Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1: Jian Chen


Chapter 1 Jian Chen ()

In the endless expanse of mountain range, two sword-shaped peaks standing at a distance of 100 meters stand under the vast Yunhai (sea of clouds).

The peaks of these two sword-shaped are very steep, it looks as if two enlarged versions of Divine Sword are inserted between the heavens and the earth, there is no place to climb.

On the tops of the two sword-shaped peaks, there is less than a hundred meters away from the vast Yunhai (sea of clouds) already in the sky, and on the tops of the peaks, there is a faint mist, which is covered by the mist and makes the peaks The scenes at the top are all confused and hazy, but vaguely, you can still find on the peaks of the two sword-shaped peaks, two people are standing there quietly, as if they were a stone sculpture, and they do n’t move. Only the strong wind in the sky was blowing two people‘s clothes and hair fluttering with the wind.

In this two people, one of them looks like a youth who is not yet 20 years old. youth is very handsome. The handsome features are flawless, and they are truly unparalleled. They are the killers of all young girls in the world. However, those bland eyes have a unique appeal, very charming, as if they can capture the soul.

youth has a long black hair, straight to the waist, long hair without any restraint, very casually draped behind fluttering wildly with the howling wind, and on the back of youth people, carrying a The long sword and the sword’s body are wrapped in a thick white cloth. Only the exquisite hilt exposed outside can be seen. The hilt clearly engraved with the word “light wind“, but it makes people It is strange that the entire sword body of the long sword did not make any rope, as if it was sucked on the back of the youth person, and it did not fall off. This scene seems obviously difficult to understand.

The name of this youth is Jian Chen. Nowadays, the first Expert on Jiang Hu is reputed to be —— Sword God. It is a generation of sword masters. One hand, quick swordsmanship, has already reached a supernatural state and reached the highest level. They are only in their twenties.

For Jian Chen, Jiang Hu knows very little. Except that he is an orphan, and after sectless, he knows nothing. His origins are like a mystery. His height is strong. No one knows how to learn from the Martial Art and the exquisite swordsmanship.

And on the sword-shaped mountain 100 meters away from him, a tall man in a black robe stood there, facing far away from Jian Chen. This man is an old man and looks like 50~60 years old. Hefa Tongyan, a pair of old eyes with a bright and energetic look, his eyes are brilliant, his sharp eyes are like a sharp sword, which makes people dare not look at them, and in his hands, he holds a wide black giant sword, but It’s weird that his great sword didn’t have an edge.

This old man is a legendary figure —— Dugu Qiubai that has disappeared for hundreds of years in Jiang Hu. Dugu Qiubai is just one of his titles. No one knows his real name and identity, because as early as a hundred years ago, he was playing Super powerhouse, an invincible player all over the world, today, there are very few people who know some information about Dugu Qiubai. They still live in the world. Despite this, his formerly brilliant rays of light is still passed down from generation to generation. He came down, and his strength is even better today than he was a hundred years later. Today, no one at already knows that the strength of Dugu Qiubai has reached what kind.

Dugu Qiubai looked at Jian Chen, who was only twenty years old, who was only in his twenties a hundred meters away. His eyes were so sharp that he felt as sharp as a sword. His eyes flashed from time to time.

Jian Chen, at this age, you have a strength that is not weaker than the old man, and your accomplishments on Way of Sword have reached a level that even the old man can’t reach. Unfortunately, you killed my only lover. This revenge has to be reported, and today I will seek justice for my only apprentice anyway. “Dugu Qiubai said in a deep voice, but the seemingly calm tone was full of chilling killing intent .

Jian Chen complexion is extremely calm, his eyes are gazing at Dugu Qiubai, his white robe flutters in the wind, and his waist-length hair is fluttered by the wind, and looks chic.

“It’s no wonder that my apprentice took the initiative to offend me. As for death under my sword, you can only blame him own Learning is not perfect. ” Jian Chen His lips opened and closed gently, and a faint voice came out of his mouth.

Dugu Qiubai laughed angrily: “Okay, okay, okay, good one is not good at art, then I’ll meet you today, see how capable you are, whether you can hold the old man in your hand Light Wind Sword. “

Speaking, when Dugu Qiubai waved the black iron epee in his hand, suddenly a powerful sword qi came out of the sword, with a sharp sword qi and a lightning-fast speed toward the Jian Chen a hundred meters away.

Jian Chen‘s face was calm. With the sound of a sword coming out of the sheath, the long sword that was carried on the back appeared in the hands of Jian Chen. The foot was four feet long and **** wide and slender. The sword body was exuding a layer of silver-white sword glow, and then the long sword in Jian Chen quickly stabbed out. I saw a very strong sword qi coming out of the sword, and speed, which could not be captured by the naked eye, hit the sword qi shot by Dugu Qiubai.


The two sword qis collided, and a loud noise broke out, deafening. The powerful True Qi fallout centered on the explosion point and quickly spread out in all directions, dissipating the faint surrounding clouds.

Then Jian Chen and Dugu Qiubai flew up at the same time, separated from the peaks standing under their feet, flew between the two peaks, and engaged in fierce battle in the air.

two people shot speed wonderful quick. The sound of collision and friction of weapons kept ringing in the air. All the strong sword qi shot from the two people battlefield to the surroundings, punching large holes in the surrounding mountains. Countless The rubble fell towards the ground below the thousand feet.

