Douluo Dalu 4 : Ultimate Fighting Chapter 1752: Gods to die



When the fire Dragon King was torn to pieces again, the period, the bright Dragon King cannot help, turned to the other races God King who were watching the game from afar and also trembling for help.


High Lord must be prevented, so that High Lord will wake up, otherwise, everyone will die. Please help us and resist the power of High Lord together.”


Among the other eight God Kings, three are human, and the other five are of different races. After hearing the words, he only hesitated for a moment before rushing over.


God Realm is all foundation of God(s), especially for their God King. Although they have reached God King realm in cultivation base, they are qualified to establish their own God Realm. However, the construction of such a stable God Realm in the Shenlong realm does not know how much resources and long years have been spent on Dragon Clan. Only here can they have a more stable life, and they are also used to it. What’s more, even if they can leave God Realm temporarily, their people can’t! God(s) and at present of the same family can only live in God Realm.


So, these eight God Kings are still take actions.


For a while, more than a dozen God King besieged Dragon God at the same time, against the terrifying formidable Dragon God.


Even under situation, the similar to father and son teamed up, Dragon God was finally hit hard before. With the cooperation of more than a dozen God Kings, it was finally suppressed.


However, Dragon God has really entered a state of madness, and when he was suppressed, he started desperately.


The desperation of a Supreme God king is really terrifying. He forcibly withstood the attack of the digital God King and shredded the fire Dragon King again. Yes, he specifically found his own people to start. Because in in his‘s subconscious mind, it was his own tribe who killed his own son, making him lose his last hope.


The top ten Dragon King, including the Prince Dragon Clan, have already to die a full five! There are only five Dragon Kings left. In this period, originally still have some reservations, the other eight God King no longer dare to have any reservations, make an all-out effort‘s hands-on attack, trying to stop Dragon God.


Dragon God‘s recovery ability is extremely amazing, even under the situation, which is injured by the injury, it is still fighting wildly. The blood on his body seemed to be drained, but unceasingly still hit the opponent hard.


Soon, there are four more God King to die, two are Dragon King, and two are other God King.


Eighteen God King, to this period, only half is left. The strength shown by Dragon God is really terrifying.


In such a fierce battle, in addition to the grief outside, Lan Xuanyu also deeply felt for the first time how terrifying the inheritance that Dragon God gave itself. The power of Dragon God bloodline was applied to the peak by this crazy Dragon God. If it were not for serious injuries, I am afraid that the eighteen God King teamed up would not be Dragon God opponents.


But after killing several God Kings, Dragon God finally has a somewhat exhausted change. At this time, the Shenlong realm was already in a mess because of the unsuccessful **** star. There are traces of ruin everywhere, and the feedback that can give him the king of Supreme God is reduced to minimum. He has been retreating under the attack of unceasingly.


The power of Dragon God bloodline is indeed extremely terrifying. The attributes of release on Dragon God are no longer as simple as one by one‘s simple attribute stacking, but are a fusion of genuine meanings. That is the power of a very clear law, in the period of the law, all God King will be suppressed by him. This is why he can still kill God King continuously under the severely damaged situation.


The remaining light Dragon King, dark Dragon King, and water Dragon King in the “boom”. Finally, they worked together to push the Dragon God down on the broken altar. In this short period of time, there was another God King to die of Dragon Clan outside. The remaining God King has only eight digits.


High Lord, please wake up.” Shui Dragon King cried out sadly.


At this time, Dragon God‘s body was already broken and bruised all over. aura also fell to the stage of ordinary God King. The blood in his eyes began to become a little dim. He was really injured too badly, too badly.


The other five God King, at this time, are also grim/dignified. With so many God King powers concentrated, almost was completely wiped out by Dragon God. This is still under the situation that Dragon God was hit by such a backlash. So, what if he is full strength? I can’t imagine it.


Dragon God can’t wake up. What about at present?” a non-Dragon Clan or mankind’s God King said in a deep voice.


Yes, after fighting for so long and killing so many God King, Dragon God doesn’t mean to be sober.


Guangming Dragon King said in a deep voice: “High Lord will definitely wake up.”


A God King, who was covered in black robes, came from mankind’s God King and said in a deep voice: “Even if Dragon God comes to see it soberly, I’m afraid it will be crazy again. He personally killed six of you. I’m afraid he is sober. It’s only more painful to come here.”


The light Dragon King, the dark Dragon King, and the water Dragon King‘s body are all shocked, yes! If Dragon God awakening comes over. So, after killing so many tribesmen, it can be said that they are his children-like tribesmen. What will happen to him?


The God King who spoke first said in a deep voice: “I’m afraid, we have to make a decision.”


What he said about the decision is understood by all God King in immediately. Killing Dragon God, only killing Dragon God can solve the biggest trouble.


This battle is really too tragic. For the whole Dragon Realm, it is almost irreparable.


Fresh star evolution backlash, so that whole God Realm at present has become dilapidated. Not only did it not evolve, but significantly was decayed instead. And eighteen God King, ten have already died. These are the top fighting strength! Seven of the top ten God King‘s to die are from Dragon Clan, and the blow to Dragon Clan must be huge.


at present none of them dare to say what kind of situation will happen after Dragon God wakes up. Once Dragon God wakes up and then falls into madness, who can withstand his power? Even under the severe situation in front of him, his body is still slowly healing. As the king of Supreme God, his recovery ability is too strong.


Killing Dragon God, the remaining eight God Kings clean up the mess and can at least barely defend God Realm. Let God Realm slowly recover. However, they will no longer have the exist(ence) of the Supreme God king, and God Realm will inevitably decline a big realm. However, even so, it will be crazy again than Dragon God, so that whole God Realm will be destroyed with it!


That’s why the God King has such words. Obviously, this sentence is also aimed at the three Dragon King.


mankind’s three God King are silent. Of course they all understand that this is the most sensible choice. However, Dragon God created the Shenlong realm, which is equivalent to all God(s) in whole God Realm bearing his favor. Start with Dragon God, who can easily do it? Even if he has already killed the top ten God King.


What to do? What should at present do?


“No, no. No. High Lord will get better, it will definitely get better.” Shui Dragon King‘s mood collapsed in the next moment suddenly. She held the remnant of Dragon God with her body, body trembling violently.


The light Dragon King and the dark Dragon King looked at each other. They stretched out take action and took each other’s hand.


The two major Dragon Kings were also bruised all over. Under the attack of previously Dragon God, the strongest Bright Dragon King also suffered the most.


Guangming Dragon King’s eyes flashed with peaceful radiance, “Everyone, we Dragon Clan prospered because of High Lord. As Dragon King, everything is given by High Lord. Everything we do is not just to make Dragon Clan To become better, and more importantly, exist(ence) for High Lord. Without High Lord, there would be no where we are today. Not to mention the achievement of God King, even longevity is already exhausted. Everything we have is given by High Lord, our top ten Dragon King are all like this. So, even if High Lord wants to take our lives back, we will die without regret. Therefore, we can not let High Lord kill trying hard. However, we will never kill him. If you want to treat us High Lord take action, then, we must first step over our corpses.”


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