Blade of the Sword Master Chapter 3096: Joined to blast and kill



Faced with Xiao Chen and Qinglin, this evil warrior didn’t have the slightest timidity.


Or maybe he doesn’t know what cowardice is now. After practicing the evil technique, his whole mind is almost corroded.


Every thought was on how to kill, and there seemed to be a voice in my heart telling him constantly, destroying everything in front of him.


So, even in the face of Xiao Chen and Qinglin, this evil warrior directly chose to shoot, and he was not afraid of one enemy and two.


In the face of his attack, Qinglin didn’t dodge and slammed out, which was another head-on.


Same as the Zhan Ancestral Realm, Qinglin’s strength is not weaker than this evil warrior.


As for Xiao Chen on the side, naturally, he was not idle either. When Qinglin clashed with him, Xiao Chen was already holding the dust-free sword and slashed out with a single sword.


The sword slashed across and hit the evil warrior fiercely, and suddenly a bone wound appeared.


But what is strange is that after Yi Jian was injured by Xiao Chen, the wound healed quickly at a speed visible to the naked eye, and in a blink of an eye it was as good as ever.




As soon as he saw this, Xiao Chen gave a soft voice. It was strange to recover his ability so quickly.


I came to the Zhan Ancestral Realm cultivation base, it is normal to have such a recovery ability, but Xiao Chen is also the Zhan Ancestral Realm cultivation base.


Besides, there is his own sword intent on that slash, and even if this evil warrior is at the same cultivation base, it is absolutely impossible to heal with such ease.


It’s as if Zi Xuan was hit hard by herself before, it is impossible to recover in such a short period of time.


“This is a problem with the exercise method. The evil exercise method has many drawbacks, but its ability is also very against the sky.”


Qing Lin said at this time that he had encountered a lot of evil warriors, so it was obvious that he needed to know more about them.


Hearing that, Xiao Chen nodded. Since he can ignore his sword intent and forcefully recover, this evil technique is indeed good.


But there is a limit to everything. Even the evil technique cannot be restored indefinitely.


If one sword doesn’t work, then two swords, you can always push it to the limit.


Thinking of this, Xiao Chen slashed out again, perhaps because the attack just now caused pain to these evil martial artists, so he faced Xiao Chen’s attack again.


This evil warrior did not dare to choose to ignore it, but resisted.


It’s just that he blocked Xiao Chen’s attack, but he couldn’t block Qinglin’s attack anymore.


Qing Lin was also very keen to seize this opportunity, blasted out with a punch, and hit this evil warrior again.


It’s not too easy to fight one with two, Xiao Chen and Qing Lin took turns to attack this evil warrior.


From the moment the battle started, the two of them had been taking the initiative. Looking back at this evil warrior, Xiao Chen and Qinglin did not take advantage at all.


Seeing this scene, everyone who was originally trembling and frightened couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.


Deserving to be a strong man in the Eastern Palace, his strength is so powerful that he easily suppressed this evil warrior.


There was no threat, these people were shocked by the fighting power of Xiao Chen and the two.


The Eastern Palace is worthy of being the overlord of the Eastern Region, and the two who walk out casually have such strength.


For ordinary warriors, it is naturally impossible for them to know much about the Eastern Palace, and more of them come from hearsay.


But with so many people, there are always one or two who know the goods.


In the face of everyone’s exclamation, someone spoke.


“Hmph, I’m really ignorant. These two adults are probably really strong in the Eastern Palace, and they are definitely king-level figures.”


“The King?”


“It’s normal if you don’t know it. After all, this is the top of the Eastern Palace. In the Eastern Palace, the status of the king is second only to the Eastern Emperor.”


“This time the Eastern Palace dispatched two kings at once, it can be seen that this evil warrior is very important, and our crisis is now resolved.”


Under the explanations of some old people, everyone has a general understanding of the status of Xiao Chen and Qinglin. It turns out that they are the kings of the Eastern Palace. They are not ordinary Eastern Palace warriors at all. They have extremely high status and strength. Extremely strong.


Although the battle has not yet ended, since the two kings dispatched by the Eastern Palace, in everyone’s eyes, this evil warrior can’t make any waves.


The battle continued, and as everyone guessed, under the joint siege of Xiao Chen and Qinglin, this evil warrior retreated steadily.


The injury on his body is no longer the same as when he recovered in an instant at the beginning.


Now every time he is wounded, this evil warrior wailes in pain, and although the wound is still recovering, its speed is much slower than it was at the beginning.


Almost reached the limit, Xiao Chen and Qinglin also understood this very well.


“Brother Xiao Chen, kill him, stop playing.”


The time is almost ripe, and he can be killed directly. In response, Xiao Chen nodded slightly.


The warrior of the ancestral realm is not easy to kill, but after such a long time of consumption, this evil warrior has basically reached the limit.


In response, Xiao Chen nodded, and then his men stopped showing mercy and cut out with a single sword.


This sword Xiao Chen didn’t have any reservations, as if he had sensed some danger, the face of this evil warrior actually showed a hint of horror.


It seems that this person has not been completely corroded by the evil technique, and he still feels scared in the face of the threat of death.


“Brother Xiao Chen, keep him one.”


Qinglin is also aware of this, and if this is the case, this evil warrior will still have some effect. After all, if he is captured alive, he can get more information.


The most important thing is the origin of this evil practice. You must know that the Eastern Palace’s attack on the evil practice is extremely strict.


Looking at the entire Eastern Region, basically there is no evil practice technique found, not to mention the evil practice that can raise the cultivation base to the level of the war ancestor realm. The grade is definitely not low.


In this way, the origin of this evil practice can be understood very well. Only by finding out the origin of this evil practice can we truly find the source.


Actually, I don’t need Qinglin to say, Xiao Chen himself had already reduced the strength in his hand, and the sword’s edge severely hit the evil warrior.


The whole person directly flew out than The body was cut in half instantly, but even so, this evil warrior still did not die.


When you arrive at the Zhan Ancestral Realm, it is not that easy to fall, and the green scales are also not slow. A dazzling body appears next to him, and with a wave of his hand, a cyan light envelopes the upper body of this evil warrior.


On the one hand, he retained his vitality so that he would not die, and on the other hand, he controlled his actions.


After doing all this, Qinglin smiled and said to Xiao Chen.


“You’re done, you can go back.”


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