Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3257: Kai Ya ?



Ancient Principle Supreme said helplessly: “World of Immortals powerhouse suddenly invaded our Saint Realm at this time, and the old man is refining important artifacts. Although the old man is distracted, while refining that thing, he pays close attention to the situation of the void outside the world. , but ignored the situation in Saint Realm, otherwise, your purple-azure Dual Swords would not have been exposed so early.”


Ancient Principle Supreme‘s remarks immediately made Jian Chen‘s pupils shrink. His eyes were dim in Divine Light, but he stared at the approachable old face of Ancient Principle Supreme for a moment: “Ancient Principle Supreme, don’t… don’t… don’t you Already knew I had purple-azure Dual Swords?”


Ancient Principle Supreme laughed dumbly and said: “Do you think you have the secret of purple-azure Dual Swords and no one knows it? Not only the old man, but also Huan Zhen (really) and Weeping Blood, they all knew about purple-azure Dual Swords early in the morning.”


“Especially Huan Zhen (really), who knew about the existence of purple-azure Dual Swords a long time ago, and also knew that you are the descendant of World of Immortals Zixiao Supreme.”


The expression on Jian Chen‘s face suddenly changed, and a dull look appeared in his eyes.


Huan Zhen Supreme knew that own had purple-azure Dual Swords a long time ago? Know long ago that own is the successor of World of Immortals?


The funny thing is that when he went to the bridge of life and death to save Bright Moon Fairy, in order to avoid being seen by Huan Zhen Supreme‘s secrets on own, he also deliberately left purple-azure Dual Swords in Tianyuan Clan.


Unexpectedly, people already knew everything about own long before that.


Looking back on that scene now, Jian Chen suddenly feels that own is so ridiculous and ignorant.


Ancient Principle Supreme paused and continued: “Do you remember what you did in Desolate Province? At that time, you were shocked by Weeping Blood.”


“Actually, Weeping Blood already saw your within the body‘s purple-azure Dual Swords at that time. It was no accident. You would be falls/dies back then and end up as body and soul completely eliminated. Because the identity of Zixiao’s descendant is in our Saint Realm, but it is a heinous thing. existence.”


“But in the end, you didn’t die. Do you know why?”


Not far away, Weeping Blood Supreme shrouded in blood sea, aura suddenly fluctuated.


Weeping Blood, is what Ancient Principle said true? You knew the true identity of this son a long time ago?” Luo Tian Supreme stared at Weeping Blood in surprise.


“Not bad!” Weeping Blood Supreme responded in a low voice.


Ancient Principle Supreme didn’t hide anything, so what he said was naturally heard clearly by all the powerhouses in this starry sky, which changed everyone’s expression.


“Could it be that the real background of Jian Chen is not Ice Temple?”


At this moment, many powerhouse have such questions in their hearts, because at that time, the two gods of ice and snow have not returned.


Jian Chen didn’t speak, just stared at Ancient Principle for a moment, complexion was uncertain.


When he faced Weeping Blood Supreme‘s Primordial Spirit clone in Desolate Province, he felt that own‘s purple-azure Dual Swords was exposed, because he couldn’t hide any secrets in the face of Supreme.


It was only later that Weeping Blood Supreme withdrew. He thought it was Weeping Blood Supreme who looked down on the small role of own, so he did not pay attention to it.


Until now, when he heard Ancient Principle Supreme talking about this matter, he suddenly realized that the retreat of Weeping Blood Supreme was not actually what own imagined.


“It’s because of Huan Zhen (really)!” Ancient Principle Supreme continued.


hearing that, Jian Chen was shocked, and his face was full of disbelief. His eyes suddenly turned to Huan Zhen Supreme shrouded in Great Principles Divine Light.


Suddenly, he seemed to think of something, his body trembled violently, look of shock appeared on his face, and he exclaimed: “Could it be… Could it be… Are you Kai Ya?”


