen had eliminated one of the Primordial Primords, they mobilized the sword formation and swept across the other opponents.


Under normal circumstances, the power of the sword formation can be used to tear the opponent into pieces without covering the opponent at all. If the opponent is enveloped in the sword formation, the natural effect will be better. It can be said that it is almost guaranteed.


Seeing that there are two other Primordial Primordials locked by the sword formation on the side of Reincarnation Origin, the portal that seemed to have been calm suddenly appeared behind those two Primordial Primordial received above.


Then the portal disappeared, and the attack of the sword formation failed.


Then the portal went to another battlefield and sent the wrong two Hunyuan.


“Although the means of moving is a small skill, it is a bit terrifying to be able to move the Primordial Primordial at will in such a battlefield. With this method, it is possible to resist more opponents than myself.” Chen Feng was also surprised after seeing this scene.


I thought that the sword formation would kill the Quartet and continue to kill the two Primordial Primordial people. Who knows what happened, but it is normal to think about it. If the reincarnation origin does not have some means, how can it come to the origin of the origin? Heart fight.


“Are we going to deal with those swordsmen?” the Dark Demon asked.


Chen Feng shook his head: “Those guys are too difficult to deal with, especially when the sword formation has been formed, unless we can use the strongest power before, so let’s deal with some of the lone Primordial Priests.”


“I think the same way, first to deal with some weaker Primordial Primordial, or to kill those few Demon Spiders of Destruction first?” Black Demon said.


“Actually, the Demon Destruction Spider was not weak in those years.” Chen Feng laughed.


Although they said this, the two of them rushed towards the Demon Spiders of Destruction who were above the Primordial Primordial level.


The reason why I chose to deal with them was that in addition to having fought against the Destruction Spiders before, these Destruction Spiders were also slightly closer to the two.


It’s just that before Chen Feng and the Black Demon came to the Destruction Spider, a huge crack blocked their way.


There are countless reptiles in the cracks, and I don’t know how many, and they rushed towards Chen Feng and the black demon.


“What is this? I thought it was the Destruction Spider,” the Dark Demon said.


“I don’t know what this is?” Chen Feng shook his head.


Although I don’t know these reptiles, Chen Feng feels that it should be similar to destroying the spiders.


Also have the strength of Da Luo Jinxian.


Of course, the true body of the body is still not as good as the Destruction Spider, but there are enough.


“This is the worm of all evils cultivated in the heart of Origin.” Seeing that Chen Feng and Hei Mo didn’t know each other, one of Hun Yuan, who turned to Origin, reminded him.


“Insects of all evil!” Chen Feng was a little surprised.


It’s not that I’ve heard of these things, they’re a little weird from the name.


Chen Feng did not feel the power of evil from these reptiles.


“Could it be that the power of all evil in the Heart of Origin is different from the Gate of Origin? Or is it different from what I control.” Although Chen Feng was a little puzzled, he quickly understood.


These evil worms have strong defenses, sharp minions, and emit a special kind of corrosive power.


Under normal circumstances, this kind of love is nothing to the same level of life, but the number of these bugs is somewhat large.


It’s easy to overwhelm people in a swarm.


Chen Feng also thought of the Zerg, thinking that these guys are somewhat similar to the Zerg, so there won’t be any relationship between the two, right?


In any case, Chen Feng and the Black Demon were still entangled by these insects. Although the two could kill some insects of destruction every time they shot, they were unable to participate in other battles.


This is also different from what the two had planned.


Beheading the Primordial Primordial is the best choice. What use are these bugs?


“Forget it, let’s put these bugs away first. It’s a big deal to integrate them into my Dao of All Evil. Maybe it will really help.” So Chen Feng took out his gourd of all evil.


I haven’t used this magic weapon for a long time. I usually suppress it in the avenues, or use it to suppress myself, but this time Chen Feng took it out and played a big role.


As a special devouring power came out of the gourd, these evil insects seemed to have encountered the nemesis, and they got into the evil gourd one after another.


In the beginning, Chen Feng was still shooting, but later, Chen Feng didn’t even need to take the initiative to shoot, and all the evil insects around were quickly swept away.


The Black Demon was a little surprised at the scene, but it was also a pleasant surprise. The Black Demon also began to deliberately hit some evil insects towards Chen Feng.


Seeing that Chen Feng was using this magic weapon to devour these reptiles, another huge crack appeared.


This time, the crack came directly at Chen Feng.


