Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3583: Bailishan


After all, there is still a big gap between two people in realm.

However, Li Shan Immortal Emperor is also not easy, his complexion is getting uglier and more gloomy, and finally a cold killing intent and strong hatred burst out in his eyes.

Although he blocked Jian Chen‘s attack with the divine power of the sky shield, the stronger the attack with the divine power of the sky shield, the more his within the body‘s cultivation level power will be consumed.

Now, under the attack of Jian Chen, which is like a storm, the power loss of Lishan Immortal Emperor‘s cultivation level is far more than expected, which completely violates his original intention.

His original intention was to easily defeat Jian Chen after ten breaths, and in the rest of the time, he could recover himself to his heart’s content.

But I didn’t expect that because of own‘s carelessness, own lost such a huge amount of cultivation level power for no reason, and his complexion turned white with anger.

Li Shan Immortal Emperor almost swallowed a few God level Medicine Pill with a black face, he is still struggling to resist the attack of Jian Chen with the energy of body protection and middle-grade Divine Item Battle Armor on his body.

Soon, ten breaths are over!

Changyang, don’t blame this Emperor next.”

When the time came, Lishan Immortal Emperor seemed to be a fire mountain-like that had been suppressed for a long time, and finally broke out violently at this moment. He looked up to the sky and let out a roar, and a high-grade Divine Item Rank warhammer appeared in his hand, which was too fast to cover his ears The momentum hits Jian Chen.

When the war hammer broke through the sky, burning the eyes‘s rays of light erupted, and between the heaven and the earth, there was a vast and coercive force instantly, releasing a monstrous power that was enough to make 9-layer powerhouse in the Immortal Emperor realm change color.

The hammer of Lishan Immortal Emperor is not an ordinary attack, but in an instant, it unleashes a terrifyingly powerful God level battle skill!

Jian Chen expression was as usual, without the slightest panic, but his gaze became extremely sharp at this moment.

The next moment, his supreme will turned into an invisible sharp blade, instantly cutting off the connection between Lishan Immortal Emperor and God level battle skill.

Suddenly, the monstrous power that made the peak of Immortal Emperor look pale completely faded away. Lishan Immortal Emperor did not hesitate to consume a large amount of God level battle skill used by cultivation level, and finally turned into the most common attack.

“This…what’s going on…”

Li Shan Immortal Emperor expression was stunned, his face was covered with inconceivable‘s expression. His God level battle skill has clearly been successfully used, but the result is inexplicably invalid. This is an anecdote through the ages.

When Lishan Immortal Emperor fell into a daze, Jian Chen did not hesitate for a moment. He saw him move, and calmly dodged the powerful hammer of Lishan Immortal Emperor. Holding Divine Sword, he slashed towards Lishan Immortal Emperor from the air.

When the sword was slashed out, the Divine Sword in his hand disappeared suddenly along with a small half of his arm. He used Shadowless Life-Seizing Sword to penetrate all the defense of Lishan Immortal Emperor, reaching within the body.

Li Shan Immortal Emperor complexion suddenly big change, he only felt a strong sword qi appearing in own within the body without any warning, in front of this sword qi, his five main internal organs of within the body was as fragile as tofu, easily smashed into pieces.


Lishan Immortal Emperor opened its mouth and sprayed blood mist all over the sky, complexion instantly turned white, listless, and looked extremely weak.

The battle he experienced before caused him to have injuries on his body, and he has not yet recovered from completely healed. Now he has received an almost fatal blow from Shadowless Life-Seizing Sword, which made him more injured.

Moreover, the injuries suffered this time were more serious than the sum of the previous two battles.

Because of the previous battle, all the injuries that hit him have been weakened by his body protection energy and Divine Item Battle Armor multiple times, and the final power is no longer as strong as it was at the beginning.

But this time, in the face of Jian Chen‘s weird attack, all his protective methods didn’t work at all, and they appeared directly inside his body.

What made Lishan Immortal Emperor even more frightened was that there was still a fierce sword intent remnant in his within the body, which was madly destroying his flesh body from the inside out, and even had the momentum to drill into his Primordial Spirit.

This immediately frightened Lishan Immortal Emperor Hunfei beyond the heavens, and immediately mobilized the cultivation level power of within the body with all his strength, and began to clear the sword qi left in own within the body.


Suddenly, there was another loud bang. When Lishan Immortal Emperor was busy suppressing within the body‘s sword qi, Jian Chen held Divine Sword and slashed Lishan Immortal Emperor‘s chest with a sword.

With this sword, he easily broke the divine power of Lishan Immortal Emperor‘s sky shield, and slashed heavily on Divine Item Battle Armor, leaving a deep sword mark on it. The powerful force knocked Lishan Immortal Emperor far away fly.

But before he landed on the ground, Jian Chen instantly appeared on his behind through Space Principle, and immediately stabbed out with a sword, hitting the back of Lishan Immortal Emperor with tremendous force, knocking Lishan Immortal Emperor‘s body into the air again .

Lishan Immortal Emperor, who was severely injured by Shadowless Life-Seizing Sword, seemed to have been cut off from all his strength. At this moment, facing Jian Chen‘s attack, he seemed a little powerless and could only be beaten passively.


