Cosmic Professional Gladiator Chapter 44:



Blue Star, Xu Jingming’s house, in the evening.


The irrigation system in the courtyard is sprayed with water mist, covering the lawn. Xu Jingming and Li Miaomiao are playing with their daughter Xu Lixing. Although Xu Lixing is petite, he has extraordinary physical fitness. On the steps of the fountain in the courtyard bouncing.


Two steps in one jump, quickly jumping to the top, then jumping straight down completely. Then jump up slowly. “Baby, aren’t you too tired?” Li Miaomiao asked helplessly.


“I’m not tired.” Xu Lixing became more and more energetic as he danced. Now it’s late July, and even in the evening, the temperature is over 30 degrees. Xu Lixing is sweating all over his body, but he still dances vigorously.


“She’s crazy.” Li Miaomiao said helplessly to Xu Jingming, “I’m usually not so crazy. You came out to play with her today, and she was obviously more excited.”


Xu Jingming couldn’t help but smile when he saw his daughter jumping and said softly: “I have too little time to spend with our daughter. In the future, I have to come out often to accompany you and our daughter”


“Your business is more important.” Li Miaomiao said.


“Fortunately, the time has not been so tight recently.” Xu Jingming said, “and the evolutionary path also requires proper rest, and you can’t keep your nerves tense.” Comprehend “Light” and strive to cultivate to the source life, this is not overnight It can be done, it will take a long time. For such a long time, of course, a proper rest is necessary.


Li Miaomiao couldn’t help but her eyes lit up when she heard it, and she was very happy: “Okay, if you spend more time with your daughter, her daughter will definitely be happy.” “Dad, I jumped a hundred times in a row.” Xu Lixing ran over excitedly, ” Awesome,”


Seeing her daughter whose hair was completely sweaty, Xu Jingming hugged him directly: “It’s amazing, our daughter will become a powerful evolutionary in the future.””Well.”


Xu Lixing snorted happily.


Accompanying his family to the night, Xu Jingming also went online again and entered the world of subduing demons.


“Let’s start refining and patrolling the city to use Old Demons.” Xu Jingming was in very good condition at the moment, full of fighting spirit, he took out the jade bottle in his arms and uncorked it. “This is the first Old Demon that I entered into the world of demons and refined.” Xu Jingming opened his mouth and took a breath.


The magic power of Fu contained the wisp of the demonic energy in the jade bottle and entered Xu Jingming’s mouth. As soon as he entered, this obsession was immediately integrated into Xu Jingming’s spiritual consciousness, and there was a memory in Xu Haoming’s consciousness.


Zhang Xiu is a native of Cheng’an Prefecture.


His father was a leader of the ‘Sanshui Gang’ in Fucheng. When Zhang Xiu was a child, Zhang’s father and Zhang’s mother were very fond of their children, and they did not worry about food and clothing. From the age of six, Zhang Xiu had to learn martial arts !


Learning martial arts is very hard.


In the beginning, Zhang Xiu was still a little spiritual, and she made rapid progress. Her father praised her, and her mother loved her even more.


But gradually, the martial arts stagnated, making it difficult to progress. No matter how hard she practiced, she didn’t gain anything, and Zhang Xiu didn’t want to practice anymore. The father scolded and the mother scolded, forcing Zhang Xiu to practice martial arts, but the effect of forcing was very poor.


Angrily, scolding, and even whipping, Zhang Xiu just ignored her. Finally, the father and mother were completely disappointed, and they only focused on the third child.


Father Zhang has a total of three sons and three daughters, all of whom practice martial arts, but only the third child who is talented and can endure hardship! Father and mother are devoted to training the third child. The other sons and daughters don’t care much.


Zhang Xiu was a little disappointed. He envied his third brother being favored by his parents, but on the other hand, he also felt relieved that no one would care about him, he was free. At the age of sixteen, his father asked him to work in the Sanshui Gang.


In the gang, he suffered a lot, and saw the horror of human hearts! Only then did he really understand his father’s painstaking efforts! In this world, the entry of martial arts… everything will go smoothly. Whether it is entering the government or gangs, it will be reused.


And an ordinary person, it’s too difficult in a gang.


After his father died due to a gang conflict, Zhang Xiu’s life in the gang was even more difficult! Before others, others looked at his father’s face, so he was more restrained. Now, he has completely stepped on the soles of his feet and into the cesspool!


After going through all this, Zhang Xiu has changed, his head is sharpened and he climbs up! He wants to be a top man! He doesn’t want to be trampled under his feet again!


At the age of thirty-two, he also became a mid-level gang leader, and later lost his life while escorting a cargo.


