Emperor’s Domination Chapter 6458: Give you stand up


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With this a resonate sound, the entire land of gold lit up. When the land of gold was illuminated for an instant, his voice penetrated everyone’s hearts. Even if you are deaf, you can still hear him. the sound of.

Such a voice was no longer just ringing in the ears, but echoing in the soul. In this moment, in this voice, a Supreme-like exist(ence) appeared in everyone’s heart. superior.

When “Danlu Giant ” heard this voice, all the creature in the hometown of gold, whether they were cultivator strong men or local aborigines, had an extremely tall image in their hearts for a moment.

At this moment, suddenly, the light of gold became dazzling, and a Golden Tree rose into the sky. When this Golden Tree rose into the sky, it covered the entire village of gold. Before this, the Golden Tree of Zhanhai Yuanzu and Earth Splitting Yuanzu were already huge enough to cover up sky. However, the Golden Tree plant in front of us was even bigger. Under this Golden Tree, Zhanhai Yuanzu and Earth Splitter

Yuanzu’s Golden Tree is like a small tree. The laws of gold hanging down in the shape of this plant Golden Tree form gold Seal sequence, gold Grand Dao surrounding the entire plant Golden Tree. Therefore, when such Golden Tree appears, the entire land of gold is gold Grand Dao

They all roared about it.

However, all the roaring gold Grand Dao will bow to this Golden Tree, and all the gold Grand Dao, under the roar, will bow to the gold Grand Dao surrounding Golden Tree.

At this time, when people see it, they feel that this gold Grand Dao is the Supreme king and Supreme master of all gold Grand Dao in the entire land of gold. And when this Golden Tree appeared on sky, the power of gold that exploded in an instant was immeasurable. Every inch of land and space in the entire gold hometown has been covered by its gold power

The quantity is filled up. At this moment, it makes people doubt that the whole gold of the hometown gold Does the power come from this strain? Golden Tree born. If only gold In terms of strength, with gold As far as the tree is concerned, whether it is the Zhanhai Yuanzu or the Earth Splitting Yuanzu, they are unable to compete with what appears in front of them. Golden Tree , gold Compared with their power, their gold The power, with it

In comparison, it is just a river. The power of gold in front of you is Vast Ocean. At this time, under Golden Tree, a young man walked out with his first antlers, and the antlers were pure gold and sparkling. It seemed that just this pair of antlers could lift the heavens and the earth, and even lift the entire gold.

The countryside is turned upside down.

And this young man not only exudes golden light all over his body, but also his exposed chest is transformed by gold. In fact, his whole body is transformed by gold.

Moreover, compared to his previous True Body, in fact, the young man in front of him is already a giant. When he stands there, he looks like a mountain. This is the gold giant.

When “Danlu Giant ” saw this young man appearing, everyone in the hometown of gold screamed, and countless creature surrendered under his gold strength.

even if The ancestors who are not convinced by the young man in front of them, such as the Earth-Splitting Yuanzu and the Earth-Rising Buddha, however, under gold strength, they are indeed unable to compare with this young man.

In fact, purely based on the power of gold, there is no one in the entire hometown of gold who can compare with the young man in front of him.

Danlu Great Emperor, the hometown of gold is also known as the Danlu Giant. In the hometown of gold, billion years was derived, countless cultivator strong men took root here, and countless local natives were born.

In the long time of the hometown of gold, Danlu Great Emperor, the giant of Danlu, is like a Supreme Giant standing in the long river of time, controlling the hometown of gold for countless years.

Whether he calls him Danlu Great Emperor or he is called Danlu Giant, everyone has a different perception of him, but this does not prevent him from being called a miracle. In the real world, Danlu Great Emperor is just a Great Emperor with only one Supreme Dao Fruit in the wilderness. However, in the hometown of gold, he suddenly owns the gold of huge quantity, making him have the entire /

The biggest Golden Tree in the hometown of gold. In this way, he became a giant in the hometown of gold.

A giant stands in the hometown of gold. The natives born in the hometown of gold worship the giant Danlu and regard him as the Supreme of the hometown of gold. As for the strong cultivator from reality, although they also know that Danlu Great Emperor is a Great Emperor with only one Supreme Dao Fruit in the real world, but in this hometown of gold, he can have the most powerful gold power ,

The biggest Golden Tree, he stands on the position of the Supreme giant, and he is also convinced by them.

Of course, there are also people who are dissatisfied with Danlu Great Emperor and want to fight against Danlu Great Emperor no matter what. For example, Earth Splitter Yuanzu, Qi Difo, and Iron Spear Yuanzu are like this exist(ence). Because in the real world, Earth Splitter Yuanzu and Qi Difo are much stronger than Danlu Great Emperor, let alone exist(ence) like Yuanzu, and peak Great Emperor like even if Lanmo Great Emperor, they are all stronger than Danlu Great Emperor

Too many.

