Emperor’s Domination Chapter 6763: Prison Niu Ding


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For a moment, all the cultivator experts present fell silent, and none of the cultivator experts dared to speak or even breathe. Such a scene before them completely frightened all the cultivator experts. I don’t know how many people were scared to death. They sat paralyzed on the ground, unable to speak for a long time, unable to recover from this unparalleled shock.

Come back to your senses. Tiger Ancestor, who was powerful enough, was killed with one finger; and Dragon Ancestor is one of the masters of the beast-controlling world today. However, he was still defeated by a single move and was defeated miserably in the hands of a maid, and was eventually reduced to a washing machine. Just an anklet

. this is what-like terrifying exist(ence), this is beyond everyone’s imagination. All the cultivator experts present can’t help but their brains go blank. Such a scene in front of them is completely beyond their common sense, making them like

How can you react?

Great Emperor Ancient Ancestor, for any cultivator strong person, they are the superior exist(ence) and the unattainable exist(ence). They can dominate the life and death of millions of people. Now, even if they think they can call Great Emperor Ancient Ancestor invincible, they are so vulnerable in front of these two people, no, in front of a maid. With just one move, they can kill Huzu and Dragon Ancestor

This exist(ence) is given to suppression kill.

Such a shock not only made all the cultivator experts feel their heads go blank, but also caused them to fall into despair that they could not escape for a long time.

How many of them cultivator strong people spend their whole lives just wanting to become Great Emperor Ancient Ancestor. When the immortals come today, Great Emperor Ancient Ancestor, they are just ants.

Then, they are so far away from immortals. Even if they spend their whole life and move forward bravely to become Great Emperor Ancient Ancestor, in the end they will be nothing more than ants, no different from all living beings.

Thinking of this, this is such a desperate thing for so many cultivator strong people.

“There is another Biluo Qingtian, let them hand over God Item.” Li Qiye waved his hand gently and said: “I am also compassionate and don’t like to kill people.”

When Li Qiye said these words, Dragon Ancestor and Fengdi couldn’t help being shocked, especially Dragon Ancestor, who couldn’t help but sigh softly in their hearts. It was own who was too conceited. At this time, Dragon Ancestor finally understood that from beginning to end, Li Qiye, as an immortal, still gave her a chance. If not, such an immortal would not need the Emperor Feng to tell her, he would just reach out and take it.

That’s it. As an immortal, how difficult is it to come to their beast-controlling world, especially a inheritance like their Huangtian Sect, to pick up an God Item? You can take it with just one stretch of your hand. If Huang Tianjiao doesn’t give it to them, Immortal

One backhand can destroy their Huangtian Sect.

In fact, they regard it as a weapon of God Item, which may not be of much value to the immortals.

This is also true. If we only look at the weapons themselves, exist(ence) such as Xiao Yue and Li Qiye will certainly look down upon the God Item.

At this time, Dragon Ancestor couldn’t help but sigh softly. Just as Li Qiye said, it was her own who took own too seriously and thought that own could question the immortal. In fact, this was not the case. Li Qiye gave her the opportunity to hand over God Item, which was already a gift to her. Otherwise, not only would she not be able to survive, but the entire Huangtian Sect would also be vanish(ed) in a puff of smoke. After all, for an immortal, why?

Just to destroy one Huangtian Sect, even if destroyed the entire beast-controlling world in one fell swoop. That was just a matter of effort.

“Disciple accepts the order.” At this time, Emperor Feng fully understood that Li Qiye didn’t want to wait anymore. If Biluo Qingtian didn’t hand over God Item, it would be the only time for his family to be exterminated. “Yudi daoist brother, please come quickly and bring the prisoner Niu Ding, otherwise, the whole family will be destroyed!” At this time, Emperor Feng roared, and he shouted loudly, and the roar was like a wild wave, impacting towards 9 Heavens 10 Worlds, Directly above all lands, passed to

In the blue sky.

This is not because Feng Dihu is pretending to be a tiger, but because Feng Di has made a choice. In Feng Di’s opinion, it would be better to destroy one Biluo Qingtian or always better than that the entire beast-controlling world be destroyed.

So, if Biluo Qingtian does not hand over God Item at this time, then Biluo Qingtian will be destroyed by take action.

With a sound of “Boom loud sound, at this moment, in the distance, endless blue light penetrated in an instant.

When the endless green light struck, it was like a green Vast Ocean, and in the blink of an eye, it flooded the entire beast-controlling world.

At this moment, the unparalleled power of Ancient Ancestor swept over, crushing the entire beast-controlling trillion creature. Under such strength and momentum, in an instant, the sky and the earth were eclipsed, and sun and moon was dull. Under such a majestic strength, countless creature were suppressed in an instant. For a moment, the entire beast-controlling world seemed to be impacted by such strength like an Yi Ye/one leaf boat in the stormy sea, and it would capsize at any time

Destroy the general. “The wrath of the blue sky.” looks at‘s green light, like Vast Ocean, swept across the entire beast-controlling world in a short period of time. In an instant, when it impacted all lands from all directions, I don’t know how many creature were suppressed. Next

, looks at sky could not help but say in shock as the green light soaked through it. “Bi Luo Qingtian is furious, do you want to destroy the ten directions?” In the world of beast control, I don’t know how many cultivator strong men still don’t know what happened. When looks at saw such a shocking scene, they couldn’t help but screamed in horror, and in their hearts The face is

It was so creepy and trembling.

