Douluo Dalu 5 – Rebirth Of Tang San Chapter 205: Golden Wood


The next dozen or so items in the auction are all kinds of weapons and equipment, and they all seem to be very well-made. But in Tang San’s view, they can all be described as shoddy, a waste of materials.

There are quite a few very good materials among them, but because the forging itself adds a lot of value to them, and these metals are not as rare as Skyfire refined iron, it is impossible to buy them, Tang San naturally will not bid .

Among them, a big sword with three attribute bonuses caused a lot of excitement in the auction, and was finally sold at a high price of 1,200 elemental coins. Among the three attributes, the most powerful one is Demon Breaking. It can break through the defense of almost all elemental attributes. Very tough. .

The materials used are also extremely precious, there are two major metals, magic silver and fine gold, but in Tang San’s view, the ratio of forging is somewhat problematic, and the effect of the material itself has not been fully exerted. And the magic circle attached to this big sword still looks like that. According to the introduction of the reason, it was forged by the great power of the ancestral court. It used to be the weapon of the god-level powerhouse.

The price of 1,200 elemental coins is not high for this great sword. But even if it is converted into Tianyu Coins, it is still one hundred and twenty coins. There are not many people who can come up with such wealth.

The purple gold coin, the highest level currency of the Monster Clan Tianyu Empire, will almost never appear on the market. The purple gold coin is also called the blood melting pot. It is not accurate to say that it is currency.

Looking at the great sword that was auctioned at a high price, Tang San was actually a little jealous. If he had enough money, he would be willing to spend so much money to auction it off. If this great sword falls into his hands, of course he will not use it directly, but will remelt the great sword, restore it to its original metal, and use it for other purposes.

The two metals, magic silver and fine gold, are extremely precious in themselves, but the most precious thing about them is not that they are directly used to make equipment, but that they can be turned into gold. Adding a little bit of either of these metals to some other metal can go a long way, allowing its properties to explode. It is even more powerful and effective than weapons made simply from magic silver and fine gold. In Tang San’s eyes, these two metals are like monosodium glutamate in cooking, specially used as a primer and medium when refining alloys.

It’s a pity that they don’t have that much money, so naturally they can’t afford this priceless sword.

The more Tang San understands this world, the more Tang San discovers some problems in this world with its huge resources. The roughness of forging is inversely proportional to the huge resources of this world, and the research on magic circles is also very crude. And these problems, in turn, are all Tang San’s own opportunities.

The following auctions are also full of excitement. The monsters are obviously extremely eager for weapons and equipment, especially those with high quality and powerful attributes. Observation shows that monsters prefer weapons, even for equipment of the same quality, the price of weapons is obviously higher than that of armor, which should be related to their more willing to attack.

Tang San and the mayor teacher didn’t make any more moves. Originally, their purpose of participating in the auction today was not weapons and equipment. It’s the natural treasures behind.

The auction of weapons and equipment lasted for nearly two hours, and more than forty pieces of high-quality equipment were auctioned. The Sky Breaking Hammer was undoubtedly missed by Tang San. He definitely wanted to recast this hammer, but he didn’t plan to split it as a material.

The characteristics of Tianhuo refined iron are different from those of magic silver and pure gold. The larger the volume of Tianhuo Refined Iron, the greater its effect. It’s just that in Tang San’s hands, he had to recast it, and then added a magic circle suitable for Tianhuo Refined Iron, so as to fully exert its effect.

The red fox girl Yuanxin continued to preside over the auction, she looked towards the stands with a smile on her face, and said: “The auction that will be held next will be some precious materials and spiritual fruits that we have collected in the past few months. , Spirit Vegetables. Friends who missed the previous weapons and equipment, don’t miss these good things again. As far as I know, some of these precious items are very rare even in big auctions. Next, let’s Please take the first one.”

When it was talking, the cart had already been pushed into the Colosseum. The cart was not big, and it was covered with a red cloth.

When it was pushed to the side of Yuanxin, Yuanxin smiled and said: “Let me introduce this lot next. Or, let everyone take a look first. I think, I am afraid that you can recognize this lot , should be rare.”

While speaking, it shook its hand suddenly, and tore the red cloth away, revealing the lot inside.

It was a huge tray covered by a transparent cover, and there were strange objects placed on the tray.

These items look very strange, they are a bit like tree branches, lying irregularly on the tray. What is strange is that the branch exudes a light golden luster. Although the stands are far from the center of the Colosseum, the bright golden light can still be seen very clearly.

This golden brilliance fully demonstrates its extraordinary. But as the red fox girl said, there are not many bidders who know this thing. For a while, there was already a lot of discussion in the stands.

Reason smiled and said: “If this lot is placed on the Sun Empire, there must be many strong spirit monsters who know it. Because it is actually more meaningful to the spirit tribe. This is The stump left by a god-level demon king of the Richen Empire when he fell. This demon king was cultivated from an ancient tree and has golden blood. The stump left by him is called the golden wood .It is a divine material. Even if you just carry it with you, you will be nurtured by that trace of divinity. It will help the ninth-level powerhouse to break through to the **** level. Although it is only a stump rather than a trunk , but here is as much as 68 kilograms. It is priceless. The starting price is 100 elemental coins, and the price increases by 10 pieces each time. Now start the auction.”

Golden wood!

For the two races of goblins the status of the golden blood is beyond doubt. This is recognized by all races. However, when this pile of golden wood began to bid, it was a rare silence. It was also the first cold session of today’s big auction.

No one raises a sign!

Tang San looked at the somewhat awkward atmosphere in the arena in surprise, and asked Zhang Haoxuan beside him in a low voice: “Teacher, why is no one participating in the auction?”

Zhang Haoxuan said: “This thing is just good-looking, why do you have to raise a card? The golden wood is useless at all, and the divinity it does is at most symbolic. Whether it is a monster or a spirit, it does not matter at all. Believe in these. They believe in breaking through directly with their own strength. Golden wood is very rare on the side of the monsters, but it can often be seen on the side of the spirit monsters. It will also receive some attention. These golden woods are obviously branches, and they have little effect except for decoration.”

After listening to his narration, the corners of Tang San’s mouth couldn’t help twitching. What is violence? He understood. He was really glad that he followed his teacher to participate in this auction this time. Whether it’s monsters or spirits, it’s just…

He doesn’t know how to describe it anymore. Gold wood is useless?


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