When reaching this conclusion, Jian Chen‘s heart suddenly set off a huge wave, and expression was shocked.


Because when Kai Ya was by his side, he had already shown all kinds of extraordinary abilities. Kai Ya‘s extraordinary abilities even made Jian Chen wonder if she was the reincarnation of a big man.


Of course, the most important point is that Kai Ya can freely enter Huan Zhen Tower without hindrance!


He didn’t think much about it back then, and didn’t dare to think about it, but now after hearing what Ancient Principle Supreme said, the image of Kai Ya suddenly appeared in his mind.


Because Kai Ya happened to be by his side when he faced a wisp of clone from Weeping Blood Supreme when he was outside Desolate Province.


And when Kai Ya died at the hands of Sea Mountain Old Man, he wanted to seek revenge on Sea Mountain Old Man, but Sea Mountain Old Man had a Highest Beginning Realm powerhouse, but an inexplicable falls/dies.


All of these signs indicate that the result of his guess has a great possibility.


“No…no…impossible, this is impossible…” Jian Chen lost his mind for a while, and was in a state of confusion, unable to accept such a result.


Huan Zhen Supreme didn’t speak, the Great Principles Divine Light around her was beating violently, flickering. She slowly raised her hand, and Creation Principle descended, enveloping Jian Chen like a vast ocean.


Under the action of Creation Principle, I saw that Jian Chen‘s injuries were immediately recovered with inconceivable‘s speed.


No, it shouldn’t be said of recovery, but all the damaged parts of his body were re-creation by Creation Principle with the power of creation, and his within the body‘s five main internal organs began to reappear from scratch.


The missing flesh and blood also grew out of nothingness.


Creation Principle of Huan Zhen Supreme, in an alternative way, recovered all the injuries on Jian Chen.


Seeing that Huan Zhen Supreme not only did not kill Jian Chen, but instead recovered his injuries, all the top powerhouses who witnessed this scene with their own eyes have a feeling of being messy in the wind.


However, Jian Chen didn’t care about own‘s injury at all, his eyes trembled, expression stared at Huan Zhen Supreme excitedly, his emotions fluctuated like never before, and trembled: “You…you…you are really Kai Ya. Are you really Kai Ya? Tell me, are you Kai Ya…”


Back then, Kai Ya died at the hands of Sea Mountain Old Man in order to save him. This has always been the greatest pain and regret in Jian Chen‘s heart. Even if he later destroyed the entire Nether Water Sect in order to avenge the Kai Ya, it was still difficult to calm the hatred and pain in his heart.


Now, knowing that the Kai Ya that was already falls/dies in those days may be Huan Zhen Supreme, this suddenly caused a huge wave in Jian Chen‘s heart, and the whole person could not calm down.


Huan Zhen Supreme did not speak, and remained silent, but the Great Principles Divine Light around him was beating more and more violently.


“You finally understand, but, what’s the point of this, since you have become Huan Zhen’s (really) Principle Fruit, you are destined to die. Alas… bad fate, bad fate… .” Ancient Principle Supreme shook his head and sighed.


And his words undoubtedly convinced Jian Chen of own‘s guess, which suddenly made his body tremble violently.


Jian Chen only understood half of Ancient Principle‘s words. He didn’t understand what Principle Fruit was, but he knew in his heart that even if the Huan Zhen Supreme in front of him was Kai Ya, then own could not escape death today.


Because this has risen to the level of two world hatred, and it is also related to the heart of a Great World, and the chill it represents has already surpassed personal love and hatred.


“I know own can’t live, if…if…if you are really Kai Ya, can you…can you let me die, to have a look at you…”Jian Chen Staring at Huan Zhen Supreme, with sadness and loss, mixed with sadness and surprise, the mood is extremely complicated.


His sadness and loss is because own has been deceived for so long. Although she is still alive, she has made own feel guilty and self-blame for countless years.


His joy is because she is still alive, she is not dead…


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