Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 662: Ideas


Shadow Sovereign look at in hand‘s jade slip, his brows furrowed deeply, and then he open the mouth and said: “Go and invite Great Minister of War.” The **** responded, and then turn around leave, and soon he Great Minister of War came to Shadow Sovereign‘s study room, When Shadow Sovereign look at Great Minister of War came, he nodded to Great Minister of War, and then he said to Great Minister of War said:, “Look at this.” After saying that, he gave in hand‘s jade slip to Great Minister of War.

After Great Minister of War read the content in jade slip, he turned around look at Shadow Sovereign said:Your Majesty, it seems that General Zhang and the others are indeed in trouble. Blood Slaughter Sect either hid their strength before, or their nearest/recent strength has been improved. In fact, I I prefer the latter. If they had hidden their strength before, I don’t think it was necessary. Their strength before is possible was only that strong. It’s just that for nearest/recent don’t know, their strength has been improved for some reason, so they strengthened their attack. .”

Shadow Sovereign Hearing what Great Minister of War said, he couldn’t help but be startled, and then he nodded said: “There is such a is possible, but it is not as big as our relationship. Let’s talk about how to deal with them. Well, now Mao Xuan responds to their there, and they have not produced many Statues, and they have not been trained yet. It is really hard to say whether they can exert the strength of several layers. Are they sending Statue to the battlefield now? This doesn’t seem very good. Is it suitable? What do you think?” Shadow Sovereign said look at Great Minister of War.

Great Minister of War thought for a while, then open the mouth and said: “Your Majesty, I think we can learn from the people of Blood Slaughter Sect in this regard.”

When Shadow Sovereign heard what he said, he couldn’t help but frown again, and then open the mouth and said: “How do you say this?”

Great Minister of War said solemnly: “There was a time when the Blood Slaughter Sect people were in a special situation when they fought with us. They would first let the disciple fight us without forming Battle Formation. In that case, their casualties Very high, and at that time they used in hand‘s Magical Artifact, which didn’t seem to be very smooth, but later it became smoother and stronger, and then they formed Battle Formation, and finally Battle Formation became formation. At that time We are all angry, because we all know that these are the people from Blood Slaughter Sect who are using us as training targets, so we are very angry, but Your Majesty, from this incident, we can see the other side of the matter, they are When we are training our troops, it is in other words. They are training on the battlefield, and the time they spend training on the battlefield is very short. They only use several times to attack, so that their people can completely master Magical Artifact , this is because the environment on the battlefield is different from our normally training environment. If they cannot master Magical Artifact, they will die, so they will definitely try their best. Can we also learn this method? ? We directly let those Statue go to the battlefield and treat the battlefield as a Drill Ground, so that they can master Statue in the shortest time and learn how to fight with Statue.”

When Great Minister of War said this, Shadow Sovereign couldn’t help but be startled, and then a smile appeared on his face. He nodded said:correct/pretty good, this idea is correct/pretty good. If they are allowed to use the battlefield as a training ground, maybe they will It is indeed a good way to master Statue as soon as possible, but if we expose Statue now, will our Statue still be useful in the future? How to solve this problem?” Shadow Sovereign finished. look at Great Minister of War, this is also something he is worried about.

When Great Minister of War heard what Shadow Sovereign said, he couldn’t help but smile bitterly. Then he glanced at Shadow Sovereign and then open the mouth and said: “Your Majesty, I have one thing to ask Your Majesty. Your Majesty thinks that beast’s shadow Wei’s surrender is really just surrender. Is it? beast’s shadow Wei knows something about Statue more or less. Wouldn’t they tell the people in Blood Slaughter Sect about Statue? If the people in Blood Slaughter Sect know about Statue, then can they mention advancing? Is it arranged?”

Shadow Sovereign couldn’t help being stunned when he heard what Great Minister of War said, and then he complexion nodded gloomily said:beloved minister is right, I didn’t think carefully. Indeed, the people of beast’s shadow Wei surrendered to Blood Slaughter Sect, and they is impossible don’t know Statue matter , Blood Slaughter Sect may be thinking of ways to deal with our Statue now. If we still hide it at this time, we will be the ones who suffer in the end. Okay, someone, go and call Mao Xuanying.” The **** responded, immediately went to make arrangements, and soon Mao Xuanying came.

After Mao Xuanying arrived, Shadow Sovereign immediately said to Mao Xuanying said: “Mao beloved minister, how many usable Statues do you there have now?” Shadow Sovereign really doesn’t know how many Statues Mao Xuanying has in there. After all, Mao Xuanying has They are also just starting to make Statue now.

Mao Xuanying knew it clearly in his heart. He immediately said to Shadow Sovereign said:Your Majesty, now our in hand has a total of Statue 2100 seats, and it is still increasing.” Mao Xuanying and the others are not idle. Always in Refining Statue, so there are so many Statue available, Mao Xuanying very clear, their current situation is very dangerous, so he really worked hard, he further subdivided Statue, so Statue made speed It has also increased at one time. At this point, Mao Xuanying has indeed done a good job.