“I haven’t climbed to the top, I’m not stronger than my third brother, I’m not reconciled, but who would have thought that I would become a devil after death.” Zhang Xiu laughed, “Becoming a devil, It’s really fun.


“My third brother, shivering in front of me, has never been so respectful before, I ate him in one bite.””The high-ranking helper knelt down in front of me, willing to be a servant, but I was Slap him to death!”


Zhang Xiu looked at Xu Jingming, “I became an old demon, and even took the initiative to serve as a city patrol! In the entire city, how many big families and how many gangs have to look at my face, have to compliment me, and obey my orders. “


“In the entire Cheng’an Prefecture, the Qinghu Demon God is my best friend, and even many demons respect me.”


“Hahaha, being on the top, watching those people kneeling in front of me feels so good, so good.” Zhang Xiu said, “Mr. Wu Ming, isn’t the feeling of power very good? The feeling of standing out, Isn’t it cool?”


Xu Jingming looked at him and said after a long time, “But you have become a devil.” “What if you become a devil?”


Zhang Xiu excitedly said, “As long as you are high above and have power, let all beings kneel before me… Become a demon? I’m happy instead.” “People, it’s right to have power.” Xu Jingming looked at him, “but you can’t. Blinded by power.” “Blinded? No, I’m fine! It feels good to be a demon.” Zhang Xiu said. Xu Jingming shook his head: “When you became the devil, the first person you looked for was your third brother!”


“Yes, so what if he is successful in martial arts? He shivered in front of me, and I ate him in one bite.” Zhang Xiu’s eyes were full of madness.


“You are envious and jealous of him, don’t deny it.” Xu Jingming said, “I saw your memory, when your father and mother stopped caring about you and focused on cultivating your third brother, you were very disappointed, and envied and envied your third brother. Brother.” Zhang Xiu was taken aback.


“You entered the gang. Although you suffered a lot, your father took care of you in the photo.” Xu Jingming said, “You yourself later became aware of this! After your father died, you fell into the gang and took refuge.”


Zhang Xiu was silent.


“That’s why you got ahead and went to your father’s grave to get drunk as soon as possible. In your heart, you really want your father to be alive and see your success one day.” Xu Jingming said, “You really want to be in your father’s place. Prove yourself in front of you.”


Zhang Xiu nodded lightly: “I admit, I want him to see that I’m ahead, that I’m much better than the third! I like the taste of standing out! I like the taste of being at the top!” “Don’t be fooled by the red dust Mind, think about it carefully, what do you want in your heart?” Xu Jingming said.


“Would you like to exchange the carefree life that your father approves and the mother’s favor with you as a devil?” Xu Jingming asked, “Ask your heart, are you willing to exchange it?” ?”


Zhang Xiu was taken aback.


Father’s praise, mother’s love, carefree life? What a long memory that was the best day, father sheltered from the ups and downs, and cared for himself together with mother. “You should understand what your heart really desires.” Xu Jingming said.


Zhang Xiu’s obsession is shaking. He understands that what he desires most is not power, but his father’s praise for his mother’s favor, a happy and carefree day. The inner denial of the obsession, the obsession began to collapse.


Zhang Xiu murmured: “Since when did I only want to stand out in my heart? Only to step on the top of the crowd?” “I, I also ate my third brother, yes, I was controlled by obsession, I became a demon. Zhang Xiu suddenly woke up at this moment. The whole person seemed to wake up from a dream.


“Grasp your heart.” Xu Jingming looked at him, “Don’t be controlled by **, become its puppet.” “Thank you.” Zhang Xiu said softly, “But I can’t go back to the past. “His obsession collapsed. Xu Jingming, who was cross-legged on the bed, opened his eyes, feeling very complicated.


“** is the driving force for people’s struggle, and even the driving force for human struggle.” Xu Jingming said, “But if it is not controlled by the **, but controlled by the **… it will be terrible.”” Xu Jingming said silently. The person who controls the **** is a human. The person who is controlled by the **** is the devil.


In terms of mental health, Xu Jingming’s cognition is also clearer, more deeply imprinted in his consciousness, and his spiritual consciousness is naturally stronger. “Squeak.”


Xu Jingming got up and opened the door, the sky was already bright, and there was already a hint of red light in the eastern sky. ★****


East of Fucheng, a towering mountain more than 800 miles away.


“Master, master.” An old woman turned into mist and flew into a pavilion. Inside the pavilion, a woman in red was painting leisurely. “Master.” After the old woman fell, she respectfully saluted.


“What’s the hurry?” The woman in red looked at the old woman.


“The city tour envoy Zhang Xiu is dead.” The old woman said, respectfully handing a roll of paper to the woman in red. Huh?


