Emperor’s Domination Chapter 5038: Sleep when flowers bloom


“Reckless 100,000 and the mountains will be in danger.” Ye Youshen glanced at Jinguan Young Master.

“Manghuang 100,000 the mountain will be in danger” Jinguan Young Master couldn’t help being startled, for a while, he couldn’t remember where the Manghuang 100,000 mountain was in danger.

“Peacock Daming King is about to sit down.” Ye Youshen said again.

“The disciple doesn’t understand.” Jin Guan Young Master Still didn’t understand, the peacock Daming King sitting down, this is a well-known thing in the world, and this thing has also spread throughout Manghuang 100,000 big mountain, in the wild 100,000 Among the mountains, all Monster King Behemoths know this.

Furthermore, the Peacock Daming King sits down, this matter is not a heaven frightening matter, after all, every generation of palm gods will eventually sit down, and at present, the one who lives longer is the rattan Heavenly God. Since Mr. Monster Emperor created the wood god, vine Heavenly God has been the palm **** until now, and the other demon gods have become generations of palm gods.

It can be said that in the wild 100,000 mountains, it is normal for the palm **** to sit down, just like other Supreme Grand Dao‘s Ancient Ancestor is about to sit down.

“There must be something else going on.” Li Qiye smiled.

Ye Youshen did not hide anything, clicked on nod, and said: “Yes, the end of the rattan Heavenly God is coming.”

“The end of the rattan Heavenly God is coming?” Golden Crown Young Master couldn’t help taking a breath, and said, “Didn’t the rattan Heavenly God live a long life? He’s going to die too?”

Golden Crown Young Master was surprised, but after thinking about it carefully, I feel that this is not a matter of heaven frightening. After all, among all the master gods, Vine Heavenly God is the longest-lived exist(ence).

Now, King Peacock Daming is about to sit down, so it is normal that the time limit for Vine Heavenly God is approaching, after all, Vine Heavenly God cannot live forever, infinitely, after all, there is no one in human world Yes Immortality.

“Vine Heavenly God‘s limit is different.” Ye Youshen shook his head, and said slowly: “Vine Heavenly God keeps own True Body, his limit is one round, one limit is Samsara, every time Samsara is a calamity, if you can overcome the calamity, you can continue.”

“Is Vine Heavenly God Samsara reincarnated?” Mingshi Princess couldn’t help being surprised when he heard legend like this, after all, human world has never seen the real reincarnation of Samsara.

Ye Youshen shook his head lightly, and said: “No, the True Body of the vine Heavenly God is a divine vine, and he has always maintained True Body and never transformed, so he lived longer than any creature. “

Speaking of this, he paused for a moment, and Ye Youshen continued: “The limit of the vine Heavenly God is like the maturity of the fruit. It seems that every season, result / to bear fruit once, matures a year. Every time the vine Heavenly God reaches Samsara, Will let him continue, but, after all, there will be an end.”

“What terrible things will happen when the vine Heavenly God expires?” Ye Youshen couldn’t help but be surprised. He really doesn’t know the end of the vine Heavenly God.

It is also because Fuji Heavenly God has lived for too long, and the time of each round of him will be very far apart. Not every generation of Monster King behemoths can encounter such a limit, and it is even possible that ten generations can Encountered such a limit.

“If the vine Heavenly God is dead, the king of sleep must sleep first.” Ye Youshen said solemnly.

“The king of sleep must sleep?” Jinguan Young Master couldn’t help but take a breath when he heard this. He heard this legend before and said, “The king of sleep sleeps like a sleepy king, and the wild 100,000 mountain, I’m afraid he will sleep with it.”

“It’s hard to say, it depends on the length of time.” Ye Youshen said.

“Who is the Sleeping King?” Mingshi Princess asked hurriedly.

Golden Crown Young Master said: “The Sleeping King is the God in charge of the Snake God.”

Jian Yunyun didn’t understand, and said, “Vine Heavenly God, why does the king of sleep have to sleep? What kind of relationship do they have with each other?”

“Because the origin of the Sleeping King was born in the vine Heavenly God, the True Body of the Sleeping King is a sleepy bug, and it nested in the vine Heavenly God.” Golden Crown Young Master couldn’t help but said: “To some extent It is said that Sleeping King and Vine Heavenly God have a very deep relationship.”

Sleeping King is the God in charge of the Snake God, and the Snake God is the oldest demon god.

“That’s right.” Ye Youshen said: “The vine Heavenly God has its limit, and the king of sleep must sleep. At that time, if it takes a long time, it may not be able to survive. In the wild 100,000 mountain, I don’t know how many creature will sleep with it.”

“What will be the consequences?” Mingshi Princess couldn’t help but say.

Golden Crown Young Master said in a low voice: “The power of the Sleeping King is very terrifying. Although it does not sleep on weekdays, it has already fallen asleep. It can be said that the Sleeping King rarely appears, and it is precisely because the Sleeping King never appears. If it does not appear, the mad dragon has a pivotal position in the snake **** seat, and can command all the Monster King monsters under the snake **** seat. However, if the Sleeping King falls asleep, the countless birds and beasts and Monster King giant beasts in the entire wilderness 100,000 mountains They will also fall into a deep sleep, and if the time is too long, they will never be able to wake up.”

