Blade of the Sword Master Chapter 4117: Dumbfounded



Watching the three hall masters of the Black Dragon Hall leave, the Sect Master Hong Yunzong collapsed and sat down on the ground, showing no sect master demeanor at all.



It’s really scary. The whole process, if you reveal a little flaw, it’s probably over.



This kind of feeling is like a back and forth horizontal bar on the edge of life and death, who knows when it will not be able to jump back.



Fortunately, it was successful in the end, but I don’t know what happened to the senior.



But when I think of it, when the three palace masters return to the Black Dragon Palace and see the scene of the Black Dragon Palace, their expressions will be very exciting.



However, as soon as it appeared this year, the Sect Master Hong Yunzong hurriedly shook his head and left it behind. ,



Is this something I should think about? No matter what his Black Dragon Palace has become, what does it have to do with a little guy like him?



These are all the grudges before the boss, and it has nothing to do with him.



He, or the entire Hong Yunzong, is nothing but cannon fodder in the hands of others, trying to survive in the cracks.



On the other side, Xiao Chen dealt with the Fourth Hall Master and the Fifth Hall Master, and found Little Tail.



Seeing Xiao Chen covered in blood, Little Tail, who was eating snacks, was immediately frightened, and then rushed over and hugged Xiao Chen with a distressed expression.



“Brother, what’s wrong with you?”



This was the first time I saw Xiao Chen suffer such a serious injury, and Xiao Tai was worried.



In this regard, Xiao Chen said with a smile.



“It’s alright, it’s just some skin injuries, let’s get out of here first.”



After all, this is not a place to talk. It is too close to the Black Dragon Palace. It is better to leave as soon as possible.



Hearing Xiao Chen say this, Little Tail didn’t say anything more, and didn’t even want to eat. He was worried and wanted to help Xiao Chen leave.



Although I don’t know what happened to Xiao Chen, Xiao Tai is worried.



However, Xiao Chen wasn’t so fragile that he couldn’t act.



Although Xiao Chen was seriously injured in order to kill the Fourth Hall Master and the Fifth Hall Master.



However, with Xiao Chen’s physical body and recovery ability, he only needs to rest for a while, not to mention the medicinal herbs, he can recover in a few days.



Walking away from the Black Dragon Hall all the way, he found a clean riverside, Xiao Chen cleaned his body, put on a set of clean clothes, and went straight to Hong Yunzong.



Right now, there are only three of the seven masters of the Black Dragon Palace, and Xiao Chen is no longer afraid of the Black Dragon Palace.



Even if the three palace masters came to the door, Xiao Chen could still fight against one of them.



Maybe you can take the opportunity to kill another person, even if you can’t kill, you can still be invincible.



Therefore, Xiao Chen no longer has to hide in the east, and he no longer has to worry about the pursuit of the Black Dragon Palace.



This is what Xiao Chen planned so many times before.



After all, who wants to hide xz who is always being hunted down?



Moreover, I had promised with the Sect Master Hong Yunzong before that as long as he cooperated with him to complete the plan, Xiao Chen would keep Hong Yunzong safe.



Because once the main hall master and the three of them returned to the Black Dragon Hall and saw the tragic state of the Black Dragon Hall, it goes without saying that they would have thought that they had been tricked.



At that time, I will definitely find trouble with Hong Yunzong.



And Xiao Chen returned to Hong Yunzong at this time to protect Hong Yunzong.



Since everyone did what they said, they perfectly matched their plans, and they had made promises before, Xiao Chen naturally wouldn’t go back on his promises.



If I have the ability, I will definitely try my best to keep Hong Yunzong safe.



Just as Xiao Chen was on his way back to Hong Yunzong, the three main hall masters returned to the Black Dragon Hall in a good mood.


The two sides just missed it.



There was nothing to do along the way, and I was always thinking about this dragon heart, and the third hall master even laughed.



“Wait back, the fourth and fifth will be surprised.”



“Yes, especially the fourth one. Long Xin should be the most helpful to him, but it can be given to him.”



The Lord of the Fourth Hall is the ancestor of the snake, and his bloodline is close to the ancestor dragon, and the dragon heart is the most helpful to him.



Thinking so, the three palace masters seem to see the happy look of the fourth.



But this kind of happiness obviously didn’t last long. When the three palace masters rushed to the Black Dragon Palace, they looked at the scene in front of them. All three were dumbfounded and froze in place.



I saw that the main hall, which originally belonged to the Black Dragon Hall, had now completely turned into ruins.



All around are the corpses of the members of the Black Dragon Palace, and blood is scattered everywhere.



The terrifying aftermath of the battle still lingers in the air.



The Black Dragon Palace was destroyed. During the time they were out, someone destroyed the Black Dragon Palace.



In this regard, the three main hall masters couldn’t believe it at first, who would dare to attack the Black Dragon Hall? But soon, after recovering, the three hall masters were all burning with anger.



Through the aftermath of the empty battles left around, the third hall master gritted his teeth and said.



“It was the outsider, it was his breath, he must have attacked the Black Dragon Palace while we were leaving.”



Having fought with Xiao Chen many times, the three hall masters are no strangers to Xiao Chen’s aura.



Judging by their breath, they can be sure that the person who shoots must be Xiao Chen.



Hearing the words of the third hall master, the second hall master was also extremely angry, but he still asked calmly.



“Where are the fourth and fifth?”



Since Xiao Chen came here and directly destroyed the Black Dragon Palace, where did the fourth and fifth palace masters who kept their hands go?



Did they run away? Or. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Judging from the current situation, the three palace masters all hope that the fourth and fifth will be defeated and run away, but the probability of this should be very small. It is more likely that both of them will be directly beheaded by Xiao Chen. killed.



Thinking of this possibility, the hearts of the three temple masters sank They have already lost two temple masters. If the fourth and fifth temple masters are killed again, then they will be the Black Dragon Temple. Could it be that there are only three remaining hall masters.



In addition, the people below also suffered heavy casualties, and the sect was destroyed. This was undoubtedly a huge blow to the Black Dragon Palace.



He hurriedly started looking around, but he never found the figures of the Fourth Hall Master and the Fifth Hall Master, not even the corpses.



With the return of the three palace masters, some of the members of the Black Dragon Temple who were lucky enough to escape before also returned.



Seeing the three main hall masters, the members of the Black Dragon Hall were crying bitterly, and then, under the question of the three hall masters, they told the truth about what happened before.



As the three of them guessed, it was indeed Xiao Chen’s hand.



Not long after the three hall masters left, Xiao Chen suddenly appeared in the Black Dragon Hall, and then acted without saying a word, not only destroying the sect, but also killing many members of the Black Dragon Hall. ,



Afterwards, the fourth and fifth hall masters blocked it, but even if the two hall masters tried their best, Xiao Chen’s strength was simply too strong.



The two temple masters joined forces and were not his opponents. In the end, the fourth temple master was beheaded first, followed by the fifth temple master. Xiao Chen was still unable to escape, and was also beheaded by a sword.



Finally, Xiao Chen put away the bodies of the two palace masters and left.



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