In the past, when Chen Feng was weak, this kind of crack would of course tear Chen Feng into pieces, but now Chen Feng’s own strong energy can keep selling the crack and stop the crack.


The result is space collapse.


A massive monster burst out of the chaotic energy.


This is a large worm of all evils, and it has a realm above the Primordial Primordial Realm. Once it is shot, it is full of corrosive power.


“Isn’t this delivered to your door?” Chen Feng said with a smile.


“I don’t like this kind of stuff.” The Dark Lord shook his head.


“Then give it to me, it’s just enough to fill my avenue.” Chen Feng said and released the sword array, and the black devil also tightly entangled this huge worm of evil.


According to the strength of Chen Feng and the Black Demon, it is completely possible to easily solve this evil insect, but there are more than one opponent.


The original target of the two, the few demons of destruction took the initiative to charge over.


This time Chen Feng and Hei Mo felt the pressure.


Two vs four, under the circumstances that this is not a special method, the two cannot solve these opponents at all.


In this way, the two sides launched a fierce fight.


“Actually, we can leave this place at this time, and take this opportunity to leave the Heart of Origin.” The Dark Demon said.


“I paid such a huge price before, don’t tell me you don’t want to get it back?” Chen Feng smiled.


“I was worried about the situation before it appeared. After all, this is the site of the Heart of Origin. Although Reincarnation Origin is also very powerful, it is only part of the power after all,” said the Black Demon.


“The Heart of Origin is also under attack from multiple parties, so my suggestion is to take a look. At least I have to deal with a few Primordial Priests before I can leave.” Chen Feng said.


In the previous battle, Chen Feng burned too much Primordial Primordial, and almost used up all the previous inventory.


So of course I don’t want to miss such a good opportunity. Only by fishing in troubled waters can we get some benefits.


Seeing that Chen Feng insisted on the Black Demon, he didn’t say anything anymore. After all, the Black Demon didn’t really want to leave.


As Chen Feng said, he paid a lot of money before, how can he get his money back.


Now that the two have a plan, they will start looking for opportunities next.


Suddenly Chen Feng unleashed his ultimate move, and Shenshan appeared and knocked two Destruction Spiders into the air. It was the means of these two Destruction Spiders who were hit by the Black Devil during the tumbling process.


Chen Feng took this opportunity to pull the worm of all evil into the vortex origin. Another Destruction Magic Orb wanted to escape, but was also suppressed by Chen Feng using the volcano origin.


“You should be able to suppress these Primordial Priests now, fellow Daoist?” Chen Feng asked.


At the beginning, the black devil brought some surprises to Chen Feng, but then faced with the dangerous situation, it seemed that all the means were used up.


However, Chen Feng believes that the Black Devil will not only have that little means, there must be some final means, or some of the previous means have recovered.


“It should be no problem to suppress the Primordial Primordial for a few years.” Sure enough, the black demon said so.


“That’s good, you can deal with those two demon spiders first. If you don’t like it, we’ll have to exchange them later.” Chen Feng said.


“I’m afraid I can’t do this now, unless I seriously injure them.” Even so, the Dark Demon was still haunting the two Demon Spiders of Destruction.


Seeing that the situation on Chen Feng’s side has changed, of course the Heart of Origin will not stand by. The eight swordsmen launched an attack from a distance, a beam of sword light shuttled across the battlefield, and the target turned out to be black. magic.


Although the opponent’s attack is strong, as an old opponent, the Dark Demon can still handle it.


The big deal is to avoid it~IndoMTL.com~ Only in this way, the Destruction Spider, who was targeted by the Dark Demon, was freed.


Not only that, the Heart of Origin originally had a mighty river of origin, but now it has branched out a force, like a stream, which is also facing the black devil.


“Does this look like I’m being bullied?” The Dark Demon was speechless.


In this case, there is no way to be entangled any more, so the Black Demon chose to give up the Demon Spider of Destruction in front of him and dodge quickly.


Only the dodging of the Demon Spider of Destruction was exchanged for the opponent’s continuous attack, especially the Demon Spider of Destruction who had regained his freedom also re-engaged.


The situation changed for a while.


Destroy the Demon Spider has the help of the powerful existence of the Heart of Origin, but the Black Demon cannot get the help of Turning Origin, and everything can only rely on itself or Chen Feng.


Chen Feng could have freed up his hands, but he had not yet solved the destruction of the spider, and the Hun Yuan who was holding a halberd killed him again.


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