Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 412: Official Disciple


Elder Zhang and others alliance leader look at of the Jade Shadow League, said solemnly: “We just received information. The elder asked us to go there. I asked about it. This elder is the top ranked an elder in Sect, but he is ranked The reason why he is in the front is not because of his strength, but because he is mainly the person who handles some internal affairs of Sect. What can the elders do to us this time? Does everyone know?” although They are now join Blood Slaughter Sect, but alliance leader of Jade Shadow League can still control these people of Jade Shadow League, because all of them are very clear, when they arrive in a strange environment, they must stick together, otherwise their life will not be is possible It was so good that they are still very united now.

When everyone heard alliance leader ask this, they all shook their heads. They really don’t know this matter. When alliance leader of the Jade Shadow League heard Elder Zhang and the others say this, they didn’t say anything. He said solemnly: “don’t know is Alright, look. It seems that Mr. Chang has something to do with us. Okay, everyone, let’s go. Don’t keep Mr. Chang waiting.” Everyone responded, and then they all followed alliance leader leave into the room and went to Cheng Wanchun‘s Divine Beast there. No. After a while they arrived at Divine Beast there of Cheng Wanchun. After they arrived, Cheng Wanchun invited them in directly. They had more people although this time, but they believed that if Cheng Wanchun let them in, there would be no problem. After all, they But those who have seen Bread Tree and Noodle Tree, with these thing around, ordinary people don’t have to worry about food. Then there will be large Space vacated in Divine Beast Space. Then Divine Beast Space can fit them, so it is normal. .

Sure enough, as soon as they entered Divine Beast Space, they saw a huge Space. In this Space here, there were many chairs. There was only a table in the innermost part, and there were also a table and chairs on the table.

After disciple brought them in, he asked them to sit down. After they all sat down, Cheng Wanchun then appears was in here, alliance leader. They knew that Cheng Wanchun should be in small Space there. When they all came in, this Just came out.

However, everyone did not think there was anything wrong, but directly said to Cheng Wanchun gave a salute said:, “See you and grow up.”

Cheng Wanchun look at Everyone couldn’t help but slightly smiled said: “You’re welcome, please sit down.” After everyone thanked them, they sat down. After everyone sat down, Cheng Wanchun then look at everyone said:nearest/recent step into the room , because there are more people in join Sect, so everyone are busy, so they don’t have time to chat with everyone, and don’t know everyone are you still used to it in Sect? If you have anything, you can tell me directly now, (It) doesn’t matter, everyone are all our own, so don’t be polite.” The person below Cheng Wanchun look at had a smile on his face.

alliance leader couldn’t help but be stunned when they heard what Cheng Wanchun said, and then alliance leader quickly said said: “No, no, we are very used to it. Our life now is much better than before. Cheng Wanchun is really too polite.”

Cheng Wanchun smiled and said: “OK, got used to it. Today I called everyone over. I have something to tell everyone, which is about Sect. everyone are all my own now, so I will tell everyone the truth. Well, the Sect you see is just the tip of the iceberg of Sect. The real Sect Encampment is actually not in here, but in another place. You already have restriction of Sect in your body, and is impossible is betraying it. Sect, so today I will tell everyone the true situation of Sect, everyone and take a look at this projection first. After reading it, go to Sect and take a look at the real Encampment there. “After saying that, Cheng Wanchun took out the a piece jade slip. Under the puzzled eyes of everyone, he started the jade slip directly. The next moment, a projection and appears appeared in front of everyone, and everyone was stunned by the look at and the projection. There was still some unresponsiveness.

But soon, they were attracted by the content in projection. They quietly look at projection, and the more they watched, the more surprised they became. This time lasted for an hour. After an hour, projection was finished, and Cheng Wanchun would jade slip He put it away, and then the people below him look at, said solemnly: “All right, everyone have also seen it, everyone, do you have anything to ask? If not, then everyone should enter Black Tortoise Space, go to there to visit Sect, and at the same time receive the welfare recipients of Sect, so that you can be regarded as the real join Sect. ”

When alliance leader and others heard what Cheng Wanchun said, they immediately reacted. alliance leader was surprised look at Cheng Wanchun said: “Growing up, this, everything said in projection is true? Sect really came from Lower Realm ascend? Sect really several times defeated Shadow Clansman?”

Cheng Wanchun smiled and said: “Of course it is true. The content played in projection is all true. We are indeed promoted from Lower Realm. We are indeed several times who defeated Shadow Clansman. In Lower Realm we are Only by eradicating all Shadow Clansman can we bring the ascend to Immortal Realm here. This everyone will know the history of Sect when we see it in the future. I can guarantee that these contents are all true.” Cheng Wanchun very clear, anyone’s first time hearing this This information will be surprised, so he is not accidental/surprised.

When alliance leader heard what Cheng Wanchun said, he immediately open the mouth and said said: “Growing up, can we go and have a look in Sect now?”

