Emperor’s Domination Chapter 6457: You are not worthy


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Blue Sea Cangqiong Town ” At this time, Zhanhai Yuanzu let out a long roar, and the sacred bowl in his hand suppressed it.

As Zhanhai Yuanzu’s sacred bowl suppressed, in an instant, thousands of miles of blue waves swept down, covering the entire gold hometown in an instant. In the endless blue waves, a unique sky emerged. The sky was above, suppressing Heavens Spiritual God. Under the sound of “boom” loud sound, when the sky was suppressed like this and came down, not only the power of gold was like nothing

The general bombardment came, not only with the power of Grand Dao, but also with the power of Supreme in the sky. Under such power of Sky Supreme, even exist(ence) like Great Emperor Aragami can’t help but tremble. Even when a blow falls, all the bones in own‘s body will be shattered, and the flesh and blood will be destroyed in an instant

Bombed into blood fog.

At this time, even if the Iron Spear Ancestor shot up into the sky with a spear, it was so fierce and domineering that it could burn sky to ashes in an instant, but it still could not stop the power of the heavenly ancestor. suppression kill. A bowl of bombardment came down, and millions of raging flames Divine Spear were instantly blasted to pieces inch by inch. Even at the moment of life and death, the ancestor of the iron gun returned the gun to protect the body, Spear Arts, and millions of stars rose and fell in an instant. Rewinding with an iron gun

At this time, roll up Samsara and protect karma.

However, in the end, it was still unable to block such a blow from Zhanhai Yuanzu. With a “bang”, all the Supreme Grand Dao that Iron Spear Yuanzu used to return the gun to protect his body were smashed to pieces in an instant.

The Iron Spear Yuanzu sprayed a mouthful of blood, and the blood hung across the sky like a rainbow. His body hit the earth heavily, penetrating thousands of miles of earth, and hundreds of mountains were hit in an instant. Shattered.

The blood dyed red touched the soil, and the Iron Spear Originator hit the earth so hard that his body was shattered into pieces, like a piece of ceramic, broken into millions of pieces.

However, the Iron Spear Originator is still an Originator. As long as Primordial True Self is still there, he cannot be killed unless his Primordial True Self is wiped out.

In between electrical spark light, even though his body had been broken into millions of pieces, the Iron Spear Originator jumped up and fled away from the hometown of gold at the fastest speed. Originally, the Iron Spear Yuanzu fled at first and hid in a remote and dangerous place in the hometown of gold, hoping to escape the pursuit of Rakshasa Demon Emperor and Zhanhai Yuanzu, but unexpectedly, he failed to escape Rakshasa Demon Emperor and Zhanhai Yuanzu. Hai Yuanzu

’s Heavenly Eye was finally caught by Rakshasa Demon Emperor and Zhanhai Yuanzu. At this time, Iron Gun Yuanzu realized that facing the pursuit of Zhanhai Yuanzu and Rakshasa Demon Emperor, he could no longer stay in the hometown of gold. Only by escaping from the hometown of gold, or even returning to the real world, could he Escape

Rakshasa Demon Emperor, the pursuit of Zhanhai Yuanzu.

During these electrical spark light, the Iron Spear Yuanzu exerted own‘s speed to the limit, walking at a pace of Eternal, instantly crossing one space after another and making countless jumps. “Rakshasa Demonic Sealing ” However, when the Iron Gun Ancestor jumped through the space at the pace of own and Eternal, Rakshasa Demon Emperor had already been prepared. When preventing the Iron Gun Ancestor from escaping, Rakshasa Demon Emperor had already arrange the entire space.

‘s magic seal. Therefore, as Rakshasa Demon Emperor‘s Mantra sounded, the sound of “buzz, buzz, buzz” was heard endlessly. The entire space was covered with demon-sealed walls, and each demon-sealed wall seemed to grow from the depths of the earth. Same, straight

After entering hell, it seems that all the magic seal walls are not only integrated with the earth, but even strength of hell are blessing on top of this magic seal. The magic seal blocked the entire space. When the Iron Spear Ancestor fled, the entire space was blocked and suppressed. When such a demon seal space was pushed across, a “bang” was heard, loud sound, the Iron Spear Ancestor The whole person

He hit the Demon Seal hard, as if he hit the extremely hard iron plate of one piece of, and was bounced back instantly, leaving his face **** and bloody.

Today’s Rakshasa Demon gained the power of gold in the hometown of gold, and corrected her cultivation, making her a second-turn Yuansheng Zhantian. When the Iron Spear Yuanzu was instantly bounced back by the demon seal, he had not had time to get up and look at the sea Yuanzu take action. He walked casually, like dragon and phoenix grabbing. The technique of grabbing with one hand was so mysterious that it seemed like all the mysteries in the world.

Samsara can’t escape such a capture.

Under this “bang” sound, Zhanhai Yuanzu used own‘s unique grasping hand to instantly lock the Iron Spear Yuanzu.

The Iron Spear Yuanzu shouted, trying to break through Zhanhai Yuanzu’s suppression and blockade, but no matter how Grand Dao he exploded, he could not break through Zhanhai Yuanzu’s capture method.

Finally, Zhanhai Yuanzu and Rakshasa Demon Emperor picked up the iron spear Yuanzu and left.