Biluo Qiongtian is the most powerful inheritance in the entire beast-controlling world, and is also the Dao Lineage that can dominate the entire beast-controlling world. Over the long years, Biluo Qiongtian has kept a low profile for who knows how many years, and has never been so furious. Pass.

Now Biluo Qingtian is attacking the entire beast-controlling world with the force of destruction. Why doesn’t this make creature in the beast-controlling world tremble?

“Feng Emperor, you are too crazy.” At this moment, a deep shout sounded, exploding like thunder.

Hearing a “bang” loud sound, a figure fell from the sky. At this moment, a force of Ancient Ancestor rushed out without restraint, raging in all directions.

The Ancient Ancestor power rushed out. When it did not restrain itself, the sound of “Boom, Boom, Boom” sounded. Any cultivator strongman who came close to this Ancient Ancestor power was swept away in an instant. It became blood fog.

Hearing the screams of “Ah!, Ah!, Ah!‘, I saw the cultivator strong men died tragically, and were instantly crushed into blood fog.

The person coming is none other than Biluo Qiantian’s exist(ence), who has the most supreme, and is also the strongest Ancient Ancestor earthbender in the beast-controlling world.

Earth Control was born, and he was unparalleled in his arrogance. He allowed own’s Ancient Ancestor power to wreak havoc on the entire ten side world, crushing hundreds of cultivator strong men around him in an instant. When “Earth Control ” ​​saw the arrival of Earth Control, the raging power of Ancient Ancestor crushed hundreds of cultivator strong men in an instant. Many cultivator strong men even had no time to scream and were crushed into pieces in an instant. After reading blood fog, people feel again

Shocked and angry. However, in the face of the strong number one person, supreme, and cultivator in the beast-controlling world, what can they do if they are shocked and angry? They can only dare to be angry and dare not speak. None of them are the opponents of the earth-controllers. Just raise your hand,

You can destroy any of their cultivator strong men.

Bi Luoqingtian’s First Ancestor is also the most powerful beast master in the beast master world. With his own power, he can dominate the entire beast master world. It is conceivable how powerful he is. Such a situation.

The earthbender has a figure of short and small. If you only look at his figure, it is difficult to connect him with the number one person in the world of beast control.

However, when you feel the power of his Ancient Ancestor that has no restraint and is very raging, at this moment, people feel the terrifying and terrifying of the earth. Even his short and small body suddenly became extremely tall. At this moment, when Yuchi stood there, he was like the center of the storm, and he could walk into berserk at any time and tear up the entire body in an instant.


So, when the earthbender appears, no matter where he stands, it will make people raise one’s head Looking up, I couldn’t help but tremble in front of him.

“I’m not crazy about the Imperial Land Fellow Daoist.” Emperor Feng shook his head and said slowly: “I’m just kindly asking Fellow Daoist to hand over the Prison Niu Cauldron.”

“The Prisoner’s Ox Cauldron is here. If you have the ability, come and get it.” At this time, an ancient cauldron hung above Yu Di’s head. This ancient tripod is as if clear jade, but there are yellowish lines on the ancient tripod, which seems to be formed by dao marks splitting from the ancient tripod. Such an ancient tripod is not big, and it looks like it is a skull sacrifice. Made of

. When this ancient cauldron appeared, it was bursting with brilliance. It seemed that when it was clasped with its backhand, it could suppression seal conquer the entire beast-controlling world in an instant. As long as this ancient cauldron suppressed it, not only suppression seal Entire

In the world of beast control, one can even devour(ing) the entire world of beast control into the ancient cauldron, and the entire world of beast control can be refined in an instant, leaving not even the dregs left.

“Prison Ox Cauldron looks at Some people also recognized the ancient cauldron above Yu Di’s head and couldn’t help but murmured. Prison Niu Ding, this is one of the three major God Items in the world of beast control. There are rumors that although Prison Niu Ding is listed as one of the three major God Items along with Yaxian Dao and Bixi Ax, Qi Niu Ding is listed as one of the three God Item First of all, because of its power

The force is stronger than the other two God Item.

Because this Prison Ox Cauldron is made from Qingji’s skull, its power is of course much more powerful than the Yaizhan Sword and Bixi Axe.

“If Yu Di daoist brother thinks so, I’m afraid it will attract sect-destroying disaster?” Emperor Feng shook his head and said: “In order to avoid harming the harmonious spirit, please ask daoist brother to donate the Prisoner Ox Cauldron.” Such words by Emperor Feng immediately made Yu Di Everyone couldn’t help but be startled. The next moment, they couldn’t help but laugh wildly and said: “Feng Emperor, although you have three firsts, shocking and stunning, but in front of this king, you take own too seriously.”


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