Blade of the Sword Master Chapter 4319: Arrogant and arrogant



The development of things has gradually deviated from Rong Lie’s expectations.


Or because of his own death, he pushed Xiao Chen and Lin Yun to the opposite side of him.


Originally, they were two guys that they didn’t like at all, but who would have thought that these two people would force them to a desperate situation.


Rong Lie’s eyes were cold and full of hatred, and at the same time he looked at Xiao Chen and Lin Yun with a hint of remorse.


If I had known that the two of them were so strong, Rong Lie might not have provoke them.


Even coming here would be a completely different attitude, but now, it’s too late to say anything.


Seeing Ronglie’s anger, Lu Ze said with a sneer.


“Ronglie, do you know what your biggest weakness is?”


Speaking, without waiting for Rong Lie’s answer, Lu Ze answered himself.


“Arrogant, arrogant, and taking no one seriously, this is your greatest weakness.”


“You were born in a high-class world, and you thought you were better than people in other worlds. Even if you were in the world of destruction with me, you never paid attention to me. This kind of character is doomed to failure.”


Lu Ze knows Rong Lie’s character very well. There is a saying that the person who knows you best is often your enemy.


In order to defeat Rong Lie, Lu Ze can be said to have thoroughly studied him.


On the other hand, Rong Lie has never paid attention to Lu Ze from the beginning to the end. In his eyes, the Imperial Dynasty may have long been his private property, even if he has not really won it.


Comparing the two, Rong Lie knew too little about Lu Ze.


And even Lu Ze can ignore him, let alone Xiao Chen and Lin Yun.


The two masters, perhaps in the eyes of the world, are already the existence of the sky, but in the eyes of Rong Lie, they are nothing.


That’s why he doesn’t care about Xiao Chen and Lin Yun’s feelings. He didn’t make such a threat when he opened his mouth, and even said something like surrendering to him.


Such stupid words clearly meant to force Xiao Chen and Lin Yun to side with Lu Ze.


This kind of character has become Rong Lie’s biggest weakness, but it is also because of his growth experience that Rong Lie has developed such a character.


Let’s put it this way, Rong Lie is a person who has hardly encountered any setbacks.


Born in the upper-class world, and his father was in the world of extinction, the old domain owner before.


It can be said that Rong Lie’s birth belongs to the top category in the Northern Star Realm.


With talent, resources, everything is the best, birth is the end that countless people can’t reach in their lifetime.


Because of this, Rong Lie can be said to have a smooth journey.


Whether it’s cultivation, life, or something else.


Since childhood, he has been surrounded by all kinds of flattering people. Over time, Rong Lie naturally doesn’t take anyone in his eyes.


Later, he succeeded his father as the domain owner.


It can be said that this is Rong Lie’s whole life experience, which is enviable, but also simple.


From a young age, I have grown up looking like I want to be myself, and the same is true of the emperor.


At the same time, I never thought about the possibility of failure.


Because in Rong Lie’s heart, it is impossible for him to fail, no matter what he does.


Hearing Lu Ze’s remarks, Rong Lie finally snorted and responded.


“Hmph, Lu Ze, you don’t have to be too happy, do you think you can stop me with just a few of you?”


“Even if these two guys take action, the strong ones under my command will still be able to flatten your imperial dynasty.”


Still refused to admit his mistake, Lu Ze smiled indifferently.


“That being said, isn’t there a strong man in my dynasty?”


Rong Lie’s subordinates do have many strong men. After all, as the domain owner of a superior world, he naturally has followers, and his strength is not weak.


As far as Lu Ze knows, there are three people in Rong Lie’s half-step world-annihilation realm.


After all, burning at the stake has always been in the Imperial Dynasty, and almost all of them are members of the Imperial Dynasty.


In addition to this, the number of masters of the realm is estimated to be no less than ten, and the number of warriors of all ranks is even greater.


It can be said that the strength of Rong Lie’s domain alone is comparable to a top middle-class world like Emperor Tianjie.


And such a star field, there are seven high-level worlds in that side, and Rong Lie is just one of the seven field masters.


Ignoring Lu Ze, Rong Lie turned his gaze to Xiao Chen and Lin Yun, a trace of regret flashed in his eyes, but he was not convinced at all.


“The two of you stop now, I can let go of what happened before, and I can pretend it never happened.”


It’s still the same arrogant, threatening tone.


In this regard, Xiao Chen and Lin Yun didn’t care about it at all. They have already come this far. How could they back down at such a time.


If you choose to give up at this time, and wait until Rong Lie solves the emperor, what will happen to the thousands of great realms at that time?


It’s not that Rong Lie will definitely start with the Great Realm, or it is possible that he will simply forget the Great Realm.


After all, in the Northern Star Realm the Great Realm is just an ordinary one among the many middle worlds.


There are many middle worlds like the Great Realm of Thousand Thousands in the Northern Star Realm.


Rong Lie doesn’t need to spend his energy to target thousands of great realms.


But if this is the case, it would be equivalent to handing over your life and wealth to others.


Your life or death depends on the other person’s face. If they let you live, you can live. If they let you die, you must die.


With the characters of Xiao Chen and Lin Yun, it is naturally impossible to endure such a threat, so the best choice is to join forces with Lu Ze, solve Rong Lie at one time, and completely end the threat from the source.


As for why I didn’t make a move before, because I wasn’t threatened, and since I didn’t feel threatened, why would I step in?


The appearance of Ronglie, but it happened to pull Xiao Chen and Lin Yun into such a threat, it was about himself, so naturally he couldn’t stand idly by.


So, facing Rong Lie’s words, Xiao Chen and Lin Yun didn’t mean to respond at all.


Perceiving this, Rong Lie was in a hurry, but before he could say anything, Xiao Chen took advantage of the gap between him to resist Lu Zhou’s attack and slashed out.


The terrifying sword qi whizzed past and appeared in front of Rong Lie like lightning, and it was too late to react.


In addition, this sword energy is also full of strong sword energy, which has already been attacked by the soul.


The only option is to connect hard, and the sword light hit Rong Lie fiercely. For a while, a long wound appeared in front of Rong Lie. Although it recovered quickly, there is no doubt that this sword is indeed It hurt him.


The recovery ability of the World Destruction Realm is extremely strong, but there is always a limit, and each recovery is actually a consumption. When the limit is reached, it is the time to kill.


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