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Luozhou, Qing’an Prefecture.

Jinxiu Inn is a relatively large-scale inn in Fucheng. At noon, a son-in-law, who was named Luosunshan, came in.

This son’s name is Cao Ning, a native of Yuzhou. His family has something to do with King Jing’s mansion.


Chen Luo was sitting in the Tianzihao manor of the Jinxiu Inn, playing with the identity jade card of “Cao Ning” in his hand.

Since it’s a private interview, it must have an identity. This identity can’t be too ostentatious, so as not to attract attention; it can’t be too low-key, otherwise, I’m here for Tang Anshi, too low-key identity, some things are too difficult to investigate ; At the same time, it is best to have some small and large forces behind it, so that the black hands behind the scenes are afraid.

This Cao Ning is just right.

The descendants of aristocratic families named Luosunshan are indeed dismissive in the eyes of those big men, but for ordinary people and local officials, it is best not to offend if they can; The Saints’ confidence is not very strong. The problem is that behind the family stands a behemoth like King Jing’s Mansion.

Gongsun Bo is worthy of being an old river and lake, and the identity arranged for Chen Luo has taken into account all aspects.

Of course, this identity is not fictitious.

The real Cao Ning is drinking tea at the biased place at the moment.

How long to drink tea depends on how long Chen Luo intends to use this identity.


“Young master, someone brought it.” Xiao Qing walked over to Chen Luo and said softly.

Xiao Qing is the younger sister of Xiao Changfeng, the head of the Eight Gates Golden Characters, who later investigated the case of Lord Min in Zhongjing, and the male head of the Eight Gates, with a cultivation of the eighth-rank husband’s son.

Since he is the son of an aristocratic family, he naturally has no companions and maids by his side. It is also convenient to cover An Qing’s investigation, but since he has changed his face to hide his identity, the people who usually follow him, such as Mastiff Lingling and Luo Hongnu, will There is a way to bring it with you.

“Well, bring it back.” Zhou Xin nodded, very slowly, two entourages transformed into eight door catchers led a wealthy middle-aged man to An Qing’s face.

“Is he Xiao Qing from Zhou Xinfei?” Zhou Xin asked lightly.

The middle-aged man smiled: “One, just one.”

Zhou Xin is a profession that Xiao Xuante does not have. The main job is not to contact literati and elegant scholars to hold a literary meeting. According to An Qing’s understanding, it is similar to event planning. There is also no part of Xiao Qing, who is committed to discovering geniuses from underprivileged families, and then recommends them to aristocratic families to earn profits from them.

Therefore, if you want to ask who is the one who knows the local literati the most, it is the official government, the head of the academy, and the group of Xiao Qing.

Zhou Xin’s expression remained unchanged, and he gestured towards Shuangmu, who took out a fist-sized gold ingot from his cuff and placed it under the table.

“Presumably he knows your identity. He’d better tell you the truth about what you’re going to ask next, and tell you that the gold doesn’t belong to him anymore.”

This Xiao Qing looked at this gold ingot, his eyes seemed to sink back, and he quickly said with a flattering smile: “There is nothing wrong with Zhou Xinfei, I know everything, and I can’t stop talking.”

“Master Min, do you know me?” An Qing asked.

At this time, the Eight Doors has not announced the news that Tang An, the new champion of the new division, is not Master Min, so there are only a few insiders who know that Master Min has sent the news of the champion of Gao.

When Xiao Qing heard An Qing’s question, her face instantly became solemn. I looked at the gold ingot under the table, then looked at Zhou Xin, and gritted my teeth: “Zhou Xinfei, then… you are indeed Unfamiliar.”

“It seems that today is the day you get rich.”

“You’d better be smart.”

After speaking, Xiao Qing turned around and wanted to leave, but was stopped by the accompanying people in front of him.

“Young Master An, do you really know Mr. Min.” Xiao Qing turned around and said to Zhou Xin.

An Qing patted the storage order, then took out a piece of jade the size of a thumb, green in color, and placed it next to the gold ingot, saying, “That’s the crystal of righteousness, which is condensed with awe-inspiring righteousness in Xiaoru’s homeland. A single drop is worth a month of penance for reciting the classics, and it can also purify the righteous energy in the body. He should know its value.”

Zhou Xin’s eyes fell on this righteous crystal, and he fell into a high.

After a while, I looked at Zhou Xin and said, “Your Excellency is bold, I want to ask a question

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Sentence, why did you ask Master Min for news?”

An Qing picked up the teacup, took a sip, raised her head, a pained expression appeared on her face, and her eyes were full of memories.

“My son and brother Tang hit each other in Zhongjing. In order to prevent you from doing well in Enke, I will help you day and night. This is an unforgettable feeling!”

“But! Heaven is jealous of talents!”

“Brother Tang has an idea in Zhongjing. You want to see, I don’t have a big family here, and I don’t have any unfinished commitments, so arrange for me one by one.”

“Mr. Min was surprised?” Xiao Qing looked surprised, then thought of something and smiled bitterly, “Young Master An is afraid to be disappointed.”

“Zhou Xinfei was an orphan in the north and was brought back to be raised by a veteran. Seven years later, the veteran died.”

