Everlasting Chapter 4564: Town Kill



These two domains are not simple. Even if this opponent has some means, he will not be able to struggle for a while, and he will be more and more restricted by the domain.


Chen Feng also wanted to try to use his own domain to suppress the opponent, the broken sword formation domain was formed again, and the other two domains cooperated with each other to become more powerful.


The power of the three-tier realm is getting stronger and stronger. Although this Hunyuan Jinxian continued to use various methods to struggle, he was suppressed yesterday.


“Otherwise you try hard.” Chen Feng said with a smile.


Sure enough, this existence started desperately, exploding a magic weapon, and the generated power even pierced a channel in the domain after being compressed.


The opponent took the opportunity to rush out of the passage, but Chen Feng had been prepared for a long time, and knocked the opponent back with a punch, and the broken field was restored.




This Hunyuan Golden Immortal burned its origins, and once again blew a magic weapon. The two-pronged approach once again caused the entire field to sway, and numerous cracks appeared.


In this situation, even if Chen Feng wanted to stop, there was a problem.




Chen Feng didn’t panic, because he didn’t choose a city outside.


This time it is the domain of destruction.


Chen Feng blocked the opponent, the reincarnation realm moved, and then pulled the opponent in. The stars flickered and the sword light grew.


At this moment, this Hunyuan Jinxian was suppressed by the four-tier realm.


This Hunyuan Jinxian knew that this time was in trouble, and tried his best two consecutive times without rushing out. This is already his strongest method.


Next, this Hunyuan Jinxian also made a decisive decision, not struggling in conflict, but staying in place to defend himself.


“The defense that I just thought of at this time is too late, right.” Chen Feng said with a smile, still did not use other means, and it continued to urge the power of the three-layer domain in this way.


The fields cooperate with each other and the power is getting bigger and bigger.


Actually, if the opponent can rush out under the explosion, then Shun can also escape his life. Stopping here to use the defensive technique now is the most defeated option in Chen Feng’s view.


See how you defend yourself in front of yourself.


With the constant squeezing of the triple domain, this Hunyuan Jinxian felt the threat of death enveloped his head and his body, knowing that this time the matter was really serious.


If you can’t defend your opponents, you will really die here.


The previous methods did not work, and the defensive methods were unsure. I couldn’t change the situation by myself, so I might use external forces.


But are external forces so easy to appear?


At this time, this Hunyuan Jinxian has only this expectation.


Of course, Chen Feng could also see some of the other’s thoughts, because of this existence, he imagined the defensive technique to the extreme, and he could actually block the squeezing of his three-layer domain.


Speaking of Chen Feng’s star domain and reincarnation domain, although they are very powerful, they are not the best at attacking.


If you want to solve the opponent, you still need the power of the sword formation.


“It is true that the Hunyuan Golden Immortal League has cultivated to this point. The means and strength are still available, but I did not underestimate the opponent. The key problem is that my current strength is too strong. Even if the opponent has a helper, I’m going to die here.” Chen Feng has already decided to kill the opponent, so while urging the domain to suppress the opponent, he also observed the Quartet. In this situation, even if a helper came, it would not be possible to break the situation in front of him for a while.


Furthermore, Chen Feng also wants to see if there are any helpers here, maybe he can bring some surprises to himself.


Boom! Rumble! Rumble!


The powerful force is constantly compressing, and this Hunyuan Golden Immortal seems to be holding a huge tortoise shell. Although sometimes the tortoise shell will be broken, this Hunyuan Golden Immortal will also be the first time you Use other means.


For example, explode some magical powers, smash some magic weapons, or burn some other treasures that have been prepared for a long time to obtain powerful energy.


“It’s also interesting to say that there is actually no enmity between the two of us. How did things happen to this point? Just to **** the treasure in my hand, but before we shoot, we have to look at our opponents. What’s your strength? I just went there rashly, underestimating his opponent or overestimating himself.” Chen Feng said lightly.


At this time, the pressure from the universe suddenly increased a lot. On the one hand, he wanted to suppress Chen Feng and wanted to join the trapped monk.


While being trapped and suppressed, the opponent can communicate with outside forces, which also shows that there are some loopholes in this.


“I’m still being pushed by the will of the universe. If you are the latter, then I need to speed up, but doing so is not in line with my previous plan.” Chen Feng shook his head.


Previously, Chen Feng made a move to grab treasures, and Chen Feng showed his great strength, knowing that this situation would happen.


But it doesn’t matter. I kept learning about the Flame Avenue here before, and Chen Feng had some gains more or less, and fighting with these flame monsters, Chen Feng also felt that the harvest speed was faster.


If the will of the universe really comes forward to confront, then this will also enable Chen Feng to find the origin region here better and faster.


It’s just after Chen Feng’s perception that it came to a conclusion that this is just part of the will in the wind and rain squeezing itself, and it’s not even a will. It should be the other party who mobilized this universe. Some rules of avenue.