“Then he will die.” Mingshi Princess couldn’t help being surprised.

Golden Crown Young Master nod softly, and said: “If the Sleeping King sleeps for too long, the sleeping birds and beasts, Monster King monsters, may not be able to wake up, and will never wake up again.”

“This is just the king of sleep.” Ye Youshen said slowly: “Once the vine Heavenly God‘s deadline is approaching, the vine Heavenly God will bloom vine heavenly flower, and once the flowers bloom, the pollen will cover the entire wild 100,000 mountain.”

“What kind of consequences will there be?” Jian Yunyun couldn’t help being surprised.

Ye Youshen said: “Vine heavenly flower, this is a kind of paralyzing poisonous flower. When the vine heavenly flower is in full bloom, no matter how powerful you are exist(ence), everyone will be suppressed and affected by it, which will make your skills weak Afterwards, blood energy stagnated, severe cases could not afford to be paralyzed, and cultivation was greatly reduced. If you stay too long at the limit, even if the limit is finally over, it is possible that you will not make any progress in practice in the future, because the rattan heavenly flower powder is already in your body It is completely settles down inside, and it can no longer be dispelled.”

“That’s a kind of chronic poisoning.” Mingshi Princess took a breath.

“It’s almost like this.” Ye Youshen nod said.

Mingshi Princess glanced at Jinguan Young Master with a smile, and said with a smile: “Big rooster, are you going to run away and go back to Youxue Palace?”

Different from the Monster King behemoth in the wild 100,000 mountain, Golden Crown Young Master has a monster card, he can leave the wild 100,000 mountain for a while.

When Mingshi Princess said this, Jin Guan Young Master couldn’t help but smiled wryly, and said: “I ran away, so, what should Phoenix City do? I am also City Lord anyway, I can’t leave the whole city own and run away. “

Golden Crown Young Master‘s words made Mingshi Princess startled, and she didn’t think about it. After all, she is an ordinary disciple, unlike Jinguan Young Master and Jian Yunyun, who have a school and a school on her shoulders.

“I am most worried about the God of Kunmu.” Ye Youshen glanced at Li Qiye and said slowly: “That day, Young Master opened the seal, which is not a good omen.”

When Ye Youshen said this, Mingshi Princess and Jinguan Young Master couldn’t help but look at Li Qiye. In the Golden Cicada Palace, Li Qiye opened Ancient Monument for the Bloodfly God. Until now, they all felt that this Ancient Monument had an ominous It’s just that everyone doesn’t know what thing is. Fortunately, until now, nothing ominous has happened.

“Some things, the more lively the better when it’s a good opportunity.” Li Qiye showed a deep smile.

“The Ancient Monument, what exactly is thing, it makes people feel so evil, there is an ominous feeling.” Mingshi Princess frankly expressed the feeling of own.

“I’m afraid this has something to do with the God of Kunmu.” Ye Youshen couldn’t help pondering for a moment.

“Is the Creator God of Kunmu God?” Jinguan Young Master asked after hearing some legend.

Ye Youshen lightly nod, said: “About the God of Creation of the God of Kunmu, there are indeed some bad legend, this time after Young Master opened Ancient Monument, my heart is always perturbed and uneasy, I always feel that something is about to happen same.”

Yeyoushen’s words are not without words. After all, Yeyoushen is the **** in charge of the fog god, and he is worshiped by thousands of Monster King behemoths. He is very sensitive to the entire wild 100,000 mountain.

“What kind of exist(ence) is the Creator God of the Fog God?” Hearing Ye Youshen’s words, Jian Yunyun felt that something was wrong.

“It’s a fierce god.” Jin GuanYoung Master heard some legend, and said: “It is rumored that the God of Creation of Kunmu God is the God of Golden Mosquito, extremely fierce, heard, before the creation of the throne, Wherever he goes, the wild 100,000 mountains will be skeleton like mountains, eating blood and sucking marrow, it is extremely terrifying.”

Hearing Jinguan Young Master‘s words, Mingshi Princess and Jian Yunyun couldn’t help but shudder.

“Why would someone believe in such a fierce god? Don’t you have other demon gods in your Manghuang 100,000 mountain?” Mingshi Princess couldn’t help muttering.

“Did you see the blood fly god? The blood fly **** is the God in charge of the Kunmu God.” Jin Guan Young Master said.

When Mingshi Princess heard such words, they couldn’t help being stunned. They had also seen the Blood Fly God, and everyone knew that the Blood Fly God was the murderer of sucking blood.

“Kunmu, Kunmu, such a god, there must be no shortage of Monster King behemoths like poisonous thing fierce insects to worship.” After carefully thinking about this demon god, Jian Yunyun also understood.

“Miss Jian is absolutely right, the God of Kunmu is exactly the God of God that many poisonous thing fierce insects believe in.” Jinguan Young Master nod said.

“If the Blood Mosquito God returns to human world, it will be a catastrophe for Manghuang 100,000 Dashan.” At this time, Ye Youshen said meaningfully to Duke Jin Guan.

“It is impossible for me to abandon Phoenix City.” Even knowing the great danger in the future, it is impossible for Golden Crown Young Master to leave alone.

Phoenix City is their painstaking effort for generations. If he abandons Phoenix City, how will he face his ancestors, how will he face all the Monster King beasts of Phoenix City.


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