In just a few breaths, Jian Chen and Dugu Qiubai two people battled hundreds of rounds quickly, and then when two people landed on the two peaks again, I saw that two people‘s figure was slightly embarrassed, and it was intact. There were many cracks on already‘s shirts, and they became a little ragged.

Dugu Qiubai looked at Jian Chen with serious face, and expression became extremely dignified. He said: “It’s a fast sword, no wonder you can’t break it with quick swordsmanship Jiang Hu, but you still don’t want an old man.” Dugu Qiubai tone After a pause, he continued: “It is difficult for us to distinguish between the winner and the loser. It is better to play the strongest blow at the same time and determine the winner with one move.” Then, the momentum of Dugu Qiubai suddenly rose, as if one Insert the Sky Sword into the Yunxiao.

Jian Chen‘s complexion became heavy, and then, the body also exuded a huge immense momentum, not weaker than Dugu Qiubai.

two people‘s momentum continues to rise, covering the sky, and covering the entire sky. The combination of two people momentum directly covers the whole mountain hundred thousand eight thousand miles away. Even the clouds in the sky are washed out by the momentum of two people. A large cave, and quickly dissipated, the wind roared in the sky, and the sound of harsh ghosts crying, howling birds and beasts in the mountains and forests screamed in panic, and opened their limbs and fled swiftly towards the distance. At the top of the two people momentum is constantly increasing, all are brewing the strongest blow.

crack!” “crack!”

In the mountains and forests not far away, many small trees can’t withstand the powerful momentum of two people, they have broken back and broke off, and then they are rushed into the sky by the huge momentum of two people and fly away.

With the rising momentum of Jian Chen and lonely two people, a strong True Qi stream also appears around their two people body, which is rapidly rotating around two people. Flowers and trees are all powerful by two people The momentum was bent over the pressure, and countless large trees were shaking their bodies, erratic.

Meanwhile, the black iron epee of Light Wind Sword and Dugu Qiubai in the hands of Jian Chen exudes a dazzling white rays of light and black black rays of light.

The True Qi stream around two people is getting stronger and stronger. Finally, the entire body of Jian Chen is wrapped in a thick layer of white rays of light, and Dugu Qiubai is also wrapped in a layer of black rays of light. already completely lost the figure of two people, only in midair. See two dazzling rays of light in opposite colors.


The long sword in Jian Chen‘s hand is trembling lightly. At this moment, the already on the long sword lights up the dazzling sword glow. The powerful sword qi makes people feel scared. His long black hair fluttered wildly in the wind, and the white robe fluttered in the wind, and his whole body was suspended. It seems that seemingly is like a War God, invincible.

When the momentum of two people climbed to the zenith, suddenly, two people issued a shout of anger and thunder at the same time, as if a thunder blast suddenly sounded, deafening, and then, I saw a gorgeous white light and extremely dark black awns. Collided with lightning-like speed, passing by in an instant …

There was no imaginary collision sound. When everything calmed down, I saw that Jian Chen and Dugu Qiubai two people already changed positions and stood on the top of the two peaks again at a distance of 100 meters. The complexion of the two people seemed extremely pale, and On the chest of Jian Chen, bright red blood flowed out quickly, quickly staining his white robe red, just before the lightning staggered and outdated, Dugu Qiubai already pierced his heart.

And Dugu Qiubai and already lost the entire right arm. He who lost the right arm was unable to hold the sword. The black iron epee held in his right hand, already fell towards the thousand-foot cliff under the mountain. He also lost an arm after piercing the heart of Jian Chen with a sword.

Jian Chen stood quietly on top of the mountain, a little blood slowly leaked from his mouth, and his complexion also became paler. After a short while, already was as pale as paper, His heart was pierced by Dugu Qiubai, and already fell into a desperate situation.

Ha Ha Ha …..” Suddenly, Dugu Qiubai on the top of the opposite mountain burst out laughing, and laughed: “Jian Chen, with your natural talent, if you are giving you a few years, the old man is definitely not your opponent It’s a pity that although your strength is not much worse than that of the old man, it still ends up in the hands of the old man. “Speaking of this, Dugu Qiubai sighed and said,” Well … the generation of supreme talent was buried in the old man. It ’s a pity, but in order to revenge the murderer, the old man had to do the same.

Feeling the vitality of own, Jian Chen closed his eyes slowly. At this moment, he seemed very calm. For him, life and death may not be valued. After all, Jiang Hu, Jian Chen I have also killed many people, and have long been bearish on life and death. The only regret in my heart is that I will never have the opportunity to explore the peak of Way of Sword.

Just when Jian Chen fell into a state of no sorrow and joy, suddenly, a strange feeling appeared in the mind of Jian Chen. At this critical moment, the soul of Jian Chen seemed to be integrated with the sword in his hand. Even if he Sword, even if he, between him and the sword, no longer separate each other, as if the sword already in his hands became part of his soul.

At the same time, a trace of pure and powerful world’s energy descended from heaven and earth, flowing into his mind with a trace of Jian Chen‘s mind, and perfectly integrated with his soul. With this trace of world’s energy Jian Chen clearly felt that the “God” of own was rapidly growing with inconceivable and speed, and at the same time, his soul seemed to be detached from the body and flew to the endless mountains and fields around him. The scenes appeared in the mind of the Jian Chen clearly, and even the mosquitoes on the ground could clearly feel their activities.

At the pole of death, he broke through …


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