Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 802: Integration (2)


p; When You Wenzheng heard White Eyes‘s words, he was stunned, and then he immediately understand understood the meaning of White Eyes. They can indeed regard Yijie as a special Magical Artifact, and for Magical Artifact‘s Refining, they are still very Familiar, so when I heard what White Eyes said, You Wenzheng immediately understand understood what he meant. He look at White Eyes said:Master You mean, I haven’t let the big day Runes Sacred Fire fully integrate with the Yijie combined together. Only let After they are completely integrated with combined together, I can control the big day Runes Sacred Fire, right?” When You Wen was saying this, two eyes was shining, because if this is really the case, then his problem is completely It’s solved, and maybe it will become stronger.

White Eyes nodded said:correct/pretty good, that’s what I mean. Give it a try after you go back. Also, for this fusion, you is possible need for a long time. Don’t forget to tell your Ding Senior Master.” You. Wen Zheng responded, then he walked away quickly towards White Eyes gave a salute, White Eyes look at, and his back was also slightly smiled, without saying anything.

You Wenzheng returned to his room, he immediately wrote a letter to Ding Chunming, telling Ding Chunming that he is possible needs to retreat for a period of time again, it is still unclear whether he needs how long, so he will have no time to study at Command Hall there .

Ding Chunming Of course immediately agreed. It is normal for cultivator to go into seclusion. Not to mention that You Wenzheng is now at a time when his strength is growing rapidly. It is normal for him to want to go into seclusion at this time. Of course he has no reason not to agree.

As soon as You Wenzheng saw Ding Chunming and agreed, he immediately release his Yi Jie, and then he began to control the Yi Jie, slowly absorbing the big sun Runes Sacred Fire, until this time, he was discover, the big day Runes Sacred Fire really has not integrated into Yijie. It is wrong to say that it has not integrated at all. It can only integrate a very small part, as if it is floating on the surface. simply has not penetrated deeply into Yijie. Faced with this situation Of course, You Wenzheng wants Yijie to absorb the big sun Runes Sacred Fire.

This process is very slow, because now the Might of Dainichi Runes Sacred Fire is very big, he must absorb it bit by bit, too fast is not enough, although in Dainichi Runes Sacred Fire absorbs Buddha Force, there is no aggressiveness that is too strong, but Might is still very big. If he continues to behave like before, then is possible will still be in danger, so he very careful.

After don’t know passed how long, he finally absorbed the big day Runes Sacred Fire into his Yijie. At this time, he was only let out a long breath. Then he began to slowly let them fully integrate into combined together. Only in this way can he Complete control Dainichi Runes Sacred Fire, after all, absorption and fusion are the same. Absorption is to absorb Dainichi Runes Sacred Fire, and fusion is to completely let them integrate combined together. These are two different concepts, so You Wenzheng can’t help but Dare not relax, control Yijie and Da Ri Runes Sacred Fire begin to merge, the fusion of speed is also is impossible too fast, and he must very careful, so You Wenzheng has been going all out, not daring to slack off, he is also simply don’t know outside world occur what’s up.

Just when the big sun Runes Sacred Fire slowly integrated into Yijie, Yijie here also changed occur. Those big sun Runes Sacred Fire that had been burning on the lines in Yijie slowly disappeared and were replaced. What’s amazing is that the threads in Yijie are slowly turning golden, and the entire Yijie seems to have completely turned into gold, very beautiful.

And when the last bit of the big sun Runes Sacred Fire was completely integrated into Yijie, the shining lines of originally golden light in Yijie were no longer so shiny, but turned into one type of dark gold, which seemed less eye-catching. , and at this time You Wenzheng was only let out a long breath, and then he slowly opened his eyes, and then he took a look at his Yijie. His discover Yijie seemed not to have changed much from before. Of course, he was here refer to, and there was no fusion. Before the big day Runes Sacred Fire.

However, You Wenzheng knows that compared with the original world, his Yijie is completely different, Yin Yang Thunder Pond, and those magic cores, all of which have been strengthened. most important is that, with a thought in his mind, suddenly appeared in Yijie. Golden flames, but these flames are all at the intersections of those lines, and not all flames come out from everywhere. This makes You Wenzheng feel very satisfied, because this means that he has completely control those flames, At the same time, You Wenzheng also discover, and the power of Dairi Runes Sacred Fire is no longer increasing, which makes You Wenzheng very delighted, because his most worried thing has finally been solved. This is the biggest good news.

You Wenzheng let out a long breath , then he put away his Yijie, then he stood up, glanced at the time, and the result discover Three days have passed, and in other words , he stayed in seclusion for three full days, You Wenzheng take deep breaths , moved his body, then looked at the time, discover It’s getting late now, he can’t go Command Hall there Now, we can only wait until tomorrow Okay, You Wenzheng wasn’t talking about anything. several days During the retreat, he had been mentally exhausted, and it was time for him to take a good rest now, so he just returned to He went into his bedroom, lay on the bed, and had a good sleep. He was ready to recuperate. tomorrow Going Command Hall .

