Blade of the Sword Master Chapter 4108: Success



Xiao Chen quietly waited for the sect master’s answer. As for the fact that once the sect master refused, Xiao Chen would take action. This is actually understandable.


After all, since the fear of the Black Dragon Palace is already like this, it is inevitable to betray oneself.


And these people will betray themselves, how could Xiao Chen keep them.


Having a bottom line in my heart does not mean that Xiao Chen is the Virgin, letting the danger exist. On the contrary, Xiao Chen has always been decisive in killing.


Under Xiao Chen’s gaze, finally, the Sect Master spoke up.


“Okay, I promise senior.”


In fact, as early as when the other sect powerhouses spoke up just now, this sect master was already moved.


After all, according to Xiao Chen’s plan, this matter would be beneficial and harmless to their entire sect.


I thought about a change in my mind just now, but I couldn’t find any reason to refuse at all.


This suzerain doesn’t know yet, but his answer completely saved his life.


If he refused just now, it is estimated that Xiao Chen has already committed murder.


Hearing that the Sect Master chose to agree, Xiao Chen also smiled and nodded.


Since they agreed to cooperate, Xiao Chen naturally lived in this sect temporarily.


At the same time, the next day, Xiao Chen gathered a group of high-level officials in the sect.


As for the Black Dragon Hall, the attitudes of these sect leaders are the same, and they are extremely resistant, but because of fear, they dare not speak out.


And now that they have agreed to cooperate, and under the premise that there is no coercion, Xiao Chen is not worried that they will betray.


Because of such a situation, a fool would choose to betray.


However, before the action began, Xiao Chen still had to tell everyone some details, so as to prevent him from revealing his faults because of someone, and thus being seen by the Black Dragon Palace.


Xiao Chen explained his plan in detail, and the senior sect leaders below were also listening intently.


Everyone knows it’s a matter of life.


Once exposed, Xiao Chen may be able to escape with his own strength, but they will surely die.


Therefore, no one dares to relax on this matter.


After explaining the details of the whole process, Xiao Chen checked the crowd again, and after confirming that there was no problem, Xiao Chen asked the sect master to contact the Black Dragon Palace.


“It’s ready to be contacted, as I taught you to say immediately.”




In response, the sect master nodded nervously, while Xiao Chen patted him on the shoulder, signaling him not to worry too much.


In front of Xiao Chen, the sect master quickly contacted the Black Dragon Palace.


Told the people in the Black Dragon Hall that he had found a treasure.


Of course, with the status of this suzerain, it is obviously impossible to directly contact the six hall masters.


We still need to wait for the news to reach the ears of the six hall masters, and then wait for the reply from the Black Dragon Hall.


At the same time, the black palace that Xiao Chen once visited is the Black Dragon Palace.


At this time, in a small world in the hall, the six hall masters knew about it.


At this time, the six people were sitting together, and one of the hall masters said.


“There is news from Hong Yunzong that he has no intention of getting a treasure. It is said that this treasure is very extraordinary.”


“Oh, how extraordinary can a treasure found by a low-level sect be?”


“Anyway, this is also a pleasant surprise, but according to what the Sect Master Hong Yunzong said, this treasure seems to be coveted by a lot of people, so I hope we can send someone to **** it back in person to avoid any accidents on the road.” /


“Isn’t it too much of a fuss, is there anyone who dares to call our Black Dragon Hall’s attention?”


“Be careful sailing the ten thousand year ship. After all, there is no shortage of desperadoes in this world. If you really meet a treasure, what does it matter if you offend my Black Dragon Palace.”


“Then what should be done according to your opinion?”


“One of the six of us will go in person, it will be more secure.”


“Alright, let’s find someone to go, who?”


Speaking, the six palace masters looked at each other, and finally, a beautiful woman said.


“Let me go.”


Hearing the beautiful woman speak, the other five palace masters didn’t think much, just nodded and decided.


There should be no problem with the Palace Master visiting in person.


Only one day later, news came from the Black Dragon Hall that a hall master personally came to **** the treasure.


After learning the news, the Sect Master Hong Yunzong found Xiao Chen immediately and told him the matter.


There is still a touch of excitement that can’t be suppressed, and a strong look of worry on his face.


Complicated psychology, but understandable.


Xiao Chen said with a smile when he heard the words of the Sect Master Hong Yunzong.


“Very good, just leave it to me.”


As for the question of the route, Xiao Chen had already read it. From the Black Dragon Palace to the Hong Yunzong, there was only one road to choose from.


Therefore, if Xiao Chen only needs to guard this road, he will surely be able to block the lord of the Black Dragon Palace.


I don’t care who the person is, anyway, as long as he comes alone, no matter who the palace master is, he will die. ,


Seeing Xiao Chen’s smile, Sect Master Hong Yunzong’s mood was also a little more stable.


“I wish the seniors great success.”


Salutes Xiao Chen, seeing this, Xiao Chen also knows what the Sect Master of Hong Yunzong is thinking, but well, everyone has the same goal, he must hope everything goes well.


patted him on the shoulder, said.


“Haosheng pay attention to the Black Dragon Hall, don’t show any clues, and contact me if you have anything.”




There is no need for Xiao Chen to remind these things, and the Sect Master Hong Yunzong does not dare to take it lightly.


After learning that the Black Dragon Palace really took the bait, Xiao Chen left Hong Yunzong alone.


As for Little Tail, she originally wanted to go with her, but Xiao Chen did not agree.


Although Little Tail’s talent is against the sky, there is still a big gap between the level of the ancestors.


Let’s go with her, not only can I not help you, but Xiao Chen even needs to focus on protecting her, which obviously outweighs the gains.


The little tail also seemed to know that Xiao Chen had something very important to do this So after Xiao Chen refused, he nodded obediently and agreed, and stayed in Hong Yunzong.


All the way to the predetermined location, this is a starry sky, which happens to be the only entrance to the mainland where Hong Yunzong is located.


As long as Xiao Chen blocks this place, the head of the Black Dragon Palace will surely die.


Hiding in the void, patiently waiting for the arrival of the lord of the Black Dragon Palace.


About two days later, on this day, the palace master of the Black Dragon Palace finally arrived with someone.


In addition to her, there are more than a dozen strong men from the Black Dragon Palace accompanying her, but in Xiao Chen’s eyes, these people are just ants that can be pinched to death, and they are not worth mentioning at all. Useless.


Therefore, there was no hesitation at all. After the palace master appeared, Xiao Chen immediately chose to take a shot, slashing out with one sword, killing everyone in the Black Dragon Palace.


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