When Jian Chen‘s third sword stabbed out, the middle-grade Divine Item Battle Armor on Lishan Immortal Emperor‘s body instantly shattered and turned into fragments scattered all over the sky, flying around like a goddess scattering flowers. The sharp sword tip directly pierced Lishan Immortal Emperor‘s body .

The next moment, the Chaos Force on Divine Sword exploded like a flood that broke a bank, and exploded in Lishan Immortal Emperor within the body in an instant, making Lishan Immortal Emperor, which was already dilapidated flesh body, unable to bear it anymore, burst open and turned into Blood rained down the sky.

Lishan Immortal Emperor‘s flesh body was destroyed, now only one Primordial Spirit survives.

At this moment, Primordial Spirit‘s Lishan Immortal Emperor was in a daze, and suspended was in mid-air, as if he had suffered a huge blow, and stood there stunned.

“Defeated, am I defeated…”

“It’s impossible, it’s impossible, I’m strong Immortal Emperor territory 9-layer powerhouse , how could it be possible to lose to a mere 6-layer Realm loose cultivator On…”

“How can I lose the battle, I can’t lose the battle at all, this is clearly a game that must be won…”

“After ten breaths, I should be the one who wins easily, and what awaits me should not be failure…”

Lishan Immortal Emperor‘s Primordial Spirit murmured unconsciously in mid-air, his eyes were empty, and he dared not accept this fact.

“Lishan Immortal Emperor, many thanks, please be merciful!” On the opposite side, Jian Chen clasped fists at Lishan Immortal Emperor‘s Primordial Spirit, expressing sincere thanks.

The next moment, the power of Qingtian City descended, sending Jian Chen and Lishan Immortal Emperor out forcibly.

As the scene in front of him changed, Jian Chen appeared outside the ring again. Here, he could clearly see all the other battlefields!

At this point, some battles in the ring haven’t even started yet.

As for Lishan Immortal Emperor, it was eliminated.

Jian Chen sat cross-legged in the void, watching the battles of the others with relish. While understanding the opponent’s fighting style, he could also gain further insight into the opponent’s hole cards.

Three days later, someone in the rest of the ring finally won. Following the flash of rays of light, there was already an extra person not far from Jian Chen.

It was a young man wearing a white robe, but at this moment, his white robe was already stained red with blood, his body was covered with injuries, aura was weak, and he looked very embarrassed.

This person is Ye Qingyun from the Ye Family!

As soon as he came out, he immediately took out a heavenly material treasure that emitted a dense light and swallowed it, immediately entering the healing state.

But then, Ye Qingyun opened his eyes as if he had sensed something, and subconsciously glanced towards Jian Chen with a look of surprise, as if he didn’t expect that someone would come out before own.

But when he saw that the person standing there turned out to be Jian Chen, Ye Qingyun froze suddenly. At this moment, it seemed that his thoughts had been short-circuited and his breathing seemed to be stagnant.

“Why are you? Where is Lishan Immortal Emperor?” Ye Qingyun subconsciously said, in fact, he didn’t want to say much, but he really couldn’t help the doubts in his heart.

“He has already been defeated, he is not here.” Jian Chen serene said, he witnessed Ye Qingyun’s battle, the reason why Ye Qingyun was able to end the battle in just three days was at the cost of self-inflicted damage to Highest Origin. The amazingly powerful secret ancient technique directly shattered his opponent’s flesh body, leaving only Primordial Spirit.

If it weren’t for the protection of Qingtian City’s power at the critical moment, Ye Qingyun’s opponent would be wiped out instantly.

While looking at Ye Qingyun, a few more strands of white hair appeared on her forehead, and her face also appeared a little old.

“Lishan Immortal Emperor lost?” Ye Qingyun whispered incredulously, and then took a deep look at Jian Chen, and stopped talking.

In this way, another half month passed, and another Immortal Emperor covered in scars appeared on the field.

This is Xia Mingtian from Xianyu Sect, but compared to Ye Qingyun, Xia Mingtian’s condition is obviously much better. Although there are many scars on his body, they are not fatal.

“Huh!” Xia Mingtian let out a sound of surprise as soon as he stepped out of the ring, staring straight at Jian Chen, greatly surprised.

Next, teams of contestants ended the battle one after another, causing more and more Immortal Emperors to appear on the field, but without exception, all of them were surprised that Jian Chen could still stay here.

“Where’s Lishan Immortal Emperor? Why isn’t he here?” In the end, Shangqing Daoist also came back from the victory, wearing tattered Taoist robes, and blood was still flowing from the hideous and terrifying wounds.

However, he completely forgot about own‘s injuries, and stared blankly at Jian Chen with a pair of old eyes with a dull color.

In the end, he couldn’t even believe what own saw, and rubbed own‘s eyes vigorously, thinking that he was hallucinating.

“Lishan Immortal Emperor was eliminated, this Huan Zhen (really) is… amazing.” After a while, Shangqing Daoist sighed.

At the end of the third round, there are only twenty-two Immortal Emperor in the field.

The next fourth round will officially start in seven days.

During the short seven days, everyone except Jian Chen was racing against time for healing and restoring within the body for cultivation level.

Soon, seven days later, the remaining 22 Immortal Emperors began to draw lots to select own opponents.

This round, Jian Chen‘s opponent is Shangqing Zhenren!

Following the change of vision, Jian Chen and Shangqing Zhenren two people have appeared on a desolate battlefield at the same time.


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