Emperor’s Domination Chapter 5039: Peacock Bright King Sitting


Yeyoushen didn’t try to persuade Jinguan Young Master any more, he just reminded him, as for the choice of Jinguan Young Master, that was his business.

Just when Ye Youshen was about to bid farewell to Li Qiye, suddenly, Ye Youshen’s face changed, he stood up and looked at the sky.

“Not good, King Peacock Daming is going to sit down, the time has come.” At this time, Ye Youshen turned bowed first to Li Qiye and said: “Young Master, I won’t send you off.” After speaking, he flew away.

Yeyoushen left in such a hurry that Mingshi Princess and the others couldn’t help being startled.

“Peacock Daming King is about to sit down.” Mingshi Princess couldn’t help murmuring.

Golden Crown Young Master couldn’t help but sighed, and said softly: “According to the time, it’s time. King Daming’s spirit yuan has been broken for so long, and it’s time to sit down.”

The a resonate sound of “嗡one after another“, at this time, in that distant place, suddenly burst into endless light, and then, the light spread to the sky and the earth, and pushed towards the whole wild 100,000 mountain, only to see the light shine on Every corner of Manghuang 100,000 Dashan.

Amidst the sound of “buzz”, following the push of the light, a majestic and endless strength rolled in like a tide, submerging the entire wild 100,000 mountain in an instant.

When the strength rolling in like a tide flooded the whole wild 100,000 mountain, all creature felt this wave of strength, although this wave of strength was boundless, but submerged under this wave of majestic strength All creature don’t feel that such strength will be suppressed by own, but a feeling of being submerged in own.

At this moment, I don’t know how many creatures feel that own is soaked in strength, as if soaked in a hot spring, and, most importantly, when such strength is soaked in own, let People feel that this strand of strength will belong to own at any moment.

The sound of “嗡, 嗡, 嗡” sounded, and at this moment, the light of multicolored appeared in the place where the light rose into the sky, and the light of multicolored slowly spread out, just like a peacock spreading its tail Similarly, the flames of multicolored appearing on between Heaven and Earth seem to cover the whole world.

When the multicolored flame is covered like this, it seems that very soft feathers cover the body of own, which is extremely comfortable.

“It’s so comfortable.” At this moment, Mingshi Princess felt such a wave of strength, and couldn’t help but marvel at it.

“This is the sitting **** of the master.” Jinguan Young Master said: “When the **** of the palm is sitting, their strength, their blood energy, and their Grand Dao will all feed back to the wild 100,000 mountain, and finally return to This land.”

“A lot of creature worship.” At this time, when Jian Yunyun looked into the distance, he found that there were countless birds and beasts, even if they were not spiritual. At this moment, they were either lying on the ground or lying on the trees , wailing towards the place where the light is emitted.

“They also know that the Peacock Daming King is going to sit down, and the Peacock Daming King is the ancestor of all birds.” Jinguan Young Master couldn’t help but whispered.

“Let’s go and see, okay?” At this time, Mingshi Princess prayed to Li Qiye.

Li Qiye has been overlooking the place where King Peacock Daming sits in the distance. At this time, he looked away and said lightly: “Then go and have a look, the wind and rain are coming.”

As they said, they walked forward, Mingshi Princess and the others still didn’t understand the words Li Qiye, so they came to their senses and immediately chased after them.

King Peacock Daming is about to sit down. This kind of thing is a big event for heaven frightening in Manghuang 100,000 Dashan. to be born.

At this time, as the light of life of the Peacock Daming King shone on the entire Manghuang 100,000 mountain, in the Manghuang 100,000 mountain, many birds and beasts stopped, and the birds stopped in the trees. On the ground, the beasts lay on the ground, whining to the Peacock Daming King.

And those big monsters and Monster King monsters who have become enlightened also mourn the Peacock Daming King. As for the Monster King giant beasts who believe in the Feather God, at this moment, they are all moving forward one after another to the Peacock Daming King At the place where they sit, they want to meet before King Peacock Daming sits.

King Peacock Daming is the **** in charge of the Feather God. Any Monster King monster who believes in the Feather God will see him off and see him for the last time when the own God in charge is seated.

What’s more, the Peacock Daming King is the most talented Monster King among the Manghuang 100,000 mountains. Under his restraint, the Manghuang 100,000 mountains have rarely clashed for ten thousand years, making the six great The demons and gods get along harmoniously, so the Peacock Daming King has always been loved by many Monster King monsters.

So, for many Monster King monsters, even if they don’t believe in the Feather God, they would like to give him a ride when the Peacock Daming King sits down.

So, at this time, in the wild 100,000 mountains, in all directions, there are many Monster King giant beasts flocking to the place where the Peacock Daming King sits, and they all go to see the Peacock Daming King off.

