Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 800: Reminder


p; Ding Chunming smiled said: “Of course, think about it, Divine Fire has been integrated into our bodies, Divine Fire is also one type of‘s special energy, our Law Idol can be integrated into spiritual silk, why can’t it be integrated into Divine Fire? But I think There is actually a certain risk in integrating Divine Fire into Law Idol. You should also know that Might very big of Divine Fire, even one type of single Divine Fire, Might are all very enormous, so it seems to be the most harmless Let’s talk about Runes Divine Fire. In fact, it has a very strong attack power. Once it is stained by this Divine Fire, if you can’t control it, it will destroy your Spiritual Qi and your body. Everything about you will turn into Runes. By then, you will no longer be you. You will be just a Runes. You will no longer have thoughts. There will be nothing left. You will directly become a Runes. And this This change is irreversible, so you should know how terrible Divine Fire is.” Ding Chunming said the last word, his expression was very solemn.

When You Wenzheng heard what Ding Chunming said, his complexion couldn’t help but change, he immediately look at Ding Chunming said:Divine Fire can be so dangerous? Martial Uncle, then how should I integrate Divine Fire into the Yijie? If I want to Will it be dangerous if Divine Fire integrates into Yijie?” You Wenzheng although wants to make himself stronger, but he doesn’t want to take too many risks.

Ding Chunming smiled at said: “This is actually very simple. All our disciple have Buddha Force. You can fuse Buddha Force with Divine Fire. At the beginning, fuse more Buddha Force into it. Use the peaceful energy of Buddha Force to neutralize the Divine Fire powerful energy, then slowly integrate Divine Fire into your own Law Idol, and then slowly adapt to this Divine Fire. After you have completely adapted to this Divine Fire, you will slowly extract Buddha Force from Divine Fire. The reason why you need to pull out the Buddha Force is because the Buddha Force neutralizes the powerful energy of the Divine Fire and at the same time makes the Might of the Divine Fire smaller, so you have to slowly pull out the Buddha Force from the Divine Fire, first a little, wait for you Once you get used to the Divine Fire, and then pull out a little bit, the Divine Fire can slowly be integrated into your Law Idol. When you are completely suitable for the Divine Fire, and at the same time let the Divine Fire also integrate into the Law Idol, then you are working with the Divine Fire. When fighting against enemies, it will be very easy to integrate Divine Fire into Law Idol, and there will be no danger. Of course, this process requires for a long time for is possible. You can’t be impatient. I know that your nearest/recent’s research and is possible have very good results. Okay, and the results are coming out very quickly, but you have to know that the results you are getting now are all resting on your laurels. The reason why I say this is because of the foundation that Sect has laid for you fantastic, your body is strong enough, you You can also use Law Idol Runes to comprehend Blood Battle Eight Styles and Divine Machine Finger, and also refine the spiritual silk into your body. These are the foundations. With these foundations, you can achieve the results you have today, so you can achieve results. It’s so fast, but you have to remember that Divine Fire is different from these. Divine Fire‘s powerful energy is too strong. With your current physical strength, you can is impossible and surrender to Divine Fire in one go. It’s easy to be dangerous, so you have to do it bit by bit. Come on, don’t be afraid of going slow, safety is the most important thing compared to going slow, understand?” When Ding Chunming said the last word, his expression was already very strict solemn.

When You Wenzheng heard what Ding Chunming said, he couldn’t help but trembled in his heart. He discover himselfnearest/recent did seem to be a little drifting. He had achieved some results one after another, which made him a little drifting. He thought Divine Fire that as long as he gave it a try, it would be fine. I directly integrated into the Yijie, but I didn’t expect that the reason why Divine Fire is called Divine Fire is because it is very formidable, most important, and Divine Fire were originally made to deal with energy, the **** of Shadow Clan. , Divine Fire is one type of’s special energy that can compete with Shadow Clan’s energy. Can such energy be easily defeated by him now? Before, their although also integrated Divine Fire into their body. That was because someone helped them repair the road and found the best way. At the same time, they also had the protection of Buddha Force. Only then could they integrate Divine Fire into their body. Even so , their bodies still have no way to completely control Divine Fire, they can only borrow the power of Divine Fire to deal with Shadow Clansman. If he really rashly integrates Divine Fire into Yijie this time, then is possible will really There would be danger. When he thought of here, he couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat.

At the same time, You Wenzheng was also a little curious as to why White Eyes didn’t say these words to him, but Ding Chunming did. And look at You Wenzheng’s Ding Chunming knew the expression on his face as soon as he saw it. What was he thinking, he continued open the mouth and said: “Do you feel strange, why you Master didn’t say these words to you, but I said these words to you instead?”

