Blade of the Sword Master Chapter 2893: The army crushes the border



Siyuan Realm intends to consume the vitality of Creation Land with the advantage of the number of people. After all, those new warriors are nothing at all in the eyes of the ancestors, and they will not feel distressed if they lose. The Origin Realm intends to consume the vitality of the Creation Land with the advantage of the number of people. After all, those new warriors are nothing to the ancestors, and they will not feel distressed if they lose.


Before the real decisive battle begins, it is indeed a good choice to use these people to consume the vitality of the Creation Land.


In addition, Linzu’s side is now at a critical time and can’t get out for the time being. Therefore, it’s not a good time to really start a war. Therefore, using the number of people to delay time is indeed the best for the Origin Realm. select.


All the ancestors had no objection to this, and soon the new army of warriors under the Siyuan Realm began to mobilize.


Such a big move, Xiao Chen and his party naturally received the news. Xiao Chen, Xiaoqing, Dongfang Yun and others in the Mingzhi Universe, learned of the abnormal movement in the Origin Realm, also gathered together.


“Siyuan Realm’s movement this time is not small, and the number of people is estimated to be over one million.” Xuanyuanling told everyone what he had learned now.


Millions of new warriors are dispatched together, and this is just a group towards the Mingzhi Universe. Xiang Lin Yun, Mohe, Beast Slave, Mu Lingxian and the others are also in the same universe. The army of the world is rushing.


Several armies were dispatched at the same time, which seemed to be a full-scale offensive posture. Naturally, Xiao Chen and his party dared not take it lightly, and the most important thing was that for a while, Xiao Chen and the others had not heard from the ancestors. .


Where the ancestors are now, this is what Xiao Chen and the others care about most. Unfortunately, it is not easy to know the whereabouts of the ancestors, so for a time, it is difficult for Xiao Chen and the others to know. The specific location of the ancestors.


This is what worries everyone the most. After listening to Xuanyuanling’s report, Xiao Qing looked at Xiao Chen and said, “What do you think?”


“I don’t know the purpose of the First Source World, but suddenly there is such a big action, and I still can’t take it lightly. Based on the current situation, the First Source World probably wants to start with our universe. .”


Xiao Chen, Lin Yun, Mu Lingxian, Mohe, and Beast Slaves, the universe where they are located can be said to be connected in a line, forming a line of defense. The Origin Realm wants to fight against the creation To start with the earth, you must first conquer these universes, otherwise it will be difficult for them to move on, and they will not be able to approach the land of creation.


So, the universes that Xiao Chen and the others currently control are actually the first line of defense, and the purpose of the Origin Realm is probably to break through this first line of defense.


Xiao Chen’s opinion is very simple, that is, to defend firmly, to defend these universes first, no matter what purpose the Origin Realm has, anyway, as long as these universes are guarded, it can prevent the Origin Realm from attacking the place of creation.


When Xiao Chen heard Xiao Chen’s words, Xiao Qing also nodded. Anyway, it is unavoidable that there will be a battle. It is indeed the best choice to guard the current universe.


Nodded, Xiaoqing said, “I’ll go back to the place of creation first, let the old tree and the others come to Mingzhi Universe, and Lin Yun and the others, they also need support.”


This time, the movement in the Origin World is not small. It is still difficult to contend with the millions of troops in the Origin World based on the power at hand. And don’t forget, it’s just a naive universe. Millions of new warriors came, this pressure is not small.


So it is necessary to mobilize reinforcements from the land of creation to support, and Xiaoqing himself is the land of creation.


After all, without knowing where the ancestors are, Xiaoqing can’t be sure where they will appear, so sitting in the place of creation is the best choice.


Because the place of creation is located behind, no matter which universe is in danger, from the place of creation, at the speed of Xiaoqing, you can rush to the place within a quarter of an hour to support the place where you need yourself in time.


Compared to staying in the Mingzhi universe, Xiaoqing is more suitable to stay in the place of creation. Xiao Chen nodded in agreement with this.


You can’t focus all of your attention on the Mingyue Universe, and Lin Yun, Mu Lingxian, and the beast slaves also need attention.


Seeing that Xiao Chen didn’t have any objections, and Xiao Qing didn’t talk nonsense. After giving a few words, he left directly.


Watching Xiaoqing leave, Xuanyuanling still said with some doubts, “Third brother, the actions of Siyuan Realm this time are probably not easy.”


“How to say?”


“So many people have been mobilized, but it seems that there is not much preparation, and the first ancestors are also not seen. This is not like we are going to fight to the death, but if you don’t want to fight to the death, Hajime It’s impossible for Yuanjie to mobilize so much power.”


Xuanyuanling always felt a little strange. Xiao Chen had noticed this a long time ago. The actions of the First Source Realm did seem to be a bit hasty, but no matter what the First Source Realm wanted, Xiao Chen Waiting for people can only be blocked by the water.


As for letting out the Netherworld, it’s impossible. The position of the Netherworld is too important. If the Netherworld is there, it can form a line of defense, bringing the place of creation, and other things. The universe is firmly guarded behind and does not give the Origin Realm any opportunity.


“No matter what kind of medicine is sold in the Gourd of Origin Realm, they can’t let them cross the naive universe. Tell Yin Ming and let him be prepared.”


Facing the pressure of the forces of the Origin The power of the naive universe alone is obviously not enough to resist, but Xiaoqing has already gone back to make arrangements, and there is support from other universes in the land of creation. I think it should be able to block it, not to mention, Xiaoqing sent all the old trees.


The ancestor of the wood spirit family, the old tree is comparable to the existence of ancient creatures, and the support of the old tree is equivalent to the existence of three ancient creatures in the naive universe. In this way, even if there are two ancestors, You can fight a battle, at least there is no problem persisting until Xiaoqing arrives.


There are people in other universes. The Origin Realm has not yet completed the creation of a new world, and there is still a part of the universe that has not been captured by the Origin Realm, and the location of these universes happens to be in the naive universe. In the rear, that’s why the geographic location of the Mingzhi universe is very important. As long as the Mingzhi universe is still there, the universes behind are safe.


Facing the massive attacks of the Origin Realm now, these universes naturally have to send people to support them. In terms of power comparison, Xiao Chen and the others are actually not much weaker than the Origin Realm. Of course, Xiao Chen also Knowing that even so, it is still very difficult to fight the First Source Realm. As for the final result, Xiao Chen can’t say for sure. Now he only hopes that there are no hidden means on the First Source Realm.


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