Douluo Dalu 5 – Rebirth Of Tang San: Introduction


In the vast expanse of space, a small spot of light is floating in the air.

It was a point of light that would not attract attention at all, as if it was between reality and nothingness.

But in such a spot of light, there is a conscious existence, or divine consciousness.

Because only the consciousness can drift in the universe without being annihilated. Even, it is still chasing and searching in one direction.

He silently felt, felt the faint traction.

When his wife died, his spiritual consciousness dissipated, and only by reincarnation can he have the possibility of reappearing in the world.

In this world, there is no regret medicine to take. Even if he is a **** king, he can reverse time for a short time, but he can’t really reverse everything.

He has no other choice, all he can choose is to look for her. Even if you give up tens of thousands of years of cultivation, give up the identity of that generation of **** king.

Because, there is nothing more important than her. If she is gone, so what if she is the king of the universe? Without her, everything would be meaningless.

The perception is clear, at least he thinks so when he chooses to die for love and only retains a little consciousness to find his wife. He believed that he would be able to find the world where his wife was reincarnated and reborn.

What kept coming to mind was the past, from the first time they met to the moment when she left.

All of this is so unforgettable, even tens of thousands of years have not worn away.

Wait for me, Xiao Wu!

Here I come.

Even if you are reincarnated, you can no longer retain your previous memories, but I still want to find you.

Your Tang San was reborn for you.


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