Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3582: Ten breaths


For Lishan Immortal Emperor to meet Jian Chen, almost all Immortal Emperor in the field are envious, because in the eyes of all of them, loose cultivator, who is only Immortal Emperor and 6-layer, is really not the slightest threat.

Even in some people’s minds, it is not an exaggeration to call such a character an ant.

Because they all have powerful Lineage, background are very deep, and their means are miraculous, and they are not comparable to loose cultivator.

Even the loose cultivator of Immortal Emperor and 9-layer are not considered by them, let alone 6-layer.

“Sigh, this Lishan Immortal Emperor, I don’t know what kind of luck it is.” Shangqing, who was facing Lishan Immortal Emperor, sighed and shook his head.

“These arenas, Huan Zhen (really) are made up of Small Worlds.” On one of the arenas, Jian Chen raised his eyes and looked around, and couldn’t help but sigh with emotion.

The place where he is now is an extremely desolate world, the ground is full of potholes left by the battle, and there are even many Divine Item fragments scattered around, mixed with it, there are some red rays of light of liquid.

That is the blood of Immortal Emperor, some are left over from the previous two battles, aura and Jian Chen can even remember their owners through these blood.

There is also some bloodrays of light dim and full of ageaura, apparently having been here for many years.

“These Small Worlds not only have a vast area, but also receive blessing from the power of Qingtian City, which makes the void here extremely hard. Not to mention the Immortal Emperor environment, I am afraid that even some ordinary Immortal Venerable environment powerhouse, it is difficult to give these space Destroy.” Jian Chen whispered to himself, and had a deeper understanding of the strength of Qingtian City in his heart.

Ha Ha Ha Ha, Changyang fellow daoist, take action. In order to express this Emperor‘s gratitude to you, this Emperor allows you ten breaths. During these ten breaths, you can let go and use up everything you have To attack this Emperor with any means, this Emperor will not dodge, dodge, and will never fight back.” A few miles away, Li Shan Immortal Emperor stood with his hands behind his back, with a tall and straight body, looking extremely brave, and said to Jian Chen confidently.

“Give me ten breaths? Seriously? You won’t go back on your word, right?” Jian Chen‘s eyes fell on Li Shan Immortal Emperor, and complexion showed a strange look.

Li Shan Immortal Emperor smiled conceitedly, and said: “Although I, Li Shan, are not among the big names in most peak in the Tai Ji Tian world, I am also somewhat famous, so you can rest assured that this Emperor has always kept promises!”

“Ten breaths, this time is not short, Lishan fellow daoist, then you have to pay attention.” Jian Chen showed a meaningful smile, and the next moment, a long sword appeared in his hand.

This is a middle-grade Divine Item, not from Saint Realm, but one of the many Divine Item that Jian Chen got in World of Immortals.

When he first arrived in World of Immortals, he first destroyed the three major forces of Baiyun Xianzong, Yuqing Xianzong and Luo Fu Xianzong in Qingping Xianyu in Taihuangtian.

Later, when he went to Qingtian City to rescue Chen Shifang, on the way back, he beheaded the three major Immortal Emperor invited by Xiangshi.

Later, the four major forces around Zixiao Sword Sect, Jinglei Sword Sect, and powerhouse of Giant Elephant Immortal Sect were wiped out.

Therefore, in Jian Chen, there are quite a few Spirit Pill and Divine Item of all levels.

The middle-grade Divine Sword he is using at the moment is just one of the many trophies he has obtained.

On the opposite side, Lishan Immortal Emperor saw that Jian Chen only took out an middle-grade Divine Item, the contempt in his eyes became stronger, and he said casually: “Changyang fellow daoist, this Divine Item in your hand is really not good, I’m afraid even my **** Even the power of the shield can’t be broken.” Following the voice, a cultivation level power belonging to the Immortal Emperor realm 9-layer erupted from Lishan Immortal Emperor within the body, instantly forming a thick energy shield around his body, like a huge shield , covering his whole body.

Heavenly shield power, this is a secret technique mastered by Lishan Immortal Emperor, famous for its powerful defense.

Through the divine power of Tianshield, there is also a piece of middle-grade Divine Item Battle Armor covering Lishan Immortal Emperor.

It’s not that Lishan Immortal Emperor doesn’t have high-grade Divine Item, but his high-grade Divine Item is aggressive. On defense, he only has this middle-grade Divine Item Battle Armor.

Moreover, after experiencing the previous two wars, the middle-grade Divine Item Battle Armor on his body has already suffered some damage.

The next moment, the figure of Jian Chen appeared in front of Lishan Immortal Emperor in an instant, Chaos Force broke out, and the Divine Sword in his hand burst into a dazzling rays of light, directly stabbing Lishan Immortal Emperor with a sword.

Way of Sword Principle and Space Principle? Unfortunately, the realm is too low.” Lishan Immortal Emperor stood with his hands behind his back, calm and calm, and he really didn’t dodge or evade.


Among the deafening roar, Jian Chen‘s Divine Sword pierced the divine power of Lishan Immortal Emperor‘s Heavenly Shield, immediately dimming the body protection energy formed by the Heavenly Shield’s divine power, and the powerful energy fallout spread around, making sand and stones fly between the sky and the earth, and smoke and dust filled the sky .

Chaos Force? You practiced Chaos Force?” Lishan Immortal Emperor‘s complexion changed slightly, became less contemptuous, and became more cautious, and said in a deep voice: “Changyang fellow daoist, you are not interesting enough, you don’t even Tell me earlier that you are practicing Chaos Force, Chaos Force is far more powerful than the same level, you are silent, you are sincerely wanting this Emperor to consume more cultivation level to resist your attack, right?”

“Moreover, Chaos Force is difficult to cultivate and requires huge resources. Even some ordinary top forces are too much to bear, and it is difficult to really cultivate them, but you have reached such a high level. This should be regarded as big accomplishment Chaos Body. Changyang, this Emperor doesn’t believe you are a loose cultivator.”

“Lishan Immortal Emperor, why do you think I told you that my cultivation is Chaos Body? However, you can go back on the promise you made earlier to let me take ten breaths.” Jian Chen said.

Li Shan Immortal Emperor complexion was somewhat gloomy, gritted his teeth and said, “Don’t worry, I, Li Shan, will keep my word and never break my word, so that ten breaths of your time will never be less.”

“Then I won’t be polite, but if you lose, don’t blame me.” Jian Chen chuckled.

“Hmph, this time I, Li Shan, may not be able to make it to the end, but I will definitely not lose to you.” Li Shan said Immortal Emperor cold voice.

Jian Chen stopped talking, and waved Divine Sword in his hands again and again, the first 17-layer Chaos Force broke out without reservation, every time he shot with all his strength, swaying pieces of sword light mercilessly hit Lishan Immortal Emperor‘s heavenly shield divine power.

As soon as the first sword fell, the second sword followed.

His Space Principle is combined with Way of Sword Principle, speed is very fast, one sword after another, the sword shadows are layered, densely packed, almost covering the void.

The Chaos Force he cultivated continuously provides power, endlessly, seemingly endlessly, so that after Jian Chen stabs thousands of swords in a very short period of time, it is still full of stamina, without the slightest sign of exhaustion.

I have to say that the strength of Lishan Immortal Emperor is indeed very powerful. Only the power of cultivation level of within the body has been polished to an extremely pure level, which is far stronger than the ordinary Immortal Emperor environment 9-layer. He only formed it with the power of cultivation level. The body protection energy, then withstood all the attacks of Jian Chen.

Jian Chen‘s Chaos Force plus Way of Sword Principle can hardly break through Lishan Immortal Emperor‘s body protection energy.


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