The red-clothed woman’s face changed slightly, she took the rolled up paper, unfolded it slowly, and frowned slightly when she saw it, “Wu Ming, the demon subduing man? Where did the newcomer come from, so ruthless?” “Master, how can we Is it okay?” the old woman asked.


“Zhang Xiu is also diligent in his work.” The woman in red shook her head, “But the demon-buster Wu Ming and the head of the Qi family “Qi Chen” seem to have an unusual relationship. After Qi Chen arrived, Zhang Xiu was killed.”” Mmmm.” The old woman nodded, “they are like brothers, and they have an unusual relationship.”


“Fucheng is the world of demon-busters.” The woman in red said leisurely, “For a dead Zhang Xiu, it’s not worth the risk.” “Forget it?” the old woman asked.


“Doesn’t Zhang Xiu have many friends? Spread the news to the other demon gods and all the messengers.” The woman in red said. The old woman asked, “Do you want to report to the mountain master?”


“The owner of the mountain has always been responsible for managing trivial matters, and I leave all the affairs of the government to me.” The woman in red said, “Why would he care about the life and death of a city patrol?” The old woman nodded slightly: “I understand.”


The owner of the house is the blood-robed demon **** among the five demon gods, and the real manager of Dongming Mountain!


The news was quickly spread to many old demons, but “Wu Ming, the demon subduing man”, was more capable than Zhang Xiu, and he had an unusual relationship with the head of the Qi clan, and now he still lives in the palace. These Old Demons are reluctant to take risks.


After fighting for so many years, the demons only occupy half of the world! In the city where the demons gather, the demons need to be cautious. “Huahuahua~~Cheng’an House, Qinghu Lake is rippling.


Qinghu is more than 100 miles wide, and there are hundreds of thousands of people living in Qinghu. In this area, the most prestigious name is not the government, not the devil, but the owner of Qinghu, the Qinghu Demon God’!


“My brother Zhang Xiu died?” Qinghu Demon God’s eyes were cold, with a birthmark on his face, and he looked at the letter in his hand with some anger. “Master Demon God?” The subordinate who sent the letter was a little puzzled. “You go down first.” Qinghu Demon God waved his hand, he sat alone in the hall, staring at the letter.


“Brother Zhang Xiu is my best friend and dares to kill him, that is to slap me in the face.” Qinghu Demon God has killing intent in his eyes, “This demon master Wu Ming should be killed!” Qinghu Demon God is fierce, but It was still very calm, “These demon subduing people are very cunning, maybe they will set up traps and wait for me to drill.” Over the years, the battle with demon subduing people has also made Qinghu Demon God much more cautious.


“In addition, he has an unusual relationship with the Qi clan leader, and it is entirely possible to mobilize a master to ambush.” ​​Qinghu Demon God pondered, “But… this subdued person Wu Ming, if he does not kill, I will not be happy!” Qinghu Demon God Strong killing intent.


“If they lie in ambush, they will be very patient at first, but the more they go on, those masters will not be able to keep guarding.” Qinghu Demon God pondered, “Well, I will wait for more than three months before going. Do it.”


“I don’t believe it. After more than three months, the demon demons are still in ambush!”


The more I think about it, the smarter I feel, “After more than three months, I won’t be able to enter Wu Ming’s residence! I have to wait for him to come out, and when he is outside, I will choose the location and timing of the shot. “


Once you make a move, within ten breaths, get rid of Wu Ming, the demon-buster. “


“Then with the help of the water movement technique, I quietly left the city.” Qinghu Demon God was very satisfied, “My plan is very good, there should be no flaws.” That’s it!” Qinghu Demon God made a decision.– One day has passed.


“The city patrol envoy Zhang Xiu also said that he has many Qinghu Demon God is his best friend, but unfortunately, these old demons seem to be unwilling to avenge him.” Qi Chen, the patriarch who has been waiting for the opportunity , sitting in a reclining chair and reading a book boredly, “It seems that I have waited for nothing.”


Patriarch Qi Chen was also very helpless. If the Old Demons didn’t come, he couldn’t force it. —In Xu Jingming’s house. “Chi Chi Chi.’


A ray of the sun’s rays converged from all directions, making the roof tiles dazzling with golden light. The power of the sun penetrated the bricks and tiles into the house and fell into Xu Jingming, who was sitting cross-legged on the bed.


The continuous power of the sun is constantly being absorbed into the body, causing the magic power in the body to constantly transform. Wu Qi silently guarded outside the house, not letting anyone approach to disturb the young master. After half an hour. Squeak.


Xu Jingming pushed the door and walked out.


“Master.” Wu Qi said with joy, “”Your magic subduing technique seems to have improved?””Well, it has improved a bit. “Xu Jingming nodded.


Finally reached the fourth realm.


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