With a “bang” sound, at this time, Zhanhai Yuanzu and Rakshasa Demon Emperor threw the Iron Spear Yuanzu at the feet of Li Qiye, bowed to Li Qiye and said: “Young Master, the Iron Spear Yuanzu has been obtained, please Young Master falls.”

All the cultivator experts present took a secret glance, and when they saw such a scene, they were extremely shocked in their hearts.

The Patriarch of the Iron Spear, what an invincible Patriarch he is, how powerful the Patriarch of the Iron Spear is in the minds of many people, even the peak Great Emperor Aragami cannot help but pale in front of him. At this time, after being captured by Zhanhai Yuanzu, Rakshasa Demon Emperor and the others, he was thrown to Li Qiye’s like a bereaved dog. Who could have thought that the Iron Spear Yuanzu would have such an end? After all, a Yuanzu is

It’s the invincible exist(ence) that stands above the rest.

Seeing Zhanhai Yuanzu and Rakshasa Demon Emperor honoring Li Qiye kneels as “Young Master“, this also made the Earth-shattering Yuanzu and Earth-rising Buddha present change their faces.

Rakshasa Demon Emperor is relatively weaker. As a second-turn Yuan Sheng, she cannot be compared with Tianzu. The Buddha and Earth Splitting Yuanzu do not regard her as own in their hearts. Strong enemy. However, as the Tianzu, Yuanzu Zhanhai is actually called Li Qiye, which is extraordinary. After all, in the entire old world, there are not many Yuanzu who can reach the level of Tianzu, realm. Now Yuanzu Zhanhai is facing Li

Qiye is so respectful. This is a major event that shakes the earth in heaven frightening. Can this not make the Earth-shattering Buddha and the Earth-Splitting Yuanzu uncontrollably worriedbig change? For a moment, the Earth-Splitting Yuanzu and the Earth-rising Buddha went back and forth in their hearts, wondering what kind of background the ordinary young man in front of them could actually make Zhanhai Yuanzu and Rakshasa Demon Emperor. exist(ence)as

This is respectful.

Li Qiye glanced at the Iron Spear Originator and said calmly: “There is a way to heaven, but you won’t take it. hell has no way and you have to break in. How do you want to die this time?” Li Qiye said this , the ancestor of the Iron Spear looked green and white in turns. When he was in the Great Emperor alliance, he was thrown away by an iron pan from Li Qiye, and even more than half of his head was smashed into pieces. He is still thinking about it

One day to seek revenge on this boy, even if he doesn’t eat his flesh, drink his blood, or cramp his tendons, it will be difficult to eliminate the hatred in his heart. However, before he had time to seek revenge on Li Qiye, he was found by Zhanhai Yuanzu and Rakshasa Demon Emperor. With all his skills suppressed, when he was thrown at the feet of Li Qiye, he was like fish on the chopping board. What

I can’t even say anything harsh.

“He is doomed.” Li Qiye withdrew his gaze, lay back in the chair, glanced casually at the Earth Splitting Yuanzu and the Earth Buddha, smiled faintly, and said, “What about you?”

Being asked this casually by Li Qiye, both Qi Di Fo and Di Di Yuan Zu immediately turned pale and green. At this time, of course they knew that Li Qiye’s was hiding something secretly, and they also knew that Li Qiye’s was terrifying. However, they put aside their words. If they fled without fighting, what would be their face? They are not ordinary cultivator strong men. Their Supreme ancestors enjoy the beauty of Supreme in the entire old world

Name, exist(ence) has been worshiped by others at all times. If they are asked to submit to Li Qiye now, wouldn’t it be detrimental to their Divine Power.

They are exist(ence)s like Tianzu. They fled without fighting and were frightened by someone’s words. This is not the style of the Earth-shattering Yuanzu and the Earth-rising Buddha.

Amitabha, I would like to learn Fellow Daoist‘s invincible tricks.” Qi Difo announced a buddhist chant, stood up, and said slowly.

“Since you want to fight, then fight to the end. How about I kill you today?” Earth Splitter Yuanzu took a deep breath. At the moment of “Cang” a resonate sound, he held a unique Divine Weapons in his hand and pointed straight at it. Li Qiye. The Divine Weapons in the hands of Earth-shattering Yuanzu is a gold boring machine. This gold boring machine is intertwined with countless gold laws. It seems that it was born in the hometown of gold. In the entire world of the hometown of gold, all the power of gold

They are all condensed in this gold boring machine. When such a gold boring machine is struck down, the sharp and razor-sharp blade may even cut the entire gold land in half. The gold boring machine of the Earth-shattering Yuanzu is indeed very terrifying. The strength it possesses even exceeds the cultivation of the Earth-shattering Yuanzu own, because all the gold strength she owned in the hometown of gold was used by her

Added to this gold boring machine.

In this way, such a gold boring machine has become a unique God Item in the entire land of gold.

The Earth-Splitting Originator spoke aggressively, and when gold held the boring machine in his hand, the entire gold hometown trembled from murderous aura.

At this moment, the sharpness of the gold boring made all the creatures in gold shudder. Even if the gold boring did not come down with knock down, it seemed to have killed all of them.

The Earth Splitter Yuanzu was also speaking aggressively at this time, but she had no choice. Since she did not beg for mercy from the enemy, she would fight to the end. “My ancestor Supreme, you are not worthy to be my ancestor’s opponent.” Just when the Earth Splitter Yuanzu called for formation, a voice penetrated the entire hometown of gold.


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