Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3507: Secret Escort



The Flying Star Immortal Realm is one of the many fairy realms bordering Zixiao sword domain.


At this moment, over a wilderness in Feixianyu, Purple Night Sword Sect‘s Nong Fugui is carefully restraining own‘s aura, and is flying towards the distant Fengchi Electric Engine.


His expression is always dignified, and there is no weakened vigilance in his heart. It seems that he also knows in his heart that once own leaves Purple Night Sword Sect, he will be in danger at all times.


It’s just that at this time, the rich and the rich don’t know that in own‘s behind, there is a pair of middle-aged husband and wife who are far stronger than him, and they are following him quietly with the help of a special low-grade Divine Item and aura.


This pair of middle-aged husband and wife is exactly Supreme Elder Bai Ye and Chen Yan of Sanyang Immortal Sect.


The two of them were guided by Old Ancestor, and cultivation level was already strong, so they quickly caught up with Nong Fugui, and they had been secretly following Nong Fugui to leave Zixiao sword domain and enter the Feixian Immortal Realm.


From the beginning to the end, Nong Fugui never discovered the existence of the middle-aged husband and wife.


Even though he is always vigilant, the strength gap between the two sides is too great, and the other side came prepared, so the rich and the rich have always been ignorant.


“Husband, this place is far away from Zixiao sword domain, why don’t we do it here.” At this time, Chen Yan looked at Bai Ye beside him and asked. Immediately when her eyes swept towards Nong Fugui in front of her, a icy cold light flashed across her.


“Don’t worry, wait a little longer. Thirty million miles ahead, there is a huge mountain range with many fairy beasts entrenched in it. It would be more appropriate for us to do it there. Wouldn’t it be more perfect to put the injury on those fairy beasts.” Bai Ye smiled lightly.


“Hehehe, it’s still my husband’s thoughtfulness. This is indeed the most perfect plan. At that time, we only need to pretend a little bit. I’m afraid that even the rich and the rich will not be able to tell whether the person who hurt him is an immortal or entrenched in the world. The fairy beasts there.” Chen Yan let out a giggle.


“Although the idea is good, it’s just a pity that you probably won’t have the chance to implement it.”


At this moment, a sudden sound came into the ears of Bai Ye and Chen Yan, and immediately made them husband and wife complexion big change, the flying figure stopped abruptly, hovering abruptly in the sky.


There is a transparent barrier around the two of them husband and wife. This layer of barrier is exactly the hidden barrier they formed with a piece of low-grade Divine Item.


As long as they stay within this hidden barrier, even Immortal Monarch Realm 9-layer powerhouse can’t find them.


The two of them husband and wife‘s eyes fell on the concealment barrier that was still intact, and there was a “thump” in their hearts, and a chill went from head to toe.


Immortal Emperor!”


Bai Ye and Chen Yan husband and wife instantly deduced the strength of the man in the dark, and their bodies suddenly became a little stiff.


“In Xiabaiye, this is me companion Chen Yan. The two of us didn’t know that Senior was submerging again, and unintentionally disturbed Senior. I ask Senior to forgive me.” Baiye complexion paled, immediately bowed in the void, and said tremblingly.


“No, you didn’t disturb me, but I followed you all the way from Zixiao sword domain to this place.” The dark voice came again, following the voice, I saw Bai Ye and Chen Yan husband and wife opposite, A vague figure appeared quietly.


The space where this figure was located was in a distorted state, which made him look hazy, and he couldn’t see his face clearly at all.


His gaze directly penetrated the hidden barrier formed by Bai Ye husband and wife and low-grade Divine Item, and penetrated directly into the barrier.


This figure is Jian Chen!


When Baiye husband and wife heard that the mysterious Immortal Emperor in front of him had followed all the way from Purple Night Sword Sect, he couldn’t help but feel moved, hesitated secretly, and then asked cautiously: “Senior, are you also here to deal with the rich and the rich? “


Thinking of this, Bai Ye husband and wife felt relieved immediately, but still lowered his head, and spoke cautiously: “I didn’t expect that Senior is also a fellow, but what Senior said is good. Senior personally took action to clean up the rich and the rich. Naturally, it is not our turn.”


Chen Yan’s tense mood was completely relieved, and he reminded us with kind words: “Senior, our husband and wife is Supreme Elder of Sanyang Xianzong. When we set off this time, Old Ancestor specially warned us and severely warned us. Nongfugui is a person who can be hurt but not killed, because he has lived for too long and had eye ties with many important people back then, if he is killed, I am afraid that some important people will be furious.”


“Who says I’m here to deal with the rich and the rich?” Jian Chen stared at the two in front of him with a cold intention face.


“What? Isn’t Senior here to deal with the rich and the rich?” Bai Ye was a little stunned, but he seemed to understand something immediately, complexion suddenly changed, and then without the slightest hesitation, he decisively knocked Chen Yan out with a palm, and burst into tears at the same time : “Burning blood essence, let’s go!”


Chen Yan’s body flew far away like an arrow from the string. The next moment, she burned own‘s blood essence without hesitation, preparing to flee towards the distance with the fastest speed she could achieve.


“A mere Immortal Monarch Realm wants to escape in front of me, isn’t it a joke.” Jian Chen‘s eyes turned cold, and a pair of eyes full of killing intent swept towards Chen Yan.


The next moment, the void where Chen Yan was located suddenly cracked, and a series of dark void cracks spread out, turning into invisible blades and piercing through Chen Yan’s body.


In front of these space sharp blades, Chen Yan’s Immortal Monarch Realm 5-layer‘s cultivation level was as fragile as a baby, without even the slightest resistance. Ended up with body and soul completely eliminated.


Witnessing Chen Yan’s fate with his own eyes, Bai Ye was frightened to death, because he had already seen that the Immortal Emperor in front of him turned out to be a powerhouse who had mastered the way of space.


Facing this kind of powerhouse, he didn’t even have the courage to escape.


Senior spare your life, Senior spare your life…” Bai Ye immediately begged for mercy.


“Forgive me? At the moment you are preparing to mobilize the elders, be careful that you will die.” Jian Chen‘s eyes were cold, without any mercy, and immediately with a swipe of his finger, a space sharp blade instantly slashed towards Bai Ye.


“Elder Nong? A Immortal Emperor powerhouse, how can he honor this little man, Nong Fugui?” Such a thought came to Bai Ye’s mind, but before he could think about it, he lost all consciousness.


The next moment, Devouring Immortal Monster Flower appeared and swallowed Bai Ye’s body in one gulp.


After killing Bai Ye husband and wife, Jian Chen did not return to Purple Night Sword Sect. He first erased all traces here by means of Immortal Emperor powerhouse, and then continued to hide in the dark, following the elder Nong all the way in secret for covert protection.


The place where the elder farmer went was very far away. He crossed several fairylands and traveled for several days before finally entering a bustling city.


He shuttled skillfully in the city, and finally entered a mansion that occupies an extremely large area.


Outside the city, Jian Chen stood on a peak thousands of miles away, staring at the mansion in front of him. He could tell at a glance that this mansion was also a powerful force. Not only was immortal spiritual energy extremely abundant in the mansion, but there was also a powerful formation Guardian.


And the strength of this formation is enough to withstand the powerhouse of Immortal Emperor middle-stage!


This formation is much more than the great formation stronger of Sanyang Xianzong’s Huzong, and the Spiritual Consciousness of Jian Chen can’t be penetrated into very powerful, otherwise it will definitely alarm the people inside.


However, this does not trouble Jian Chen. I saw him wearing Duntian Divine Armor, and his whole body disappeared instantly between heaven and earth, as if he had entered another void.


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