Chen Feng was a little disappointed.


But in this case, this kind of attack would not pose much threat to Chen Feng.


“If no helper comes, I think you will die here this time.” Chen Feng said.


“Maybe you think that after this point, even if you are not an opponent, you have the means of defense. You don’t think that your worst plan is to be sealed. Then I will tell you this time, I am afraid you are wrong. “After Chen Feng finished speaking, he stretched out his finger a little, and a beam of light flashed by.


Falling on this Hunyuan Jinxian, a blood hole was exploded.


This is the force of destruction from Chen Feng.


At this time, the opponent is banned and suppressed, which is the lamb to be slaughtered. Under normal circumstances, even if the two sides confront each other head-on, they will be killed and injured by Chen Feng, not to mention that Chen Feng can now simply attack.


Quick chick! Chi Chi Chi Chi!


Chen Feng continued to send out bunches of breaking power. Originally, this Hunyuan Jinxian thought about his super defense, but he couldn’t bear it, and his body was constantly blasted with big holes.


A simple wound can of course be tolerated, but according to the speed of Chen Feng’s attack, it will not take long for him to be crushed.


Now it is full of holes.


“The Taoist friends really want to kill them all.” The Hunyuan Jinxian roared.


Chen Feng was too lazy to talk to the other party, and was still constantly launching attacks. Suddenly the sword formation found an opportunity, and the sword beams penetrated the body of this Hunyuan Golden Immortal.


Sword Qi breeds and splits into two strands, suppressing it from the outside while destroying it from the opponent’s body.


The injuries on this Hunyuan Golden Immortal’s body have become more serious.


“Speaking of which, it’s an honor for you to hold on to me for such a long time. Of course, the reason why I didn’t solve it as soon as possible is that you want to see what happens next. Now it seems that you There is no other means, but I feel a little disappointed.” Chen Feng said and launched a volitional attack.


It had already been hit hard and its combat effectiveness had been affected. At this time, it was impossible to consolidate a single point of resistance.


What Chen Feng has to do is to destroy the opponent’s physical body while obliterating the opponent’s will brand.


Of course, this Hunyuan Jinxian also knew Chen Feng’s attempt, and knew that he was really in a disaster this time.


Even desperate efforts will not help.


However, the fighting between the two sides lasted so long, and it was destined to cause some waves.


Finally, other Hunyuan Golden Immortals arrived, and they were also the helpers of this trapped monk.


“There are really helpers, but your helpers are slow to come, and they don’t seem to be strong enough!” Chen Feng said with a smile.


Of course, the helper who came to see the situation clearly, secretly surprised in his heart, without any hesitation on the surface.


This is different from what I thought on the way before. This Hunyuan Jinxian didn’t rush up immediately, of course he saw Chen Feng’s strength.


Since Chen Feng can suppress a Hunyuan Golden Immortal, he should be able to suppress a Golden Immortal as well.


Even if I don’t want so much, this Hunyuan Jinxian knows that he is not an opponent just because of the intuitive feeling on the surface.


However, after gritting his teeth, the Hun Yuan Jinxian rushed up.


“You are dizzy.” Chen Feng said with a smile, and with a wave of his hand, the force of destruction swept out, abruptly blocking the momentum of the golden immortal Hunyuan.


“This friend of yours is quite loyal, but it’s still not enough, forget it, don’t delay with you here, let’s make a quick decision~IndoMTL.com~Chen Feng is facing the latter Hunyuan Jinxian walked, only to get to the opponent in one step, and then he smashed it with a punch.


With a very simple attack method, that Hunyuan Jinxian was born with great fear.


I am not an opponent at all, not only that, but I might die here.


This Hunyuan Jinxian is also ruthless enough. After seeing all this, he made a decisive action and used his own life-saving means.




Chen Feng beat the opponent to pieces, but the golden immortal mixed from the blood and disappeared in the blink of an eye.


It turned out that the other party used a substitute technique.


At this point, you can still perform this secret technique, and the price you want to pay is also very high. It can be regarded as paying for a clone that has been specially refined by yourself.


Giving a clone to protect yourself is considered a broken arm for a strong man. Survival is the most important thing.


“Look, your friend just left. Are you disappointed? To be honest, I am also disappointed and did not bring me surprises.” Chen Feng said as he walked into the field and came Arrived in front of the Hunyuan Fund.


At this time, the Hunyuan Golden Immortal’s injury was very serious. I thought that a helper would come and he could fight back. Who knew that things could change so quickly.


At this time, this Hunyuan Jinxian is truly ashamed. Chen Feng doesn’t care what the other party thinks, and doesn’t obliterate the other party a little bit like before.


Directly stretched out the palm of the palm to grasp the palm of the opponent, and continued to obliterate, and kept the opponent’s life imprinted away, and then stopped. ?


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