Blade of the Sword Master Chapter 3095: Evil warrior



The entrance to this world is already guarded by people from the Eastern Palace.


However, they did not enter rashly, because the evil martial artist’s cultivation had already reached the Zhan Ancestral Realm, which was simply not something they could deal with.


Seeing Xiao Chen and Qinglin coming, everyone respectfully saluted.


“I have seen an adult.”


Xiao Chen is currently the king of the Eastern Palace, with a very high status, second only to the Eastern Emperor. In response, Qing Lin nodded lightly.


“Don’t let anything in and out.”


This Fang Tiandi was directly sealed off. In response, everyone nodded, while Xiao Chen and Qinglin walked into this Fang Tiandi.


Looking at the back of the two leaving, these warriors in the Eastern Palace started talking in a low voice.


“That’s Xiao Chen? It is said that he is a newcomer to the Eastern Palace.”


“People are strong in the ancestral realm, but you and I can’t talk about it casually.”


“Unexpectedly, this time I actually sent two kings directly. It seems that Lord Donghuang attaches great importance to this matter.”


“This is natural, after all, the evil warrior has not appeared for many years.”


“Yes, especially where did the exercise come from.”


With their strength, they can’t participate in the battle of the Zhan Ancestral Realm level, but this does not hinder everyone’s guess.


Going all the way to this world, Xiao Chen and Qinglin both keenly felt that the space between this world was already full of death.


This is the aura that only appears after a large number of creatures have fallen, and it was also the same during the Battle of Ten Thousand Stars.


It’s just that compared to the Land of Ten Thousand Stars, the morale of this world is obviously stronger, and obviously there are not many people dead.


“Is the whole world about to be slaughtered?”


Qinglin’s complexion is a little gloomy, and he has passed many continents, but these continents are falling apart one by one, and there is no aura of life on them. It is conceivable that these continents have been slaughtered.


Just one person can slaughter an entire world, which shows how harmful the evil warrior is.


It’s no wonder that the Eastern Emperor paid so much attention to this moment, and directly sent Qinglin and Xiao Chen to come together.


In this regard, Xiao Chen’s expression is also gloomy.


Go all the way, and there is still life on a continent not far from the two.


It’s just that the people on this continent right now are all in horror, because above this continent, a black figure stands in the air.


The whole body exudes a strong black aura, this aura is very evil, and even makes people feel timid.


Different from the demonic energy of the demons, this aura is even colder.


Obviously, he has reached the level of the Ancestral War Realm. This person should be Xiao Chen’s target, that evil warrior.


The evil warrior who looked at the sky in horror, everyone was terrified, and the battle had just broken out.


However, many powerful people on this continent have joined forces, and even this person has not been able to block a single move.


This is also a normal thing, after all, this person has already entered the Zhan Ancestral Realm level, and the strongest person on this continent is only the Ancestral Realm cultivation base.


With such a big difference in strength, it is naturally impossible to be an opponent.


Many powerful men were beheaded, but this evil warrior had no plans to stop.


People who practice evil techniques can improve by leaps and bounds in a short period of time, but correspondingly, their minds will be constantly eroded.


Finally reduced to a monster that only knows how to kill.


This is the situation of this person right now. It is difficult to control the impulse in the body. He just wants to keep killing and venting the desires in his heart.


His eyes swept across the continent below, and he shouted in a low voice.


“Kill, kill…”


I don’t remember how many people I have killed, but there is no one to survive. When I see it, below, the many warriors on this continent are all gloomy, and some people keep praying. Someone can come and rescue them.


But looking at the entire Eastern Region, the only person who can save them is the Eastern Palace, but no one knows when the strong from the Eastern Palace will arrive.


Amidst the secret prayers of everyone, this evil warrior finally started his hand. He looked down with cold eyes, and a cold smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.


Then it was shot with a palm, and a huge palm print fell from the sky, as if to smash the continent in one fell swoop.


Watching such an attack fall, everyone’s eyes are filled with despair.


No one can resist this blow, and the entire continent will probably fall apart because of this blow.


Just when everyone was in despair, two figures flashed by, appearing out of thin air under the palm prints, one of them blasted out with a punch, and violently collided with the huge palm print.


The fists and palms collided, and then they canceled each other out, slowly disappearing into the sky and the earth.


Fleeing from the dead, countless pairs of eyes looked at the two suddenly appeared. For a time, many people shouted in surprise.


“Is the powerhouse of the Eastern Palace.”


They had been in the Eastern Palace before that the strong could come soon, but now they are finally here, and they have saved all of them at the juncture.


Ignoring everyone’s surprise, Xiao Chen and Qinglin looked calmly at the evil warrior in front of them.


The brow furrows slightly, this guy is more difficult to deal with than expected.


Originally, Qing Lin thought that he had just stepped into the Zhan Ancestral Realm, but now it seems that this is not the case at all.


It seems that the evil techniques he practiced are not simple.


“This time I brought you here is the right choice. If I was alone, it would be very troublesome to deal with.”


Qinglin smiled helplessly, and Xiao Chen looked at this evil warrior curiously.


In the Land of Ten Thousand Stars, no evil warrior has ever appeared. Perhaps it is because the Land of Ten Thousand Stars has not been in contact with the outside world. Therefore, the evil technique has not flowed into the Land of Ten Thousand Stars.


Feeling the horrible and evil aura around this person, Xiao Chen really had a hard time imagining what kind of cultivation technique it was that could turn a person into this appearance.


“Kill, kill.”


Faced with Xiao Chen and Qingluan’s gaze, this man shouted in a low voice, and his head was full of killing the two people in front of him.


From Xiao Chen and Qinglin, he instinctively felt the threat, and wanted to kill the two as soon as It seems that it has been eroded, so there is no point in taking it back. Brother Xiao Chen, just kill it. “


Looking at him, Qing Lin said faintly, originally intending to capture it alive, but now it seems that there is no need for it.




In response, Xiao Chen nodded slightly. At the same time, this evil warrior also moved his feet and took the initiative to attack Xiao Chen and Qinglin.


The speed is extremely fast, a flash has appeared in front of the two of them, and at the same time they slammed a punch.


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