The place where the Peacock Daming King sits is the place where the Feather God Throne is located. There is an incomparably huge towering tree. When this towering giant tree stands there, many big trees around Such a towering giant tree tree is also worthy of a name in the entire wilderness 100,000 mountains, it is like a huge and incomparable mountain standing there.

At this time, on top of the towering giant tree, five colors of light are emitted, as if a huge peacock spread its tail, it is very spectacular and beautiful.

At this time, Peacock Daming King was sitting there, his whole body exuded five colors of light, he looked full of vitality, it was unimaginable that he was already a person who was going to sit down.

King Peacock Daming looks like a middle-aged man, with Supreme Divine Power in his whole body, but his Divine Power all over his body are restrained, he doesn’t have the aura of overpowering the world, and his whole body looks like a simple Return to Enlightenment.

At this moment, when everyone saw the appearance of the Peacock Daming King, they would not believe that the Peacock Daming King was going to sit down at this moment, because at this moment, he seemed to be full of infinite How can such a person with infinite vitality be able to sit still?

Facing the matter of own going to sit down, King Peacock Daming didn’t have any fear, and he faced all this very calmly.

Beside the Peacock Daming King, there is an extremely ferocious king of birds standing there, he is the most ferocious cold vision sky eagle in the wild 100,000 mountains.

When cold vision Skyhawk stood there, and his cold vision swept over it, any Monster King monster would tremble, its whole body would go limp, and even kneel down directly on the ground.

Compared with the cold vision Skyhawk, the Peacock Daming King gives people a gentle feeling, while the cold vision Skyhawk is really fierce.

Kneeling a little girl between Leng Su Tianying and Peacock Daming King, at this moment, this little girl was crying softly, stubbornly wiping away the tears of own from time to time.

Under this towering giant tree, I don’t know how many Monster King giant beasts kneel and worship are growing. All the Monster King giant beasts, birds and beasts, came to see the Peacock Daming King off. Before sitting down, see the Peacock Daming King for the last time.

At this moment, all the birds and beasts, Monster King monsters lowered their heads, mourning for Peacock Daming King.

In addition to the giant Monster King who came to see King Peacock Daming off, there are also many cultivator powerhouses among the mountains and forest looking at all this from afar.

Because they have never seen the scene of the master **** sitting and transforming, they also came to take a look to open their eyes.

At this moment, Li Qiye brought Mingshi Princess and they also rushed over. They stood on a mountain peak, sitting far away from the upcoming looks at Peacock Daming King.

“Isn’t that little bird?” Mingshi Princess couldn’t help being very surprised when he saw the little girl kneeling beside King Peacock Daming.

Not only was Mingshi Princess surprised, but even Jinguan Young Master and Jian Yunyun were also very surprised. They didn’t expect that Xiaoqueer was actually related to Peacock Daming King.

could it be that is Peacock Daming King’s apprentice, or his daughter?” Jian Yunyun asked involuntarily.

Mingshi Princess couldn’t help taking a look at Jinguan Young Master, and said, “Big rooster, aren’t you a know-it-all in Manghuang 100,000 Dashan? How come Xiaoqueer was born on Peacock Daming King’s side, you don’t even know.”

“Since when did I become the know-it-all of Manghuang 100,000 Dashan.” Jinguan Young Master couldn’t help but smiled wryly.

In spite of this, Jin Guan Young Master was also very surprised in his heart. He knew Xiao Que’er when he was in Youxue Palace, but he never felt the aura of wild 100,000 mountains in Xiao Que’er.

What surprised Jin Guan Young Master even more was that if Xiao Que’er was the daughter or disciple of King Peacock Daming, then why did she leave the Manghuang 100,000 mountain?

“It’s almost time.” At this time, the Peacock Daming King said with a smile, and the light on his body became even hotter, and the five-color light illuminated the whole world.

At this time, I heard the sound of “Boom, Boom, Boom” incessantly, and saw the Divine Beast monument appearing behind Peacock Daming King.

Divine Beast Monument.” When seeing this Divine Beast monument, many Monster King monsters and cultivator powerhouses couldn’t help but big shout.

However, when I looked carefully, I found that this is not the True Body of the Divine Beast stele, but the Divine Beast stele belonging to King Peacock Daming, because on the Divine Beast stele, that is, under the Yu God, there It bears the brand of Peacock Daming King.

“Boom, boom, boom” At this time, the sky and the earth roared, and when the Divine Beast stele of Peacock Daming King appeared, in between Heaven and Earth, five Divine Beast steles appeared, and these five Divine Beast steles all surrounded this tree Towering giant tree.

Before the five Divine Beast monuments, there is a sacred chair, but there are only three sacred chairs with people sitting on it.


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