Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 5120: No one left



“You no longer have the right to speak.”


After Jiang Chen finished speaking, he directly strangled Kuang Tianheng with one hand, his flesh and bones completely shattered.


In an instant, countless people were amazed and panicked. It was City Lord in their Five Sacred Mountains city. This guy who didn’t know what the background was, even killed Kuang Tianheng.


“It’s a mess, our Five Sacred Mountains city is definitely going to be in chaos this time.”


“That’s right, City Lord is dead, and Five Sacred Mountains city will definitely be reshuffled.”


“This guy is really a master of art and bold, everyone in the azure-clothed thirteen building dares to move, isn’t this courting death?”


“It doesn’t matter if you hang up high, you should stay away, or it might be a disaster for Chiyu.”


“Although Kuang Tianheng is dead, Tianqingwei is not a vegetarian. The nine major Tianqingweis have taken the absolute initiative.”


Above the sky, the alliance between Chen Dianya and Chen Yingying was all defeated, completely unable to stop the attack of Tian Qingwei, and also suffered some injuries. Long Shisan joined it, but it was also unable to compete with Jiu Jiu. Great Tianqingwei.


The three of them are all at risk, which shows how strong Tian Qingwei is.


Jiang Chen frowned, murderous aura washed away, the Nine Heavenly Green Guards have threatened the monkeys and their lives, Jiang Chen this time, they must also start killing.


Heavenly Dragon Sword is in hand, Jiang Chen is in the game again.


terrifying sword qi, galloping vertically and horizontally, Jiang Chen is like War God, even the nine invincible Tianqingwei, in front of Jiang Chen, are completely unable to fight back, this is the power.


Sword of No Realm, like a broken bamboo, sword thirty-six is ​​in no way unfavorable, the nine major expert is completely led by Jiang Chen, for a while, the spirit just now disappeared completely, under the heavy blow of Jiang Chen’s, no one can stop it The power of his sword.


Bang! boom! boom!


One after another, the heavy swords killed the nine Tianqing guards and retreated, leaving no armor and no power to fight back.


“Big brother’s strength is really invincible.”


Long Shisan agrees with it. They are both Nebula-level initial stages. Even Tianqingwei, the strongest battle strength Legion on the surface of the Evernight Star, who is worshipped like a **** by countless people, cannot compete with Jiang Chen.


“Give me death.”


Jiang Chen is merciless, every sword is decisive, and no one can escape from his palm.


Sword after sword, life and death are settled.


When the Nine Heavenly Guards fell one by one, the entire Five Sacred Mountains city became extremely silent. The Heavenly Guards were not puppets. They knew that the battle was going to end and they were ready to withdraw, but now it was too late. It’s too late, no one can dodge Jiang Chen’s Sword of No Realm, can dodge the first day of the first year, but can’t dodge the fifteenth, the first sword hits hard, and the second sword must kill him.


Heavenly Dragon Sword, incarnation of supreme Divine Dragon, unparalleled swordsmanship, Dragon Roar Nine Heavens, nine people full of despair, sword thirty-six, bloodthirsty Vault of Heaven!


Blood danced and sprinkled all over the sky. In front of the Five Sacred Mountains city, it was as silent as a cicada.


No one dares to say a word, none of the Nine Heavenly Green Guards are spared, this is the power of expert!


Long Shisan is excited for the big brother, Chen Dianya and Chen Yingying are also very happy, the strength of Jiang Chen‘s predecessors is far beyond everyone’s imagination, this is a real king’s posture.


“It is not advisable to stay here for a long time. Senior Jiang Chen, Senior Long, we should leave as soon as possible.”


Chen Yingying’s pretty face Yan Jun (severe) is extremely dignified.




Jiang Chen and Long Shisan walked together, and quickly left the sky above Five Sacred Mountains city, azure-clothed thirteen building, and they are destined to not give up.


However, in order to save their brother, Jiang Chen will never look ahead.


Below the mountains, between blue water, Long Shisan and Jiang Chen are sitting on the ground, looking at Bibo Taotao from afar, feeling extremely heavy.


“Big brother, I’m useless. Linger was caught and died here. Although I rescued Yibai, it left Linger in a desperate situation. I am a waste.”


Long Shisan‘s eyes were red, and he was extremely remorseful, but he was able to kill Kuang Tianheng today. Although he was avenged in his heart, he lost his beloved forever.


“It’s all my fault for losing my love, it’s all my fault…”


Long Shisan murmured in a low voice, the inner self-blame is evident.


“Life and death are destiny, wealth and honor are in heaven. No matter whether it is life or death, you can’t force it. Yuan Ling would rather die than lower her eyebrows for you. She has her own pride and her own self-confidence. You can She has done enough, if she were alive, she would never want to see you like this, giving up on herself.”


Jiang Chen said in a deep voice, if he persuaded others, he would not say it himself, but Long Shisan lost a lot of this, there is no doubt that Yuan Ling used to be willing to go through a sea of ​​swords and flames for him. Take a step first, and the blow to Long Shisan is also quite large.




Long Shisan said in a low voice, tears glittering in his eyes.


Jiang Chen knows how excruciating this kind of pain is. He has challenged Kuang Tianheng seven times, and it has already explained everything. He wants to change and cheer himself up, but no one can understand the loss of his love.


Chen Dianya and Chen Yingying stand in the distance, and they can feel the sadness in Long Shisan‘s heart.


“Since Yibai has been rescued by you, then she doesn’t want to see you as you are now. Otherwise, she will blame herself more than you. You should know that.”


Jiang Chen said solemnly.


Long Shisan looked at Big Brother, hesitating to say anything.


“Yeah, I’m sad, but I overlooked something. She must blame herself more than me. Brother, I see.”


Long Shisan was invigorated, and his eyes became much clearer.


“That’s good, this is my good brother!”


Jiang Chen patted Long Shisan on the shoulder, the two of them heavily nodded, thinking so much, no need to say more.


“By the way, brother, where are you going? Is there any news about Feng’er?”


Long Shisan asked.


“Yes, but… it’s killing the gods.”


Jiang Chen smiled wryly.


“God-killing Stream? That’s a hellish place, a place of death that no one wants to set foot on. Is Feng’er really there?”


Long Shisan said in shock.


“I don’t know, but I won’t let go of any a slim chance of survival. Killing God is my only hope.”


Jiang Chen gaze is far away, corner of the mouth is full of dignified, this time, I don’t know if it is life or death, killing the gods, it is the death of the eternal night star, no one wants to go to this place.


“I’ll go with you, big brother, there is news from Feng’er, and I’m also happy in my heart. Now that we’re gone, our brothers can fight side by side again.”


Long Shisan swept away the haze before, he didn’t want to worry about the big brother, nor did he want Mu Yibai to worry.


“Alright, let’s work together as brothers, and once again enter the enemy’s line, death is not necessarily the place of death.”


Jiang Chen laughed, more joy in his eyes.


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