In the real world, it would be easy for a peak Great Emperor to kill an Great Emperor with only one Supreme Dao Fruit.

However, at this time, in the hometown of gold, it would be easy for Danlu Great Emperor to kill a peak Great Emperor.

Such a reversal, for the more powerful exist(ence) in the real world, it is certainly not possible to be convinced by Danlu Great Emperor. The same is true for the Earth Splitting Yuanzu and the Earth Buddha.

Of course, Danlu Great Emperor, as a Supreme giant in the hometown of gold, is not without its regrets and shortcomings.

In fact, in terms of Golden Tree, Danlu Great Emperor can be called the master of the land of gold. Unfortunately, Danlu Great Emperor is indeed insufficient in the real world, with only one Supreme Dao Fruit. If Danlu Great Emperor, like Earth Splitting Yuanzu and Zhanhai Yuanzu, has the strength of Tianzu in the real world, then some people have imagined that with the power of his gold, in this hometown of gold, even

It is possible for him to break through and become Supreme Giant in the real world.

This is the most regrettable thing about Danlu Great Emperor. His strength in the real world is far from matching that of strength, the hometown of gold.

Otherwise, we would not be a giant from the land of gold, but Supreme Giant from the land of gold.

“Bang a resonate sound, in this moment, Danlu Great Emperor stepped into Bajiao Town.

Under his gold power, not to mention all living beings, not to mention cultivator strong men, even if Great Emperor Aragami, all feel that own is insignificant.

Based on the strength of gold alone, when Great Emperor Aragami raise one’s head, everyone will agree that this Golden Tree is the largest Golden Tree in the entire gold hometown, and it can dominate the entire gold hometown.

Looking up, Danlu Great Emperor is under own Golden Tree, making everyone feel that sun and moon comes from it and the law is born from it. What a supreme this is. At this time, as soon as he stepped into Bajiao Town, Danlu Great Emperor‘s body was like pushing a jade pillar down a mountain of gold. He fell to the ground in an instant, fell at the feet of Li Qiye’s, and shouted respectfully: “Disciple welcomes the ancestor, disciple comes Chi, please ancestor

Condemn. ”

Such a scene is so jaw-dropping that everyone, whether it is all living beings, the founder of the earth, or the Buddha who rose from the earth, can’t help but feel big change.

Danlu Great Emperor, in this hometown of gold, is a giant of Supreme and can be called the master of the hometown of gold. However, at this time, supreme, who is invincible, fell at the feet of Li Qiye’s like pushing a golden mountain over a jade pillar. Such a scene would be unimaginable if own had not seen it with her own eyes, especially for the natives who were born in the hometown of gold. When they saw such a scene, they were so shocked that they could not be described in any words

, they were all shocked dumbfounded, completely unable to recover. Because for any native born in the land of gold, in their hearts, in their memory , and even in their praise from generation to generation, the Danlu giant is the master of Supreme, the hometown of gold.

Zai is the most powerful exist(ence) in the land of gold.

Today, Danlu, the giant of Supreme, fell at the feet of Li Qiye’s like a mountain of gold and a jade pillar, calling himself a disciple. This is an unparalleled thing that shocked people.

“You are doing well.” Li Qiye glanced at Danlu Great Emperor and gave him stand up.

Yes, give him stand up. Everyone in the hometown of gold will be dumbfounded. Danlu, the giant, is given stand up.

“They are all ancestors’ good fortune.” Danlu Great Emperor bowed down again and again before standing up.

“Wait, you are not qualified to be an enemy of my ancestor.” At this time, Danlu Great Emperor stood up. His tall body stood there, enough to look down on anyone. His eyes ranged from the Earth-splitting Yuanzu to the Earth Buddha. It was swept across the body.

When Danlu Great Emperor said this, suppressing the world and overpowering Nine Heavens, exist(ence) like even if Tianzu must be half a head shorter under his momentum.

Such words sound particularly arrogant. Earth-shattering Yuanzu and Earth-rising Buddha are both one of the most powerful exist(ence) in the hometown of gold today, but they are called unqualified.

However, at this moment, when such words come out of Danlu Great Emperor’s mouth, there is no problem at all, and no one can question it.

Because, at this moment, Danlu Great Emperor is the most powerful exist(ence) in the land of gold, and can be called the master of the land of gold. His words have more weight than anyone else. Earth Splitting Yuanzu and Earth Buddha couldn’t help but change their expressions. They had to admit that Danlu Great Emperor was stronger than them, but in the real world, Danlu Great Emperor was vulnerable to them.


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