Blade of the Sword Master Chapter 3056: The end of the sky and the earth


“Old Hei, with our current status, what kind of things cannot be obtained, as long as there is something in this world, only a word is required.”

“In the future, don’t think about it anymore. Power is not something we should pursue for a long time. What’s more, there is a foreign race now.”

Mo Heyu spoke to Heizu with earnest heart.

Hearing this, Heizu was silent for a while, his face changed again and again, and finally he calmed down slowly, and said with a light sigh.

“Well, how can I not know what I said, nothing more, this time it’s a lesson.”

“That’s fine.”

Hearing this, Mohe nodded in relief. He said so much that he was afraid that the black ancestor would be worried about it.

Cause to do something impulsive in the future.

This time, Xiao Chen only destroyed the Apocalypse Sect, which was regarded as a warning to the Black Ancestor.

For the people of the black ancestors, he didn’t say a word, let alone any punishment.

This can be regarded as saving enough face for the black ancestor, but if the black ancestor himself does not know the importance, he will continue to go online to provoke him.

Then next time, even Mohe can guarantee that things will never be revealed so easily.

At that time, I won’t talk about the people of the black ancestors, even the black ancestors themselves, it is estimated that they will be unable to protect themselves.

As for the battle between Hei Ancestor and Xiao Chen, Mohe never doubted that the winner must be Xiao Chen.

However, it seems that the result is good right now, and Heizu is not the kind of person who can’t see the reality and doesn’t know the importance.

Seeing Mohe relaxed, Heizu asked.

“Is the matter of the alien race really investigated?”

“Although there are not many records, at least there are some eyebrows. Xuanyuanling and Li Tian are planning to report these things.”

This is the case in the temple on weekdays. The ancestors rarely ask about world affairs, and the people below handle all matters.

No matter which faction people are, only when they encounter something that they cannot handle, they will report the matter to the ancestors.

Moreover, this kind of report is not just to report to one ancestor, but every ancestor must report.

As he said, the message from Li Tian flew to the center of the black ancestor’s eyebrows, which recorded things about the alien race.

When he saw this, Mohe smiled.

In doing so, Li Tian undoubtedly gave Heizu a step down.

Otherwise, if Li Tian didn’t even report it to the black ancestor because of this time, how would he let the black ancestor take care of himself?

But it’s not bad, Li Tian knows how he should choose, and he knows to take care of the overall situation.

Heizu’s face looked better after he was not informed by Li Tian.

It’s just that when he accepted the content of the subpoena, his face quickly became serious.

Mao He is not surprised at this, after all, he was like this when he first received the call.

“This alien matter is more serious than we thought.”

“Yes, maybe it’s more difficult than Siyuan World.”

An alien race that is more difficult to deal with than the First Source Realm, which makes everyone feel extremely fierce in their hearts.

Just when Heizu and Mohe were talking about the alien race, Xiao Chen, who was far away in Yuanzhou, was also discussing the matter with Xuanyuanling at this time.

Amidst a beautifully landscaped courtyard, this is the property of the Star Sect.

Xiao Chen, Lin Yun were sitting by the lake in the courtyard. In front of him, Xuanyuanling’s phantom was talking about something.

Until Xuanyuanling finished speaking, Xiao Chen said calmly.

“Have you been in contact with these alien races as early as five hundred years ago?”

“Yes, according to the records of the source world, your ancestors were connected with alien races five hundred years ago.”

“The two parties seemed to have talked about it once, and the attitude of the alien race was also very clear. We must let the world surrender them, otherwise we will kill them.”

“It’s really overbearing, do you know where these aliens come from?”

“More than that, there are very few records outside of heaven and earth, and there is hardly any mention in ancient books.”

“The only thing that knows is that the end of the heaven and the extreme is the place where the heaven and the earth are connected with the outside world.”

What kind of world is outside of heaven and earth, Xuanyuanling doesn’t know, because there is no record at all.

So Xuanyuanling couldn’t answer Xiao Chen’s question.

On this, Xiao Chen didn’t say much, just asked again.

“Does anyone else know about this?”

“All the holy ancestors have been sent to me.”

“All right.”

Nodded slightly, Xuanyuanling’s phantom disappeared, and Xiao Chen and Lin Yun smiled at each other, and they also directly connected the temple with their spiritual thoughts.

In the main hall of the temple, mysterious fluctuations spread out in all directions, which is a manifestation of the gathering of the ancestors to discuss matters.

Such fluctuations can only be felt by the ancestors.

Soon, the Black Ancestor, Mohe, Dongfang Yun, and Mu Lingxian who received Xiao Chen and Lin Yun’s summon also descended into the temple one after another.

Of course, everyone came with divine consciousness, and the body did not personally appear on the scene.

After all, like Xiao Chen and Lin Yun, not all of them are in the temple.

The only ancestors who are still in the temple right now are Mohe and Lingxian and Dongfang Yun are the same as Xiao Chen and Lin Yun. They have gone out and wandered all over the world, just like Xiao Chen and Lin Yun. However, the two were alone, different from Xiao Chen and the others walking together.

When everyone arrived, Xiao Chen said bluntly.

“Everyone already knows about the foreign race, right?”


“This matter should not be taken carelessly. After all, the foreign race does not have a good impression on us, and it feels like an enemy and not a friend, so we must implement this matter.”

“Do you mean to go to the end of the sky?”

The end of the sky and the earth is called the end of the sky, since the only place where the sky and the earth are in contact with the outside world is here.

The people must go there, and the ancestors must go personally.

Leave it to the people below, not to mention whether they can find the end of the sky, even if they find it, it must be extremely time-consuming.

Moreover, there are certain things that they must go there in person.

Maybe you can still come into contact with the alien race in the legend?

Understand Xiao Chen’s meaning, but who are you going to send next? Everyone looked at each other, and finally after deliberation, they decided to let Xiao Chen and Lin Yun go.

Because the two of them are the strongest, and the sky is at the end of the earth, no one knows the danger.

There is a real forbidden area. I am afraid that even Xiaoqing, the Spirit of Heaven and Earth, has never been there, so Xiao Chen and Lin Yun are most suitable to go.

In this regard, Xiao Chen and Lin Yun couldn’t refuse, Lin Yun just said helplessly.

“It seems that I am really struggling. How long is it that I have been resting before I start running around again?”

“Haha, you are able to work harder, who makes me not in the land of sentient beings now, if I am, then I can go.”

In this regard, Mu Lingxian joked with a smile.

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