Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 661: Failed


Ding Chunming saw Zhang Wutong and the others, and he couldn’t help but smile. Then open the mouth and said said: “Okay, interesting. It seems that Shadow Clansman really has nothing to do this time. Even their Commander came on stage. Okay, let’s go on stage too.” Ding Chunming finished speaking and was about to fly out. He had fought against Zhang Wutong and the others before, and this time he was dealing with Zhang Wutong, who was also no big deal, but at this time, Sun Buyu open the mouth and said: “Elder Ding, Let me go, I will add Ma Rufeng, we should be able to deal with them.” After saying that, he flew out directly. Ding Chunming couldn’t help but be stunned when he heard what he said. Then when he saw that Ma Rufeng had already taken action, he also Instead of grabbing it, I returned returned to and projection there.

At this time, Sun Buyu had already arrived on the battlefield with Alien Cavalry. Zhang Wutong and Ma Yichuan had also arrived on the battlefield at this time. Sun Buyu came to Ma Rufeng’s side. The two menlook at were Zhang Wutong and Ma Yichuan in front.

Zhang Wutong and Ma Yichuan also look at Sun Buyu and Ma Rufeng. When Zhang Wutong saw the two of them like this, his complexion couldn’t help but change. He had fought against Ding Chunming before, and he knew how powerful Ding Chunming was. Now when he saw Ding Chunming, Didn’t come out, this meant very obvious, just to let Sun Buyu and Ma Rufeng deal with them, his complexion changed, he was so heavy that it was Ding Chunming looking down on him, Zhang Wutong couldn’t help but coldly snorted, and then open the mouth and said: “How dare you You are not small, you just want to block our attack?” Speaking of here, he also glanced at Ma Rufeng, and then open the mouth and said: “You traitor, were you pushed out by the Blood Slaughter Sect people and used as cannon fodder? HaHaHa Ha, you Wasn’t your life in Blood Slaughter Sect so Ruyi Scepter? If you lived so well in Blood Slaughter Sect, they also sent you out in is impossible. You are now in Blood Slaughter Sect, but you have no ability to resurrect. You are really dead when you die. Today I will kill you, the traitor, and let you know the consequences of betraying us.” After saying this, Zhang Wutong moved his hand and used two tiger’s head hooks appears in his hand. Ma Yichuan also took out a double-headed gun, staring at Zhang Wutong’s two eyes. Horses are like the wind.

Ma Rufeng glanced at the two of them, then slightly smiled said: “Okay, I’m in here. If you have the ability, come and kill me. Do you really think that I am not as strong as you? Then I will let you do it today.” You know how powerful I am.” After saying that, Ma Rufeng in hand long spear pointed at Zhang Wutong, and when Sun Buyu heard what Ma Rufeng said, he couldn’t help but slightly smiled, then he turned his head and glanced at Ma Yichuan, also slightly smiled, and then moved his hand, in hand There was an extra shot, long spear, directed at Ma Yichuan.

Ma Yichuan glanced at Sun Buyu, then he smiled coldly , in hand‘s double-headed gun swung, and stabbed Sun Buyu directly. When Sun Buyu saw Ma Yichuan’s appearance, the smile on his face couldn’t help but get deeper, and then open the mouth and said: “Then let me learn from you your brilliant move.” After saying this, Sun Buyu moved his hand and stabbed Ma Yichuan with a spear.

Ma Yichuan was still very careful about Sun Buyu’s long spear. However, they knew that when Sun Buyu fought with Ma Rufeng before, Ma Yichuan saw the endless changes in his in hand long spear, precisely because of look at Arrived, that’s why he was extra careful, because he was very clear, facing an opponent like Sun Buyu, he couldn’t be distracted at all.

Ma Yichuan very clear, his double-headed gun, needs to be closer to take advantage of it, while Sun Buyu’s long spear is too close, but there is no way to use Might, so he wants to get closer Sun Buyu, and Sun Buyu also had rich combat experience, he could see Ma Yichuan’s thoughts at a glance, and he couldn’t help but smile.

The next moment his in hand long spear lengthened directly. As soon as Ma Yichuan saw this, his face couldn’t help but show a trace of solemnity. With a movement of his body, he let go of Sun Buyu’s shot. The next moment, his Body-maneuvering Technique rushed straight towards Sun Buyu like a snake. His body shape kept changing its position, and at the same time, he kept approaching Sun Buyu.

As soon as Sun Buyu saw Ma Yichuan’s movements, he couldn’t help but show a look of panic, but it quickly disappeared. Then his in hand long spear became normal length again, and he held it in both hands long spear, pointing in the direction of Sun Buyu, Sun Buyu kept changing the direction of the long spear spear tip, long spear‘s spear tip was always command(er) towards Ma Yichuan, and soon Ma Yichuan arrived at Sun Buyu’s side, his in hand double-headed spear, straight Sun Buyu stabbed at Sun Buyu, and Sun Buyu also stabbed at long spear with immediately/on horseback. His long spear was longer than Ma Yichuan’s long spear. Ma Yichuan stabbed at the opponent at the same time as him, so he must have stabbed Ma Yichuan first. Ma Yichuan obviously also Knowing this, he moved his hands, long spear, and pushed Sun Buyu’s long spear to the side. At the same time, he rushed forward, but at the same time, the gun heads behind his pistols sharply moved upward. Picking it up, the very abruptly came down, and his movements were very fast. Seeing that look at Sun Buyu could not block his shot, Ma Yichuan couldn’t help but a hint of joy flashed in his eyes.

