Deviant Immortal of Uncanny Dao Chapter 732: Dahetian


“Huh” The breeze gently blows across the withered yellow grass, curling a few dry grass leaves.

The sky is overcast at the moment, and the clouds like lead are also very low, just like Li Huowang’s mood at the moment.

After these days of hard work, he has arrived at Qingqiu, but is it really Qingqiu?

The green silk-like blanket of the past is gone, replaced by dry yellow grass that is crumbling here and there.

This situation is even worse than what he was in before. If the grass was just turning yellow before, the grassland now seems to be dying, and he couldn’t help but feel a little worried about Sun Baolu.

However, compared to Qingqiu, Li Huowang’s own troubles have not been resolved yet, and he hasn’t had the time to care about what’s going on. “

Following Li Huowang’s legs clamped lightly towards the horse’s belly, the handsome horse with the talisman on it rode towards the distant city.

That is the city of Qingqiu. What is its name? Li Huowang remembered someone told him once, but he doesn’t remember it now. The only thing he remembers is the road full of cow dung and sheep dung.

Although the Khan of Qingqiu went to conquer the battlefield himself, it is obvious that there are still people in charge in this city full of livestock.

Li Huowang had just entered the city gate when several Qingqiu cavalrymen staring at Gao Honghat blocked his way.

He didn’t open his mouth, and a deep voice came from the cavalry’s abdomen. “Where are you from? Where are you going?”

Li Huowang took out the waist card of Sitianjian of Daliang and threw it over, then pointed his finger at the majestic temple in the distance. “I have something to do with the master of your bardo temple.”

While these cavalrymen were carefully examining the badges thrown by Li Huowang, the surrounding Qingqiu people made way one after another, prostrating themselves on the ground.

Soon two rows of lamas clad in black leather jackets clasped their hands together, walked slowly in front of them, and came to Li Huowang.

They are obviously from Qingqiu, with dark skin and thin bodies, but they are all old without exception, and they are all the kind of old people with age spots or wrinkles on their faces, who are almost dead.

When Li Huowang was in Qingqiu, he met this kind of lama once. It seems that the bardo temple knew his identity and sent someone to pick him up.

They didn’t speak, and after bowing to Li Huowang, they turned and walked towards the steeple bardo temple.

Li Huowang took a look, he had already dismounted, not daring to see any presumptuous cavalry, he turned around and followed the lamas.

A tentacle protruded from his red priestly robe, forcibly snatching the waist card back from the cavalryman’s hand.

Li Huowang followed behind these old lamas, walked through a large number of herdsmen kneeling and kneeling towards the bardo temple, and walked along the stairs towards the inside.

Although the appearance of the bardo temple looks very majestic and solemn, the inside is very empty, and there are no redundant Buddha statues, but more of various leather murals and various pointed pagodas.

The contents of these leather murals are all kinds of strange things, and there are all kinds of paintings. It seems to have something to do with the myth of Changshengtian.

However, Li Huowang did not forget what he was here for. He asked the old lama who was leading the way: “I am looking for you masters this time, and I want to ask you for your help.”

The lamas did not speak, as if they knew something long ago, they continued to lead Li Huowang into the temple, passed through the lively debate field, and finally stopped at the house in the deepest part of the bardo temple.

The old lama spoke towards the inside, and there were voices in the room responding, but they all spoke Qingqiu dialect, and Li Huowang didn’t understand a word at all.

But soon, Li Huowang understood again. “Li…Realist, long…respect…your name.” Following the extremely weak voice, the dark temple door slowly opened, revealing the dark layout inside.

When Li Huowang just walked in, he saw several mummified corpses wearing cockscomb hats hanging from the necks by ropes and hanging on the beams in the house.

Although their faces look like skeletons wrapped in skin, judging from the gorgeous monk robes and various delicate bone ornaments on their bodies, the status of these mummies is in the bardo temple. very high.

Not only is the house not smelly, but it is also filled with all kinds of greasy fragrances.

Li Huowang looked up at these things, regardless of whether these things were dead or alive, and said straight to the point: “Since you know me, let me make a long story short. I have a chronic illness today, and now I need a prescription from Fengdu. Help, I have a junior brother who said, you seem to be quite familiar with that place, so please take me to Fengdu.”

Feng is the site of death Siming Kui, as long as he has a relationship with Siming, it will be troublesome, and if he is not familiar with the place, Li Huowang has no intention of putting himself in danger. “

He had already confronted the Lion Dance Palace once before, and he didn’t want to do it again.

Since the Bardo Temple worships death itself, and since the Yin Temple is now working with them to deal with the Dharma, there is no reason for me not to want their help.

As soon as he finished speaking, Li Huowang saw a mummy on the left, which was shaking slightly from left to right with a creaking sound.

“No? None of this works?”

“That’s right, Master Li, do you know that Feng is not a living Kali?” There seemed to be some words that Li Huowang couldn’t understand in his words.

“Of course I know, I won’t come back to ask you for help if I want to find a living person.”!

“It’s easy to go to Fengdu, but if I go, I’m afraid I won’t be able to get out forever.”

“I can’t, my friend has been there before, it’s not as mysterious as you said, just pick me up with the wheel.”

Li Huowang can remember that at first, Child Yang went in in a muddleheaded way, but he finally came out with all his tail.

Although he has Hongzhong’s help, is it possible that the current self is no better than a brat in this matter?

“Li Daochang, today is different from the past, we say this for your own good, go back.”

Hearing this Li Huowang frowned, “Why is it different from the past? Has anything happened to Feng during this period of time?”

“Daheitian moved. It should have died forever at the bottom of the green hill. It shouldn’t have moved.” Another mummy spoke.

“What did you say?” Hearing these words, Li Huowang felt a little uneasy in his heart. The Daheitian he was talking about was probably the chief couch of death.

“Generation after generation, we have stood in Qingqiu to offer sacrifices to people and animals, to give to the heart, to the body, and to the emptiness, just to make Mahakala feel at ease.”

“Perhaps it’s his fate. Today’s Dahetian, he left his previous position.”

“Then after the Daheitian you mentioned left his position, what does it have to do with Feng?”

He came here in a hurry along the way, if he didn’t say anything and just went back, then Li Huowang would not be reconciled.

“No, Master Li, you don’t understand, Da Hei Tian is the wrathful form of Da Zi Zai Tian, ​​every time he moves a finger, a whole village will die, every step he takes will kill a whole town, Every time he moves a foot, a city will die. “



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