You Wenzheng was stunned for a moment, then he nodded and said that it was indeed the case, Ding Chunming look at, he smiled said:Master like you very much, and at the same time he also saw that you nearest/recent seemed to be a little pushy, he thought Through this matter, I want to give you a reminder. Even if something happens to you while testing Divine Fire, you Master will know it as soon as possible, and will definitely ask Young Master make a move to rescue you. At the same time He also wants to let you remember this lesson forever through this incident, so that you will not dare to rush forward in the future. cultivator practice requires energy, but you cannot be reckless. Recklessness and energy are completely different things. , and the reason why I remind you is actually what you Master told me. You Master finally relented. He was worried that something would really happen to you, so let me remind you. Now you are understand. “Ding Chunming turned to look at You Wenzheng after speaking, but You Wenzheng looked surprised.

You Wenzheng didn’t expect that White Eyes would do so much for it. He was really moved for a moment. At the same time, he felt a little guilty because he was still doubting White Eyes before, but he didn’t expect that White Eyes had already He had already made all preparations for him, which made him feel really guilty. After a while, he was take deep breaths, and then open the mouth and said: “Yes, Senior Master, I’m understand, please Senior Master feel relieved, I will definitely not let down Master’s hard work . “You Wenzheng has indeed made up his mind at this moment. He must do the things arranged by White Eyes well. At the same time, he must take this incident as a warning, and he will not dare to be too complacent in the future.

Ding Chunming look at You Wenzheng looked like, slightly smiled, reaching out and patting his shouldersaid: “There is no need for a heavy hammer to sound the drum, so this time you Master did not use the previous method. Remember, you will always remember what happened this time, so I hope you can always remember, okay, I won’t say much else, the time has come, Azure Dragon, give the order to attack.” Azure Dragon responded and then gave the order.

Ding Chunming and the others have also focused their attention on the battlefield. There is actually nothing good to see on the battlefield. Blood Slaughter Sect and now although are using spiritual threads to control Magical Artifact attack Shadow Clansman, but this is not a new thing. There is nothing good to see. Yes, but it is Shadow Clansman there. Now they have started to use Lingsi control to wear Magical Artifact attack Blood Slaughter Sect. The effect of although is not very good.

Ding Chunming look at Shadow Clansman action, can’t help but slightly smiled said: “These Shadow Clansman , now that we are smarter, they will use whatever method we use, which is really interesting. Alright , use whatever method they are willing to use, let them go, they can’t do it anyway. is impossible They are our opponents, so let’s use them as a whetstone first. Wen Zheng, you have watched them for so many days. Tell me, what do you think about them? command(er) Battle, any thoughts? ”

You Wenzheng thought for a while, then open the mouth and said: “I still have too little experience in this area now. I have only done command(er) before. Some teams fight. Fighting in a team is completely different from fighting in army. Fighting in a team. In fact, there is a duty. We only need to complete this duty. As for army, there are too many things to consider. Where should army use heavy troops and where should we use suspicious troops? Once our plan is discovered by the enemy , what should we do, all the things that is possible will occur on the battlefield, we must take into consideration is possible, and we must also make plans. When fighting army, in fact, it is best not to mess around and kill the enemy just by thinking about it. Break, even if the enemy reveals a flaw, don’t attack easily, because there is is possible which is a trap. everyone We still have to fight with stabilitygive priority to. Stability can ensure our own safety. As long as we can ensure our own safety, then We are equal to in an invincible position. As long as we are undefeated, the enemy will be defeated in the end. Over the years, we have fought against Shadow Clansman and other people countless times, and we have actually done this every time. Yes, the decision we made for sometimes may seem like a risk, but in fact we are fully prepared. simply is not a risk, so I think that when fighting army, we still need to stabilize give priority to.”

After hearing what You Wenzheng said, Ding Chunming and Gongsun Yulong, who had arrived for a while, all burst into laughter. Their appearance made You Wenzheng stunned. don’t know What are they laughing at? Ding Chunming look at You Wenzheng’s appearance , smiled said: “It’s okay Wen Zheng, don’t worry. The reason why we laugh is because what you said is exactly our Blood Slaughter Sect purpose when we fight against the enemy, so we laugh. We originally wanted to tell you this truth. , but I didn’t expect that you actually realized it yourself, which is a good thing, HaHaHaha, what you realized yourself is more impressive than what we taught you, HaHaHaha, good, very good.”

Hearing what Ding Chunming said, You Wenzheng couldn’t help but be stunned for a moment, and then he laughed loudly, Ding Chunming look at You Wenzheng, then open the mouth and said: “Wenzheng, you are really innate skill in terms of command(er) fighting, It is indeed the most suitable Cultivation Method for Lao Bai. In Sect, Lao Bai is sole, relying on command(er) fighting, the one who created his own Cultivation Method, his command(er) ability is also the strongest among us, although and now here is me In command(er), but if it really comes to the final battle, Chief Commander will still be you Master. You have to study hard. In the future, Sect will launch a war with the outside world. Then you can command(er) fight, and we old guys can rest. Come on, study hard and observe well, I believe that day will come soon.” You Wenzheng responded seriously, he will make this his target. ()


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