But the next moment, suddenly Sun Buyu let go of one hand long spear, in his hand don’t know when, an extra long sword appeared, and the long sword blocked Ma Yichuan’s double-headed gun, and at the same time his other in hand The long spear also shortened suddenly and turned into a short sword, which was stabbed directly at Ma Yichuan. This time the change the maneuver was faster, and Ma Yichuan did not react at all.

The long sword pierced directly into Ma Yichuan’s neck. Ma Yichuan looked in disbelief look at Sun Buyu, Sun Buyu look at Ma Yichuan, his face there still looked a little panicked, he look at Ma Yichuan said: “You It’s too underestimated and we are Blood Slaughter Sect.” The next moment, Ma Yichuan turned into a ball of Dark mist and went straight to vanish from sight. On the other hand, Ma Rufeng and Zhang Wutong are still fighting.

The double hooks of Zhang Wutong’s hands kept attacking Ma Rufeng. Ma Rufeng’s long spear of in hand also kept changing his moves, blocking Zhang Wutong’s attack of one by one. This is not to say that Ma Rufeng is not as strong as Zhang Wutong, but because The two of them were now engaged in a personal battle, and their fight was actually very detrimental to Ma Rufeng.

Ma Rufeng is still in the form of a centaur. If they charge, they will be really strong, but in this kind of one-on-one battle, they are not as flexible as humans. It is precisely because of this that Ma Rufeng When facing Zhang Wutong’s attack, he was at a disadvantage, but Zhang Wutong wanted to kill Ma Rufeng, but it was also is impossible, because Ma Rufeng’s strength was also very formidable, and his in hand long spear can now be long or short, which made Zhang Wutong There was nothing that could be done to him for the moment.

While Zhang Wutong although was attacking Ma Rufeng with all his strength, he kept paying attention to Ma Yichuan. He did not expect that Ma Yichuan would be defeated so quickly. This shocked him. But at this moment, Ma Rufeng was paying attention. When he changed, he saw Ma Rufeng move his hand, and the next moment in hand‘s long spear stabbed directly towards Zhang Wutong. Zhang Wutong’s in hand tiger’s head hook immediately hooked Ma Rufeng’s long spear, and then another tiger’s head hook went straight towards Ma Rufeng. But at this moment, the tip of Ma Rufeng’s in hand‘s long spear suddenly turned a corner and penetrated directly into Zhang Wutong’s neck.

Zhang Wutong never expected that Ma Rufeng would have such a move. He thought that Ma Rufeng’s in hand‘s long spear could not turn, but he did not expect that Ma Rufeng’s in hand‘s long spear could now turn. He had doubts at the beginning. Can Ma Rufeng’s in hand‘s long spear be able to turn, but Ma Rufeng has never used this move, so he thought that Ma Rufeng’s in hand‘s long spear can’t turn, but he did not expect that Ma Rufeng’s in hand‘s long spear can turn, and Ma Rufeng has been waiting for this. A opportunity, now opportunity has arrived, of course he will directly let long spear turn around and give Zhang Wutong the most fatal blow.

Zhang Wutong’s tiger’s head hook was only about a foot away from Ma Rufeng’s head, but Ma Rufeng could not be found. He looked at look at Ma Rufeng with a look of shock, and then his figure turned into a The group is Dark mist vanish from sight.

When Zhang Wutong disappeared, Ma Rufeng let out a long breath, and then he couldn’t help laughing. The foul air in his heart finally came out, which made him very happy. At this time, the situation on the battlefield was also completely different. Falling into the rhythm of Blood Slaughter Sect, Shadow Clansman was completely in chaos because their command(er) system had completely disappeared.

Of course Ding Chunming also saw this. He immediately ordered the whole army to attack. As Blood Slaughter Sect‘s army rushed forward with all their strength, Shadow Clansman‘s army was directly defeated. Wherever Blood Slaughter Sect‘s army passed by, only a piece of land was left. Dark mist, those Dark mist are all left after the death of Shadow Clansman. Finally, Blood Slaughter Sect has been advancing for six hundred miles, and then it stopped. At the same time, their formation also stood up. When their formation was raised, Shadow Clansman‘s army was at once They came to kill, but as soon as they saw Blood Slaughter Sect stopped, they did not attack. At this time, Zhang Wutong and Ma Yichuan were complexion standing lividly on there, their look at Blood Slaughter Sect army, and after a while Zhang Wutong was open the mouth and said : “I really didn’t expect that Ma Rufeng also mastered the method of Blood Slaughter Sect. We were too careless.” Ma Yichuan nodded. He was also careless. He fell into Sun Buyu’s trap. He thought the panic on Sun Buyu’s face was The look on his face was real, but don’t know. The panic look on Sun Buyu’s face was actually fake. When he thought he had the trick, it turned out don’t know that he really fell into Sun Buyu’s trap, and was actually caught by Sun Buyu. Killed in such a one type of way, it made Ma Yichuan’s complexion still very difficult look, so after listening to Zhang Wutong’s words, he just nodded and did not answer. Zhang Wutong knew what he was thinking as soon as he looked at him. , he didn’t say anything, just patted Ma Yichuan on the shoulder, and then he went directly to write a piece jade slip, and then gave jade slip Transmission to Shadow Sovereign. He had to report the here occur matter to Shadow Sovereign and let Shadow Sovereign know about it. Their here failed once, allowing Shadow Sovereign to prepare early. Then Zhang Wutong look at Blood Slaughter Sect‘s Great Formation. The expression on his face is still ugly, because he is very clear. If tomorrow Blood Slaughter Sect continues to attack like this, they still can’t stop Blood Slaughter Sect. Offense, also in other words, their interception of Blood Slaughter Sect completely failed.


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