Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3869: Nine Swords One Hundred Overlapping Swords (2)


p;After everyone left, Jian Chen, who was sitting cross-legged on the ground, slowly opened his eyes. He looked at the empty scene around him and couldn’t help but shake his head.

Soon his eyes fell on the corpses of the two Supreme Elders from Xianyumen. After a slight hesitation, he put away their corpses with some disgust.

I have just stepped into the Immortal Emperor realm late-stage, and even if I use it as nourishment for Devouring Immortal Monster Flower, it is still not qualified.

After setting foot in the Immortal Venerable realm, the immortal corpses at the Immortal Emperor realm have little effect on Devouring Immortal Monster Flower.

Next, Jian Chen began to concentrate on understanding the secrets of Way of Sword on stone tablet. Jian Chen did not care at all whether the departing immortals would spread the story of own killing Xianyumen Supreme Elder.

Because MoHeaven has been closed, it is impossible for outsiders to get in. As long as some powerhouses in the Immortal Venerable realm late-stage don’t appear, even if he can’t defeat the other powerhouses, he can still walk away calmly.

Furthermore, he has the mask of the Illusory Demon Clan and the Escape Divine Armor. He can disguise himself as various identities while wandering in World of Immortals, and he does not have to worry about the search of the Immortal Feather Sect at all.

Jian Chen was focused on nothing, sitting in front of stone tablet for several months.

Now he is not alone here. In addition to him, there is also a Immortal Monarch and a Nine Heavens Profound Immortal realm immortal who have also found this place, sitting on the ground several miles away from Jian Chen, also comprehending the mysteries of stone tablet.

As for those Immortal Monarch who witnessed Jian Chen killing Xianyumen Supreme Elder, they don’t know whether they are worried about the revenge of Jian Chen or they don’t want to be involved in the matter at all karma. They are all tight-lipped about the two Supreme Elder falls/dies of Xianyumen. Not a word was mentioned.

Only Akamata successfully merged with his father, Akamata Immortal Venerable, through the induction of bloodlines.

When he found Chihuo Immortal Venerable, Chihuo Immortal Venerable was still following Xuanling master/monarch, searching for the whereabouts of the Yu Sword Spirit fruit in Mo Heaven.

Akatamada called Chihuo Immortal Venerable aside alone, and truthfully informed falls/dies of the two major Supreme Elders of the Immortal Feather Sect in a very covert manner.

“What did you say? Yang Yutian killed two Supreme Elder from Xianyu Sect?” When hearing the news, Chihuo Immortal Venerable was also shocked, showing expression in disbelief.

“Not only is it Supreme Elder of the Immortal Feather Sect, but judging by the tone of his words, it seems that I will also kill the Immortal Venerable realm Old Ancestor of the Immortal Feather Sect in the future…” Akadamada expression solemnly removed the original Jian Chen The expression and tone of the story were told very truthfully, and not even a small detail was missed.

Because he deeply understands the truth that if this matter is not handled well, Yixian City will fall into a place of eternal disaster.

Chihuo Immortal Venerable‘s complexion suddenly became more solemn than ever. He stood there speechless for a long time, his eyes rays of light also flickered, and he didn’t know what he was thinking.

“Dad, we can’t afford to offend such a person. I think we shouldn’t offend such a terrible enemy just because of a quota for Mo Heaven…” Akadama said with a heavy voice.

hearing that, Chihuo Immortal Venerable takes a deep breath, said to Chiyutian: “Tian’er, my father already knows what to do, you don’t have to worry, my father has lived for so many years, and he knows how to weigh the pros and cons. In this case, the father naturally knows what choices to make.”


In front of stone tablet who recorded the nine secret swords, Jian Chen had entered an ethereal state. Vaguely, his spirit and consciousness seemed to have been completely integrated with stone tablet, and the two were indistinguishable from each other.

In this state, his perception and defense against the outside world have been reduced to a minimum, and he is almost in a completely undefended posture.

However, there are three major Supreme Divine Item guardians on his body. Therefore, although he has entered the state of selflessness, Jian Chen is not worried about own‘s safety at all.

“This move is called – Hundred Overlap Sword!”

Suddenly, as Jian Chen entered the ethereal state, a loud voice suddenly came from the depths of his mind, with an unquestionable and supreme majesty. It resounded throughout the entire soul and even shocked Jian Chen‘s mind. sway.

The next moment, it was as if a bolt of lightning flashed through Jian Chen‘s mind, illuminating the entire world.

I saw that he had appeared in the chaos Chaos In the chaotic void, it is like the heaven and earth are beginning to open, and all things are evolving. There are endless orders and rules intertwined, as if a story is being performed. five colors colorful Great World .

And in this Chaos void, there is a majestic figure suspended in front, illusory and blurry, and cannot be seen clearly. It exudes an invincible power that stretches across all directions and dominates the world.

“Mo Tian Jian (Heavenly Sword)!” Jian Chen was shocked and immediately recognized the true identity of this illusory figure. After all, it was someone who had seen Mo Tian Jian (Heavenly Sword) remnant thought, so it was easy to compare.

At this time, Master Mo Tian Jian (Heavenly Sword) held his palm in the air, and saw Great Principles power coming from the sky and earth. In an instant, it condensed into a Divine Sword of brilliant light burning the eyes in his hand. He slowly raised the Divine Sword in his hand. , slashing towards the void in front of him with his sword.

When the sword was slashed out, many sword shadows suddenly appeared, and then all the sword shadows merged into one in an instant.

When the sword shadows merged into one, a terrifying aura suddenly spread out, destroying the heavens, extinguishing the earth, making the Chaos void tremble violently, Great Principles Principle became chaotic, and all kinds of substances melted at this moment. Make a ball of glutinous rice flour.

The power of this sword instantly increased several times, reaching an appalling level.

Mo Tian Jian (Heavenly Sword) himself is an top powerhouse who has reached the Immortal Venerable realm 9-layer. Even his ordinary blow is so powerful that it is unimaginable.

If it were to increase several times on this basis, it would be simply appalling.

“The Hundred Overlapping Sword was not created by me, but by chance in my early years. It took me many years to get started…”

“Every time you stack the swords, the power will be doubled. If you stack the swords a hundred times, you can stack them a hundred times. The power of sword move will also be increased a hundred times…”

“However, I have exhausted all my life’s efforts, and can only stack the Hundred Overlapping Swords to the eighth level…”

“After entering the Immortal Venerable realm 9-layer, only the eighth stack of swords made me as powerful as the Twelve Heavenly Emperors. If it were stacked to a hundred…then…it would be unimaginable…”

Mo Tian Jian (Heavenly Sword)‘s voice, like a bell like a bell, sounded in the void, full of emotion and yearning.

It seems that he is also looking forward to it. If the Hundred Overlap Sword can really be stacked to 100-layer, its power will reach the astonishing level of what kind.

It’s a pity that until falls/dies, he could only practice the eighth overlapping sword!

After evolving into a hundred overlapping swords, the illusory figure of Lord Mo Tian Jian (Heavenly Sword) turned into fragments all over the sky with a “bang”. Each fragment contains the mysterious Great Principles truth, and contains rules and order. various changes.

Jian Chen gathered his mind and immediately tried to understand these Great Principles fragments. However, as soon as his consciousness came into contact with the first Great Principles fragment, he felt dizzy.

The Principle level involved in these Great Principles fragments is really too much than profound. Even with the current Way of Sword level of Jian Chen, it is very difficult to just try to understand a fragment.


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