Cheng Wanchun smiled and said: “Of course, are you going now?” Cheng Wanchun certainly hopes that they will enter Black Tortoise Space. He does not believe that someone will not miss join Blood Slaughter Sect after entering Black Tortoise Space. He is very fond of Blood Slaughter Sect. Confidence.

alliance leader glanced at the others, then he thought for a while, then open the mouth and said: “OK,, then we want to go to Sect now to have a look. ”

Cheng Wanchun smiled and said: “No problem, everyone don’t be nervous, I will send everyone over now.” Then he pointed his finger to the ground. The next move would be alliance leader and they would go directly to vanish from sight. Of course, Cheng Wanchun would also be vanish from sight. If Da In a Space, only those tables and chairs were left, but at this time, Cheng Wanchun and the others were already appears on an hill in Black Tortoise Space.

alliance leader were all stunned, and then they felt something was wrong. They all raised their heads and looked into the sky. The sun in sky hung so brightly on there, very dazzling, which made alliance leader and the others greatly surprised. You know Now although is in the Divine Beast world. They already have their own territory. there also has light, but they can’t see the sun, but they can in here.

Cheng Wanchun look at Their actions did not stop them. They are different from those who entered Black Tortoise Space before. Those who entered Black Tortoise Space before have been living in Darkness. If they look up rashly, Their eyes can’t stand it, but alliance leader and the others live in the territory where Blood Slaughter Sect is now Black Tortoise Space. there although does not have sunlight, but it is very bright, so even if they look up, with their strength, they cannot hurt their eyes. , so he didn’t stop it.

However, alliance leader and their eyes although are not injured, but they are so irritating that they are about to shed tears. At this time, Cheng Wanchun is open the mouth and said: “All right, everyone. In the future, it will be opportunity. Look, I will arrange for someone to take everyone to take a good look at Black Tortoise Space. . “After saying this, he said solemnly said: “Here comes someone! “With his voice, disciple of immediately Blood Slaughter Sect arrived. After these disciple came, immediately came to Cheng Wanchun and them, looked at them at Cheng Wanchun gave a salute, Cheng Wanchun, and then open the mouth and said: “All right,, please take them to visit Sect. , go.” Those people responded, and then they walked towards Cheng Wanchun gave a salute, and then turn around walked to alliance leader and them, Cheng Wanchun At this time look at alliance leader and them said: “Everyone, you follow these Sect‘s disciple and go have a good visit. Then I received the benefits of Sect, and then you are in the returned to Divine Beast world there. They will tell you what to do next, so I will leave first.” alliance leader They all responded and directed at Cheng Wanchun gave a salute, but Cheng Wanchun It was slightly smiled, and then it went directly to vanish from sight. In fact, it is very simple for them to let alliance leader and join Blood Slaughter Sect now, because they already have join Blood Slaughter Sect, and they also have Sect restriction, which lets them know that Blood Slaughter Sect is even better than they know. Powerful, this has only advantages and no disadvantages for them. They will only be happier, so it will be easier to let them join Sect.

But they must be allowed to enter Sect separately. If they are all allowed to enter Sect at once, there will be some chaos in is possible, so Cheng Wanchun everyday will send several groups of people into Sect just to avoid any chaos. , this mess mainly means that too many people are visiting Sect, and those disciple will be overwhelmed. After all, there are only so many places in Sect worthy of those people visiting. If too many people flood in at once, it will It’s very troublesome. On the contrary, if they wait until they are join Sect in the future, it will be fine. They will be assigned to various places and do their own things. Sect will not have to worry so much.

Then Cheng Wanchun met another person from the minor league. These minor leaguers were all post-join Blood Slaughter Sect and didn’t know much about Blood Slaughter Sect. They would instinctively get together stick together for warmth, but Cheng Wanchun believed that as long as they entered Black Tortoise Space, After becoming the Official Disciple of Blood Slaughter Sect, they will no longer think about hugging together for warmth in the future, because as long as join Blood Slaughter Sect and simply don’t need to do this, so Cheng Wanchun’s current work is actually very easy. He only needs to gather people together. , explain the situation to them, and then send them into Black Tortoise Space, and let Sect’s disciple take them to visit, that’s fine. simply doesn’t need him to do anything else, so now he will send several batches of people into everyday. In Black Tortoise Space, I believe everyone will soon become Blood Slaughter Sect‘s Official Disciple, but Cheng Wanchun is still very careful and arranges things well every time. He is Blood Slaughter Sect‘s old person, so he naturally knows what to do. He is very clear and Sect. Things should not be taken lightly.

In this way, things are moving forward in an orderly manner. These people in join Blood Slaughter Sect are not don’t know Ding Chunming. They are cleaning up those who don’t want join Blood Slaughter Sect and turning them into Undead Race. They are all thinking that they can join Blood Slaughter Sect happy.


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