Everlasting Chapter 4563: Easy rolling



“This is a good thing.” The twinkling light in Chen Feng’s eyes, the treasures he had obtained before could not be compared with the spiritual lamp in front of him.


Of course Chen Feng wants to grab it.


The easiest and rude way to grab this item is to sweep everything in front of you.


Chen Feng didn’t want to wait for the victory or defeat between the two of them, so he directly stepped forward, waved a fist and knocked out a flame monster.


This flame monster was originally besieging Chen Feng and didn’t regard Chen Feng as an enemy. Who knew that Chen Feng had shot so quickly, it was a little unimaginable.


The fire monster that was under siege was also surprised and happy, thinking Chen Feng wanted to help himself? But then I learned that this is not the case.


Chen Feng was fierce as soon as he shot, and another opponent was beaten back by Chen Feng in the blink of an eye.


Chen Feng came to the flame monster and stretched out his palm to grab the lamp.


“Give me things and I will let you go.” Chen Feng said.




The flame bloomed, blocking Chen Feng’s palm, but Chen Feng directly squeezed it.


Only then did the flame monster react. It retreated quickly for the first time, but no matter how fast it retreated, it was not as fast as Chen Feng’s.


Chen Feng’s palm expanded rapidly, and he grabbed the flame monster directly in his palm.


At this time, the flame monster felt the danger.


“It’s actually the best choice to let you hand over things to me. Let me take it personally. Then don’t blame me for being impolite.” Now that it’s in the palm of your hand, the overall situation is set, and Chen Feng succeeded in taking it. He snatched the treasure and threw the opponent aside.


At this time, Chen Feng felt the extraordinary of this spiritual lamp.


“It is indeed a lamp of origin.” Chen Feng felt that this treasure in his hand also had a strong original flame.


If it were compared, it would be more powerful than the original zero light I got.


It was not a complete body when I got the origin lamp. The root flame contained in the lamp in front of me is very powerful and powerful, sending out a strong impact and burning all the flames.


The other party wanted to struggle out of Chen Feng, but Chen Feng was abruptly suppressed.


“This should be the most important treasure in this space, is it possible that there are other good things?” Chen Feng was very satisfied.


At this time, Chen Feng also saw the flame monster he had repelled and surrounded him, staring at him with murderous aura.


“Could it be possible that you still want to grab something from me? I just beat you back, I am considered merciful. If you don’t know what is good or bad, don’t blame me for the cruelty.” Chen Feng said lightly.


Chen Feng still underestimated the attraction of this magic weapon to these flame monsters, and they even rushed up again.


They fought with each other before, but now they join forces to besiege themselves.


“These guys have some confidence in themselves, or they underestimate me.” Chen Feng said with a smile, and didn’t care too much.


It’s not that there are many opponents, or that opponents are strong, but that they are stronger.


Boom! boom! boom!


A series of attacks fell on Chen Feng, but Chen Feng abruptly endured it.


“You can’t even run away from my defense, how can you fight with me?” Chen Feng took a step forward and grabbed a flame monster in his hand.


The power surging in the palm of the palm, screaming, directly squeezed the opponent into pieces.


Then Chen Feng used his gaze to look at another flame monster. At this time, the opponent was already in fear.


It’s a pity that Chen Feng has been angered this time, and it is impossible to shrink back intact.


This flame monster successfully entered the illusion, and would not be able to break free for a while.


Then a beam of sword light flew out, piercing through the body of another flame monster.




A red and strange wave swept across Chen Yifeng, silent but powerful and strange.


Chen Feng knew that this was the power of a special presence in one of the flame monsters.


“Sure enough, it was a tough attack on the will, and it was a little special, and it could have some influence on me.” Chen Feng was a little surprised, but he recovered in a short time.


Interestingly, instead of taking this opportunity to attack, the opponent turned around and left.


Obviously, the other party knows that even if it can affect Chen Feng, it can’t help Chen Feng. After all, even Chen Feng’s defense can’t be broken, so basically most of the methods will not work.


There was also a flame monster who had just arrived here. He approached without knowing what happened here, but was also involved in it, and was also beaten by Chen Feng.


The time for the two sides to fight against each other was very short, and the flame monster knew Chen Feng’s strength, which was so powerful that it was terrifying, and there was a little chance to escape.


The final result is that all the flame monsters that besieged Chen Feng were solved by Chen Feng.


Of course, it doesn’t mean that Chen Feng was killed, but that he fled here. Even the flame monster crushed by Chen Feng escaped.


“I showed my strength. I think I should be targeted by stronger beings. I hope there will be some stronger beings in this universe showing their stature. Otherwise, it would be meaningless.” Those flame monsters gave Chen Feng some surprises, but only a little bit, but they exceeded some of his own imagination and could not pose any threat to him.