Shadow Sovereign Hearing what Mao Xuanying said, he couldn’t help but be stunned, and then he couldn’t help but nodded. said: “OK,You will let these Statue go to Zhang Wutong there and return to Zhang Wutong command(er). As for how to control these Statue, your faction will do it. The people followed directly, taught Zhang Wutong and the others, and told Zhang Wutong and the others not to be afraid of failure and just use these Statue to deal with Blood Slaughter Sect. “

When Mao Xuanying heard what Shadow Sovereign said, he couldn’t help but be startled, and then he quickly said: “Your Majesty, I’m afraid this is inappropriate? If we do this, our Statue will be exposed, and now our in hand number of Statue There are still too few. If it is exposed now, it will be even more troublesome in the future. Once the people from Blood Slaughter Sect come up with the method of to break Statue, then our Statue will be useless.”

Shadow Sovereign look at Mao Xuanying, then he couldn’t help but sigh said: “I know what you are thinking, but don’t forget about beast’s shadow Wei and them, beast’s shadow Wei will don’t know Statue? They have now is possible Statue Son, tell Blood Slaughter Sect, wouldn’t that be more troublesome?” Shadow Sovereign said look at Mao Xuanying, and Mao Xuanying was stunned after hearing Shadow Sovereign’s words, and then he immediately open the mouth and said: “Yes, Your Majesty, I’m not thinking carefully, please Your MajestyForgive me, I will go back and prepare now. ”

Shadow Sovereign nodded, then open the mouth and said: “OK,, you go down, Great Minister of War, you go down first too. “The two of them responded, then directed at Shadow Sovereign gave a salute, and then withdrew from study room, Shadow Sovereign look at. After the two people retreated, he immediately took out a piece jade slip and directly sent a letter to Zhang Wutong, telling Zhang Wutong their decision. They also told Zhang Wutong their plan, and he was worried that Zhang Wutong would be reluctant to use those Statue. If they were really reluctant to use those Statue, then their purpose would not be achieved, so Shadow Sovereign in jade slip, things will be explain/transfer is very clear, that is to allow Zhang Wutong to feel relieved boldly use those Statue.

After Zhang Wutong received the letter from Shadow Sovereign, he immediately took a look at contents of the letter. When he saw contents of the letter, he couldn’t help being shocked. Then he immediately gave the letter to Ma Yichuan and asked Ma Yichuan to also take a look at contents of the letter. Ma Yichuan took a look. After passing contents of the letter, he also nodded said:Your Majesty‘s idea is right. Ma Rufeng and the others have already join Blood Slaughter Sect. Then the people in Blood Slaughter Sect must already know about Statue, so now they want to hide the matter about Statue, simply is impossible, It would be better to just use Statue to deal with Blood Slaughter Sect, first block the attack of Blood Slaughter Sect, and I think we have all fallen into a misunderstanding, and now we must get out of this misunderstanding.”

Zhang Wutong was a little confused about look at Ma Yichuan said: “What misunderstanding? Why don’t I have discover? What misunderstanding do we have?”

Ma Yichuan open the mouth and said: “Actually, very simple, our misunderstanding is that who said that we were defeated by Blood Slaughter Sect, so there is no way to deal with Blood Slaughter Sect. Take our clansman as an example. Their strength is not weak now, but in their When it was still ordinary clansman, they only used a few Martial Skill and Magical Artifact. Why could we defeat those cultivator when we faced other cultivator before? Could it be that they used Blade Technique, Sword Technique, and those cultivator don’t know? They knew, but they were still defeated by us. Our Blade Technique, our Sword Technique, and those cultivator can also be broken, but they still failed? Why? Because of those Sword Technique, we are extremely skilled in using them, and we can completely break them. If Sword Technique is used well, various moves can be combined at will. In this way, even if the enemy knows the Sword Technique and to break methods, they will not be able to break our Sword Technique, because as long as our Sword Technique is used proficiently, , there will be countless changes between moves, so how can the enemy be defeated? And our current situation is that we have come up with a new method of one type of, which we have not yet used to the point of proficiency. Blood Slaughter Sect came up with the one type of to break method. We suffered a lot of casualties, so we just gave up this method. No need. Is this right? I think this is wrong. Take the current battle situation as an example. Look at it now. , our Magical Artifact cannot stop the Magical Artifact of the Blood Slaughter Sect, is it because of our strength of can’t compare with Blood Slaughter Sect? This is partly the reason, but is it completely the reason? It seems not necessarily, we are currently using our Magical Artifact , still not proficient enough, a piece of Magical Artifact, if a person is proficient in using it, what kind of Might will it be? If a person is not proficient in using it, what kind of Might will it be? So I think this is one of our misunderstandings, we are too much I am interested in the new thing. We have not gone too deep into the unearth for the thing we already have. In this case, it is very difficult for us to defeat the Blood Slaughter Sect, so I think we must go deeper. unearth Let’s talk to us Magical Artifact Might, maybe this will have unexpected effects? What do you think?” After Ma Yichuan finished speaking, he look at Zhang Wutong.

After listening to Ma Yichuan’s words, Zhang Wutong couldn’t help but show a thoughtful look on his face, and then he open the mouth and said: “That makes sense. I will report your idea to Your Majesty later.” ()


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