Blade of the Sword Master Chapter 4246: Inside the story



Watching Xiao Chen and the three of them leave, none of the five masters of Jiuyougu had any intention of pursuing them.


Three people were slashed and injured by Xiao Chen, one was injured by Jueying, and the last one was controlled by illusion. After they were lifted, there would still be the shadows of Xiao Chen and the three of them.


At this time, the master who was leading the way looked gloomy and ugly, but he was helpless.


He played against Huan Xin just now, and the two had the same cultivation level, but facing Huan Xin, the master had no good solution.


Illusionary martial artist, and able to practice illusion to such an extent, Huan Xin is definitely the person with the strongest illusion he has ever seen.


Even if it is the master, in front of the illusion of the illusion, there is no guarantee that he will not be attacked.


And illusions are inherently weird, and many times, I don’t even know that I have been hit by illusions, just like this. This time Zhang Si


After he broke free from the illusion, the three of Xiao Chen were long gone.


“Damn, what do we do now?”


The other four people gathered around one after another. Although they were still bleeding, they didn’t care at all.


Faced with the inquiries of the four, the master said in a deep voice.


“Go to the entrance of Treasure Realm, contact the sect, and hold them off first.” Qiang Xi read Xi


The three of Xiao Chen are definitely going to leave the Black Dragon Treasure Realm, so they will go to the entrance to guard, as soon as Xiao Chen and the others appear, stop them.


At the same time, contact the sect and ask them to send people over. If five people are not enough, then seven or eight masters will be the masters. At that time, I will not believe that they will not be able to take down Xiao Chen and the three.


It’s just that the voice fell, and the leader, the ruler, was still a little helpless, not sure if he could successfully block Xiao Chen and the three of them.


After all, they took the first step and successfully escaped, but if they want to contain it now, it’s really hard to say whether they can succeed.


But this is the only way at the moment, otherwise, you can only watch Xiao Chen and the three escape, and you have to try it horizontally and vertically to find out.


Hearing that, the figures of the five rulers of Jiuyougu also quickly disappeared in place and went straight to the entrance of the Black Dragon Treasure Realm.


The speed of the master is very fast. It didn’t take long for the five masters of Jiuyougu to arrive at the entrance of the Black Dragon Treasure Realm.


Unfortunately, this place is empty at this time.


“Not yet?”


One of them said in a deep voice, Xiao Chen and the others haven’t arrived yet? Or are they hiding somewhere in the Black Dragon Treasure Realm?


It’s just that if you hide in the Black Dragon Treasure territory, that’s actually the stupidest thing to do, because it’s like a turtle in a urn, and it will be found sooner or later.


And, the longer it takes, the less likely it is to get away.


Hearing this, the leading master didn’t think so, and said to the person beside him.


“Go outside and see, the space spirit boat is still there.”


He didn’t think Xiao Chen and the others would foolishly choose to hide in the Black Dragon Treasure. He didn’t see Xiao Chen’s group at the moment. The biggest possibility was that they had escaped from the Black Dragon Treasure and gave up the treasure other treasures.


If this is the case, then trying to catch them would be a little troublesome. After all, the chaos is infinite, and they don’t know the identities of Xiao Chen and others at all, so they have no way to find them. ,


One of the masters quickly left the Black Dragon Treasure Realm through the entrance. When he went out, he found that the outside world was completely unchanged, and he was not sure whether Xiao Chen and others had left.


There is no way, the five can only stay here and contact Jiuyougu at the same time.


On the other side, Xiao Chen and his group did successfully escape from the Black Dragon Treasure Realm, and they were not greedy at all for other treasures in the Treasure Realm.


At this time, the group was driving the space spirit boat to quickly shuttle through the chaos, and went straight to the prison world.


Jiuyougu probably never thought that after robbing the Supreme Dragon Ball, Xiao Chen and his party dared to go to the prison world.


“Xiao Chen, will we go to the Great World of Heyuan……”


“You think it’s strange, Jiuyougu is even more unexpected. As long as the speed is faster, Jiuyougu can’t react.”


Hua Xin was a little worried, but Xiao Chen said confidently.


For the time being, it is impossible for Jiuyougu to guess that his group will return to the Great World of Hehe Prison, but the speed is faster.


After exchanging treasures with the firm, you can leave.


After all, the prison world is someone else’s territory. Although it is dark under the lights, it can’t be dark forever. When Jiuyougu reacts, if Xiao Chen and the others are still in the prison world, it’s probably not good. got away.


So along the way, Xiao Chen and his party didn’t waste time, and reached the prison world as quickly as possible.


Then contacted He Mingxin immediately.


Hefei Great Realm, the North Territory, a small town in an ordinary continent.


Who would have thought that in such a small city, there were actually four masters gathered at this time.


Seeing Xiao Chen and his party returning safely, He Mingxin secretly sighed in relief, and his face was also a little ugly.


“This matter is more complicated than it looks on the surface, and we were all put together by the firm.”


He Mingxin said so, he didn’t expect that there was actually an inside story behind this matter, and he didn’t know it at first.


According to He Mingxin’s understanding, the company really needs this treasure dragon ball.


The reason is indeed because there is an elder in the business, who is of the Dragon Ball bloodline. If he can get this Dragon Ball, then his strength can be greatly But the problem is also here.


Business firms are fundamentally different from ordinary sect forces. Speaking of which, firms are more like an alliance.


So many elders of the firm are actually qualified to quit the firm.


And this time, because of the Supreme Dragon Ball, the elder once said that if he can get the Supreme Dragon Ball, he will join him.


I joined the business halfway, so no one would doubt the elder’s words.


It was nothing at first, but after hearing the news, Jiuyougu took the initiative to invite the elder and expressed his willingness to find the Supreme Dragon Ball for him.


The firm didn’t want to offend Jiuyougu, so in the end it chose to let Xiao Chen and others go there and exchange it for treasures that could restore the origin of the world.


So, Xiao Chen and the others were used as guns by the firm this time, and in doing so, they would definitely offend Jiuyougu.


After all, Jiuyougu is very optimistic about this elder, and even persuaded several other great powers at all costs not to attack the Black Dragon Treasure Realm.


This is also why, when the Black Dragon Treasure Realm is opened, the seven main forces of the Heyu Great Realm are only visited by Jiuyougu.


As for the business firm, it is a bit of a benefit to accept it, and it secretly asks Xiao Chen and others to go there, which is really unkind.


But right now, Jiuyougu doesn’t see the blame on Shanghang, only on Xiao Chen and his party.


That’s why He Mingxin felt helpless, this firm is indeed a bit unkind.


“Alas, I’m blaming me for not inquiring about this matter, and I didn’t pay much attention to the Black Dragon Treasure Realm before. It was only later that I heard about a Taishang elder of my Bawangmen before I learned about it.” Owl


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