“Since all the opponents have run away, then the things here should be mine, but up to now, the good things should have been searched almost.” Chen Feng said with a smile, and then Feel the violent shaking of the space where you are.


It’s not that the dead being resurrected, but some instinctive reaction from the other party.


“It looks like it is about to collapse.” Chen Feng saw something.


Sure enough, as the things that had already disappeared before, this space did collapse, and it still collapsed piece by piece.


This is not a special space either. It seems to have evolved from the body left by Fang’s death.


Chen Feng is in the opponent’s body now, but the appearance and shape of the opponent are clearly visible under Chen Feng’s perception.


It’s just a monster with a special size. The opponent was indeed very powerful during his lifetime, but now the whole body is constantly collapsing, leaving nothing behind at all.


Chen Feng walked out of the opponent’s body, somewhat sighed and sighed, but Chen Feng still managed to collect some benefits.


That is the original flame energy that has not been fully wholesaled, which is much more than the flame energy that I have collected since I entered this flame universe.


And the quality is very good. After all, it is Hunyuan Jinxian’s hundreds of thousands of years of training. In Chen Feng’s hands, although he has to re-refining, he can omit a lot of Chen Feng’s work.


“It is not a small gain. My Flame Avenue can be promoted this time, and it will be very strong.” Chen Feng said with a smile.


A huge palm can cover almost all the emergence of successful heads. The powerful pressure enveloped Chen Feng’s body, making Chen Feng unable to dodge. The intense murderous intent stimulated the blood in Chen Feng’s body to roll.


“I came here at this time, it was a little late.” Chen Feng said with a smile, a beam of sword light shot up into the sky, and directly broke the palm of his hand.


“It’s not too late. Kill you and you can get everything you want.” The man said, the broken palm recovered and continued to suppress Chen Feng, this time in addition to the palm’s own power, Mobilized the power of the universe.


“I hate this method the most. I can’t do it, but I have to rely on external force.” Chen Feng couldn’t help laughing when he spoke. This is also a method he often uses, but this time he was used by his opponent. On myself.


“Hey, it’s useless.” Jianguang cut back and forth, cutting the surrounding space and the palm of the hand to pieces.


Then Chen Feng you waved your hand and tore open a space, and you saw that the opponent came out of the billowing chaotic energy, accompanied by fierce flames, appeared in front of Chen Feng like an ancient **** of war.




Chen Feng was a little surprised. Originally, Chen Feng thought that the opponent was a flame monster or other local life, but it does not seem to be the case now.


It turned out to be an outsider.


“It’s really interesting. Outsiders are actually stronger than the local life. But think about it, this is normal. If the strength is not strong enough, it might have been eaten by the flame monsters here.” Chen Feng Said with a smile, and then didn’t understand what the other person said, and went straight to the other person.


A beam of sword light was released from Chen Feng, and in the blink of an eye, a sword formation was formed to envelop the opponent.




Like a volcanic eruption, the opponent broke through Chen Yifeng’s sword formation in the first place, and then there was also a law that was covering Chen Feng.




Chen Feng blasted out with a punch, and the opponent’s big formation was shattered, but the next moment Chen Feng saw that he was plunged into an illusion~IndoMTL.com~ and this is not an ordinary illusion, one after another. Layer by layer, it is a little different from the illusion that Chen Feng has encountered in the past. It is very weird, but it contains strong murderous intent, unpredictable, unpredictable, and can agitate people’s various perceptions.


Not only that, there are other interferences.


At least Chen Feng was affected.


Chen Feng’s favorite and most proficient way to deal with this method is to break it with one force. After all, even if Chen Feng is also proficient in illusion, it will take some effort to fight against each other, let’s talk about whether he can be in illusion. Chen Feng was not sure of winning.




The powerful force is even more tyrannical than before, and it contains the power of destruction to break everything, followed by the power of destruction.


Space is distorted, time is shattered, and Chen Feng’s illusion is directly shattered by Chen Feng, and even with this life, he involuntarily retreats for a certain distance.


“Is there any means to use it quickly, otherwise, you will have no chance.” Chen Feng also used a pupil attack as he said this.


Not only illusion, it also contains several other magical powers of pupils, which really caused some trouble to this opponent.


This powerful existence does not have Chen Feng’s method of breaking it with one effort. It is a technical type of combat method.


Although Chen Feng’s pupil technique attacked the opponent, Chen Feng took this opportunity to re-arrange the sword formation.


This time, the two realms that Chen Feng contained in it were the Reincarnation Realm and the Star Realm.


The moment the sword formation broke, the opponent fell into the moral realm. ?


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