Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3506: Sanyang Xianzong


When the secret of Xinghuan Old Ancestor‘s backhand was revealed from the mouth of the elder Nong, both Jian Chen and Chen Shuzhi were a little distracted, but immediately, Chen Shuzhi stared at Nong Fugui with complaining eyes, and his tone was resentful : “Elder Nong, you can hide it from me. I am Sect Master of Purple Night Sword Sect, and I don’t even know that the old man Xinghuan Old Ancestor has already left such a large fortune for us sect back then.”

“Xinghuan Old Ancestor was top powerhouse in the Immortal Venerable realm back then. If we Purple Night Sword Sect could get the relics left by his old man to descendant, then we Purple Night Sword Sect and how to go so far as to would be forced to the point where we are today.”

Chen Shuzhi was obviously displeased with Elder Nong’s concealment of own. After a brief silence, he stared at Fugui Nong with piercing eyes, and sighed: “Elder Nong, except for those backhands left by Xinghuan Old Ancestor, the rest of you What else do you know? After all, as Purple Night Sword Sect’s Sect Master, as long as it’s about Purple Night Sword Sect, I should have the right to know.”

“Furthermore, our Purple Night Sword Sect is currently in an unprecedented predicament, and it is still unknown whether we will be able to stay in this sect Ancestral Land for the next hundred years. At this juncture, you must not hide anything, Mr. Nong. .”

“Except for the backhand left by Xinghuan Old Ancestor, there is nothing else.” Elder Nong expression said as usual.

“Elder Farmer, Sect Master, now that we know that Xinghuan Old Ancestor left some behind-the-scenes back then, when do you plan to unlock Xinghuan Old Ancestor‘s secret space?” Jian Chen asked.

“Of course, the sooner the better, after all we only have a hundred years now, if we can’t return the seven colors Sword Lotus after a hundred years, I’m afraid even if we take out the Immortal Divine Thunder to shock, the Thunder Sword Sect won’t sell it We save face.” Elder Nong looked at Jian Chen, complexion became serious, and said: “If we want to unlock Xinghuan Old Ancestor‘s secret space, we have to go outside and ask a Immortal Emperor who masters Space Principle to come and help, only by Miexian Divine Thunder , I am still a little uneasy, so I have a heartless request, I hope young sect master can invite the master behind you.”

“Your honorable master doesn’t need to do anything, just show up a little bit to frighten the Immortal Emperor we invited, so that he won’t dare to have unnecessary thoughts.”

Jian Chen frowned slightly, and said with to make things difficult for on his face: “Elder Nong, my master respects where the old man is now. Even I, disciple, don’t know. It is almost impossible to invite him over here.”

Jian Chen, then which Senior is your master? Why don’t you tell me, and then we all find a way to mobilize the power of sect to find it?” Chen Shuzhi stared at Jian Chen with twinkling eyes.

Sect Master is joking, our disciple of Purple Night Sword Sect can’t even get out of the small place like Zixiao sword domain, how can we find the trace of my master in the vast World of Immortals?” Jian Chen shook his head with a chuckle .

Chen Shuzhi’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he stopped talking immediately.

“Since the teacher can’t count on it, then we can only rely on us own. The old man has lived the longest and knows more about powerhouse than you, so next, the person who is looking for Immortal Emperor will be selected. The old man will do it himself.” The elder farmer said.

After everyone dispersed, Jian Chen returned to the palace belonging to own young sect master, and secretly monitored everything in sect with Spiritual Consciousness.

Sect MasterChen Shuzhi continued to stay in the Zixiao Temple without any abnormal behavior.

As for Elder Nong, after leaving Zixiao Temple, he has been sitting cross-legged in a dark cave in Cave Mansion on the back mountain of sect, meditating silently, also without any movement.

After a full month like this, the elder Nong sitting cross-legged in Cave Mansion finally made a movement. He took out a puppet from Space Ring, and with the power of cultivation level, the puppet immediately turned into The figure is exactly the same as that of the elder Nong, and he replaced the elder Nong to meditate in Cave Mansion.

Whether it is cultivation level fluctuation or aura, they are exactly the same as the elder Nong, there is almost no difference.

After leaving this puppet behind, Elder Nong restrained own‘s aura, tried his best to hide own, and then turned into an afterimage and left Purple Night Sword Sect silently, disappearing at the end of the world in the blink of an eye.

Elder Nong’s actions can’t be hidden from Jian Chen, Jian Chen sits cross-legged in young sect master‘s palace, Spiritual Consciousness has been following secretly, with his current Spiritual Consciousness strength, he can already cover the entire Zixiao sword domain.

But soon, Elder Nong left Zixiao sword domain and galloped further away.

However, at this moment, Jian Chen seemed to have sensed that Spiritual Consciousness immediately moved towards Sanyang Xianzong, one of the four major forces located near Purple Night Sword Sect, and then quietly knocked into Sanyang Xianzong’s Guard the formation.

Sanyang Immortal Sect and Yu Sword Immortal Sect, Green Fox Immortal Sect and Chixia Immortal Sect are juxtaposed. The four major forces surround Purple Night Sword Sect in four directions, east, west, southeast, northwest, forming a faint siege on Purple Night Sword Sect.

The places occupied by these four major forces all belonged to the mountain gates of Purple Night Sword Sect back then.

At this moment, in the forbidden area of ​​the back mountain of the Sanyang Xianzong, Old Ancestor and cultivation level of the Sanyang Xianzong are in the Immortal Emperor realm 2-layer. Nong Fugui, the old guy, has finally left sect. Hmph, if you stay in sect safely and securely, nothing will happen to you, I didn’t expect you to sneak out.”

“The outside world is very chaotic.”

The next moment, Sanyang Xianzong’s Old Ancestor immediately sent out a voice transmission: “Bai Ye, Chen Yan, you two husband and wife go out in person, to give this little old man Nong Fugui a long memory, let him understand what’s going on outside How dangerous the world is.”

“Remember, you can only hurt, you can’t kill. Nong Fugui, the little old man, although his strength is not very good, but he has lived long enough. He has had some eye ties with many big people. Killing him may cause some The wrath of some big men.”

“Remember, don’t reveal your identity!”

“Understood! Please rest assured Old Ancestor, we know how to do it.” In Sanyang Xianzong, two Immortal Monarch powerhouse walked out of own‘s Cave Mansion, also restrained aura, and left Sanyang Xianzong without entering anyone .

There are two Immortal Monarchs, one male and one female, the male is Bai Ye, Immortal Monarch Realm 7-layer cultivation level.

The girl’s name is Chen Yan, Immortal Monarch Realm 5-layer!

These two are both Supreme Elder of Sanyang Xianzong!

Bai Ye and Chen Yan husband and wife immediately followed the direction given by Sanyang Xianzong Old Ancestor, and rushed towards the direction of farmers and wealth.

Purple Night Sword Sect, in the young sect master palace, Jian Chen retracted Spiritual Consciousness, with a icy look in his eyes. Immediately, he flexed his fingers, and immediately differentiated a ray of Primordial Spirit power.

This ray of Primordial Spirit power turned into his figure in an instant, and then replaced him true body/this senior and sat down cross-legged in the palace, with a gesture of entering cultivation.

The true body/this senior of Jian Chen converges all aura and disappears quietly.


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