Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 411: conquer


Tenglong League is one of the more internal leagues in the Divine Beast world. Their league is relatively remote, and they don’t have much supplies in here, so many people don’t like to come to here. Of course, in their here, there are also some small leagues who are making a living in here, and the Tamron League is in here, and their lives are very good.

Tenglong League doesn’t like to participate in the Divine Beast world. They are like people from remote mountainous areas. They don’t like to integrate into big city and live their own lives leisurely. It is precisely because of this that the last time Blood Slaughter After Fa killed the people of the Great Hate Alliance, they did not participate in the conference when they were held. It is precisely because of this that there is no disciple of Blood Slaughter Sect in their alliance.

This time when Blood Slaughter Sect was established, they also received information, but they didn’t care. They were like hermits. is possible knew about outside world, but they didn’t care. is possible felt that those things were related to They have nothing to do with it.

So the people in the Tenglong League have always lived their own lives, nothing special. They feel that they are in a remote location, and even if they don’t participate in Blood Slaughter Sect, it won’t matter. Anyway, they are used to this. Life, so he doesn’t care at all. Maybe in their eyes, Blood Slaughter Sect is not established, and it is also it doesn’t matter with them.

This day suddenly one five colors of photomask, appears Surrounded by the Tenglong Alliance, the Tenglong Alliance’s Encampment Being covered up, the people of Tenglong Alliance did not react for a moment. They had been safe for too long and had not lost their vigilance. For so many years, they have been living in here , but never occur They had been through the war, so they didn’t notice anything unusual around them at all, but just like that, they were directly Five Elements The spectroscopic boundary is covered, Ding Chunming Take it directly Alien Cavalry appears Here here , and the people from Tenglong Alliance, this moment Also reacted, they all started from their own Divine Beast Space came out.

When those people from the Tamron League came out of their Divine Beast Space, immediately had five colors light belts, which directly entangled those Divine Beast, so that not much of the Battle Soldier in Divine Beast could come out, because of the light. As soon as Divine Beast is entangled, the people in Divine Beast Space have no way to come out. The Five Elements spectroscopic world has the ability to seal.

At this time, Tenglong League’s alliance leader, Tengfei complexion stood ugly at there, he look at Ding Chunming, then said solemnly: “who are you? Why are you surrounding us?” Obviously, he although knows about outside world occur, but for these things, It doesn’t seem to be very concerned, otherwise is impossible definitely doesn’t know Ding Chunming. After all, Ding Chunming is now considered a Mingren.

Ding Chunming look at takes off, slightly smiled said: “Let me introduce myself, Ding Chunming, I am Blood Slaughter Sect‘s an elder. I have only one purpose to surround you today, which is to invite all of you join Blood Slaughter Sect, don’t know, what do you think?” After Ding Chunming said that, look at took off, waiting for him to take off. Their reply, and complexion changed as soon as Tengfei and the others heard him announce his name and purpose.

Tengfei look at Ding Chunming said: “You Blood Slaughter Sect, are you going too far to deceive others? Our Tenglong League has no relationship with you. Now you suddenly want us to join you. What do you mean? Do you think that our Tenglong League Are people easy to bully?” Tengfei really didn’t expect that Ding Chunming would be a Blood Slaughter Sect person. He really felt that Blood Slaughter Sect people were too overbearing. They just wanted to live their own lives, while Blood Slaughter Sect people But to force them to join, this is indeed a bit much.

The way Ding Chunming look at took off, I couldn’t help but slightly smiled, and then open the mouth and said: “Are we going too far? This seems to be true, we have been fighting against Shadow Clansman. Without us, can you live such a stable life? We will let you live. We are so stable, but you have such an attitude towards us. Isn’t this a bit excessive? Now, I will give you two choices, either you voluntarily join and we Blood Slaughter Sect, or you have to die. Make your own choice. I’ll give you ten breaths to think about it.”

Tengfei look at Ding Chunming, but Ding Chunming is look at with a calm look on his face, Tengfei said solemnly: “Are you really going to do this? If we really try our best, you won’t have an easy time, you still want to unify/unified Divine Beast world, don’t It’s a dream.”

Ding Chunming look at He looked soaring and couldn’t help but shake his head. said: “It seems that you are interested in outside world We still know too little about things about don’t know Our situation, okay, let me tell you about it now. Divine Beast boundary here , 90% of people have already join Here we are Blood Slaughter Sect Here, you said in this case, I said to unify/unified Divine Beast Is there any problem with the world? Do you think you can stop our attack just by relying on your Tenglong Alliance? Are you too naive? Take off now Divine Beast The world has changed a long time ago. Don’t look at the current situation based on your previous thoughts. Divine Beast Bounded, the past Divine Beast There is no way around it unify/unified , but do you think that now Divine Beast Realm, there is no way unify/unified ? Come on, let me see what ability you have to stop our attack. ”

When Tengfei heard what Ding Chunming said, his two eyes couldn’t help but shrink. If what Ding Chunming said is true, and 90% of people are now join Blood Slaughter Sect, then Blood Slaughter Sect can indeed make Divine Beast the world of unify/unified, but he can’t I believe that what he really said was has no way to believe Ding Chunming, so he look at Ding Chunming said: “This is impossible, please stop lying to me.” He really didn’t believe what Ding Chunming said.