Early the next morning, You Wenzheng arrived at Command Hall here early. After waiting for a while, Ding Chunming and the others came to Command Hall. When they saw You Wenzheng coming, Ding Chunming was still happy. You Wenzheng also saw Ding Chunming and the others. He He quickly saluted to Ding Chunming and the others, Ding Chunming look at You WenRighteous Path: “Wen Zheng is out of seclusion? What insights do you have this time?”

You Wenzheng open the mouth and said: “Integrating the big day Runes Sacred Fire into my Yijie, I can achieve a complete control.” He did not hide it from Ding Chunming. Ding Chunming Hearing what You Wenzheng said, he couldn’t help but be stunned, and then Heimmediately open the mouth and said: “Successful? Okay, okay, HaHaHaha, I didn’t expect you to move quite fast. This is the best. It seems that your Level Up of in recent time is almost completed, right?” You Wenzhenglook at Ding Chunming said, He knows that You Wenzheng has been thinking about improving fighting strength for a while. After this period of Level Up, his fighting strength has improved a lot, and his Level Up has almost been completed.

You Wenzheng nodded said: “Yeah, it’s almost completed. Now my Yijie has reached is impossible Level Up in a short period of time. As for the spirit silk, my control is also very good now. What I have to do now is Let’s see if we can add more spiritual threads to control. Moreover, the rest of us in Sect have also learned this method. In a short period of time, I’m afraid there won’t be any new methods that can improve our strength. That’s it. It’s almost here.” You Wenzheng also knows his situation. He really has no other way to improve his strength. His Level Up this time can be considered truly completed, unless there are others who can do it now. Ways to improve his strength, otherwise, he will only be promoted to here this time. Not only him, but the situation of Blood Slaughter Sect and other disciple should be the same.

Ding Chunming said solemnly: “Yeah, I’m afraid there will be no way to improve our strength in a short time. This time you can make a magic core. This is already a great thing for Sect disciple. After all, Law Idol For the improvement of our fighting strength, it is very enormous. With Law Idol, each of us can be used as several people. If we have a final battle with Shadow Clansman and add Divine Fire, then our fighting strength will definitely exceed Shadow Clansman. , we can deal with them in one go, but unfortunately, if Shadow Clansman can be resurrected, it will take a lot of time to eliminate them all.” Ding Chunming open the mouth and said.

You Wenzheng nodded, then he glanced at Ding Chunming and the others, and then open the mouth and said: “Senior Master, are we going to strengthen attack against Shadow Clansman? in recent time, Shadow Clansman‘s strength has also improved a lot. If we strengthen attack, Will their strength stop improving? Otherwise, if their strength continues to improve like this, it will not be easy for us to deal with them in the future, and our strategic purpose is still What if we haven’t achieved it yet? We haven’t fenced off Shadow Clansman’s territory yet, so it will be even more troublesome for us to deal with Shadow Clansman in the future. What do Senior Master think?”

The battlefield outside Ding Chunming look at, and then open the mouth and said: “It’s almost time, Azure Dragon, order the attack.” Azure Dragon responded, immediately sent the order to attack, and Blood Slaughter Sect‘s disciple also began to attack Shadow Clansman on the attack, Ding Chunming look at battlefield, Then open the mouth and said: “We Sect people have not completed the development of the body yet, but judging from the current situation, it is not easy to complete the development of the body at once, so it is almost It’s time to step up the attack on Shadow Clansman.”

Gongsun Yulong open the mouth and said: “In fact, strengthening the attack does not mean not developing the body. We can also is impossible destroy Shadow Clansman in a short time, so we can definitely strengthen the attack until we complete our strategy. After the goal, we are talking about physical development, and the physical development did not happen overnight. It is already very good as it is now.”

Ding Chunming nodded, and then he open the mouth and said: “Azure Dragon, connect Elder Bai.” Azure Dragon responded, immediately connected White Eyes, and soon White Eyes‘s projection appears on projection in front of Ding Chunming, White Eyes a appears , swim Wen Zhengimmediately saluted to White Eyes and called out Master. White Eyes smiled and nodded. Then he turned around look at Ding Chunming said:Old Ding, what’s the matter?”

Ding Chunming open the mouth and said: “That’s it. We tomorrow are preparing to strengthen our attack on Shadow Clansman. everyday minimum is going advancing 60 to a hundred miles away. There is no point in waiting like this. What do you think?” After he finished speaking, Just look at White Eyes.

White Eyes thought for a while, then open the mouth and said: “OK,, let’s attack. It’s time. As we wait, we really have no idea. At least we have to achieve our strategic goals, and then talk about other things, and We have been in such a stalemate with Shadow Clansman. Shadow Clansman may still doubt us. If we strengthen the attack, they may not doubt us anymore. But what methods are you going to use for this attack? Is it using magic core or some other means? ”()


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