Ding Chunming look at looks like taking off, slightly smiled said: “Whether you believe it or not, everything I said is true. Now I am giving you a opportunity. The time of ten breaths has come. If you surrender, then this matter will be forgotten. It’s past. If you don’t surrender, you will have no choice but to die, so you choose.” After Ding Chunming said this, look at took off.

Tengfei look at Ding Chunming, he suddenly said loudly: “Come on, things can’t get any better today. Let’s kill one to get enough. Kill two and we will make a profit. As long as we drive them away, we will win. Kill them.” !” After saying that, he rushed towards Ding Chunming first, and other people from the Tenglong League also rushed towards Ding Chunming and the others. They although heard what Ding Chunming said, but they didn’t believe it. This was actually the so-called information cocoon. Fang, these people from the Tenglong League have entered an information cocoon room. They only believe what they want to believe, so they Root don’t believe in Ding Chunming‘s words, so they attack Ding Chunming at this time.

Ding Chunming look at looked like he was soaring. He couldn’t help but slightly smiled. He didn’t say anything. He moved his hand and hit appears in his hand with a skull hammer. Then he moved his body and rushed straight towards Tengfei. Tengfei was a Artifact Cultivator, and his Magical Artifact was A long whip, known as Dragon Whip. This Dragon Whip is a Nine-Segmented Whip. This whip is under the blessing/additional support of Spiritual Qi. It is extremely flexible and can be used as a long spear or a whip. It can even be turned into two pieces of weapon at any time. It can even be turned into nine separate short sticks, which can fly out and hurt people. The changes are endless. But unfortunately, what he encountered today was Ding Chunming. Ding Chunming would not care so much. As soon as he saw the soaring long whip As he whipped it over, he moved his in hand hammer and hit the long whip with one blow.

Originally this was a trap for Teng Fei to deal with other people, because after Nine-Segmented Whip was hit, he would release his strength, and each section could release his strength independently. The average person’s strength is only one layer. When hit on Nine-Segmented Whip, the first section of Nine-Segmented Whip will break away from the whip body and fly out directly, taking away the opponent’s power. However, the remaining eight sections can still hit people. Many people are at this step. Just following Teng Fei’s path, he was beaten to death by Teng Fei with a whip, and undead would also be seriously injured.

But it is a pity that Tengfei faced Ding Chunming. Ding Chunming is famous for its power changes. When he hammered it, it was not just one layer Strength Dao. He saw that his hammer hit Nine-Segmented Whip, and the next moment Nine-Segmented Whip , immediately shattered, and immediately turned into nine sections, flying around, and Soaring’s body froze immediately.

He relied too much on Nine-Segmented Whip. He thought that this time it would be like before, and he could catch Ding Chunming by surprise, but he was actually simply don’t know, Ding Chunming stronger than he thought much stronger, Ding Chunming included in one move. The power of simply was beyond what he could have imagined, so it was not Ding Chunming who was caught off guard, but him instead. Not only was Nine-Segmented Whip shattered, but the power of Ding Chunming was also thrust into his body. He could no longer move. At this moment, Ding Chunming had arrived in front of him and hit him with a hammer. Teng Fei’s body trembled and he lost his breath.

At this time, other people in the Tamron League also faced off against Alien Cavalry. When the people in the Tamron League faced off against Alien Cavalry, their suddenly turned out to be discover. They were wrong. They were totally wrong. They thought Alien Cavalry was not strong. But they didn’t expect that the strength of Alien Cavalry was far beyond their imagination. With just one charge from Alien Cavalry, they were immediately wiped out, not even rebel‘s opportunity.

Not to mention the people of Tenglong Alliance, even Ding Chunming did not expect that their operation would be so smooth this time. Ding Chunming also did not expect that he could kill the opponent with one move. He was really a little don’t understand , with such strength, how did they become the leader of an alliance, and they had already surrounded the other party, and the other party could still take it so lightly. I can only say that the other party’s death was not unjust, and the other party really didn’t take them seriously. It’s something serious, or the other party takes themselves too seriously, that’s why it’s like this.

The people from Ding Chunming look at Alien Cavalry took care of all the people from Tenglong League. He couldn’t help but let out a long breath, and then he said solemnly: “Tell Elder Bai and ask Elder Bai to send someone to receive here.” immediately Someone responded and gave White Eyes to them I sent a letter, but Ding Chunming waved his hand and a ball of Dark mist surrounded Tengfei and the others, while Ding Chunming and the others were waiting at there. After a while, army from Blood Slaughter Sect came to clean up here. At the same time, let go of the Divine Beast Space and let all the Battle Soldier inside come out. If they surrender, let them spare their lives. If they don’t want to surrender, they will be killed directly. Those Battle Soldier can see outside, and they all see Soar and them. Of course, even if they died, they would not be thinking of being loyal to Tengfei at this time, so most of them surrendered. ()


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