“It was Master Min who was extremely intelligent, and he joined Zhou Xinfei, the deputy academician, but the master thinks that Young Master Cao may need some help from Young Master.”

“Is that so?” An Qing put down the teacup, “There is no secret to this…why did he hesitate after that?”

Xiao Qing smiled and said nothing.

An Qing winked at Shuangmu, who gave Zhou Xin the gold ingot and righteous crystal under the table.

Xiao Qing accepted the payment, hurriedly saluted, thanked An Qing, and planned to leave. But I found that the entourage in front of me still had no intention of letting me go.

“Young Master An?” Xiao Qing looked at An Qing suspiciously.

An Qing didn’t speak, Shuangmu said, “You received your son’s reward, but your son’s question has not been answered yet.”

Xiao Qing frowned, then remembered that An Qing asked herself why she later covered up and said she knew Zhou Xinfei.


The Shuangmu went on to say: “He backed away, met with your son, and received his payment. Sooner or later, what the son wants to know will be confused. Whether he says it or not is in the eyes of the minded people. the same.”

Xiao Qing was stunned for a moment, then looked down at the treasure in his hand, raised his head again, and finally sighed.

“Young Master, he’s going to ruin your job!”

An Qing smiled: “My son is just curious. If there is anything, he will return to Yuzhou tomorrow. He will talk to you as a fun, but it won’t matter?”

Xiao Qing shook his head and said, “It doesn’t matter, although there are few people who know Wen Ya about this matter, they are not too many.”

“Lord Min, I have no trouble, I escaped from that fang.”

“Even Young Master Cao will keep me!”

An Qing suddenly became interested, sat up straight, and said, “Tell me about it in detail.”

Since he opened his mouth, Xiao Qing hid it and said, “Young Master should know that Qi Shui has settled down?”

I know, I just learned it yesterday.

The meat is coming!

Seeing An Qing nodding, Xiao Qing continued: “Qi Shui settles down with her family. Outside of that generation, there is no eldest sister born from the concubine. The single name is “Qing”.”

“On the eighteenth this year, I gave birth to sinking fish and falling geese, closing the moon and embarrassing flowers. My body is like a willow swaying in the wind, and my language is like a willow that follows the wind.”

“You sing a good song, and those who are literate will call you Sai Hong slave in private…”

“Cough, cough, and focus.” An Qing coughed dryly.

Agree to touch porcelain!

Don’t get involved!

“Yes, yes!” Xiao Qing responded quickly, “That Sai Hong slave… Yes, although Sister Na Qing is a concubine, her father is the current head of the An family.”

“Therefore, the beggers!”

“But Miss Naqing has a crush on Lord Min?” Zhou Xin asked.

“Exactly!” Zhou Xin nodded, “It stands to reason that although Zhou Xinfei was born a little worse, he is still a closed disciple of Cao Gongzi. And An Jiafeng is not too concerned about the children of the concubine, so the two There are also many obstacles in between.

“But the An family has other arrangements for Miss Na Qing.”

An Qing frowned slightly: “Marriage?”

“Yes!” Xiao Qing sighed, “Cao Ning settled down in Fucheng’s house. The owner of the house was originally surnamed Lin, but was Qi Shuiweng’s companion reading. Before Qi Shuiweng was consecrated, he was given ‘safety'” The surname allows him to establish his own family, so it is called Zhou Xin’an’s house.

“The An family of Cao Ning has respected Qi Shui’s family for generations, and has indeed received peace

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The family is lucky and the style of writing is prosperous. Now there are two great Confucians in the family.

“Yes!” Xiao Qing sighed, “Cao Ning settled down in Fucheng, the owner of the house was originally surnamed Lin, and was the companion of Qi Shuiweng. Qi Shuiweng

Before the canonization, he was given the surname “An” and was allowed to establish his own family, so it was called Zhou Xin’an’s house. “

“Cao Ning’s An family has respected Qi Shui’s An family for generations, and he has indeed received the Anjia luck, and his literary style is prosperous. Now there are two great Confucians in the family.”

“In order to maintain the relationship between the two families, the Qi Shui’an family decided to marry Miss Qing to the eldest grandson of the Zhou Xin’an family as his wife.”

“But after Mr. Min learned of the news, he discussed elopement with Miss Qing.”

“It’s just that we were discovered when we escaped. In order to protect Lord Min, Miss Qing agreed to get married, and forced her to die to let the family let go of Lord Min.”

“But no one would have thought that before Master Min left, Miss Qing actually committed suicide!”

An Qing frowned slightly as she listened to Zhou Xin’s remarks.

That’s it?

“So, Qi Shui’s An family has angered Lord Min?”

When Xiao Qing heard An Qing’s words, she hesitated.

“You have something to say, but it’s okay to say it.” An Qing noticed Zhou Xin’s strangeness and said.

Xiao Qing frowned and said, “Actually, Qi Shui’s family didn’t do much.”

“On the contrary, the reaction of Zhou Xinan’s family was very uneasy.”

“Before the news of Miss Qing’s suicide came out, Cao Ning’s family even dispatched the great Confucianists in the family.

Speak out, life or death. “

“If it wasn’t for Zhou Xinfei’s help, Mr. Min would have been beaten to death by Cao Ning’s family!”

Seeing An Qing’s suspicious face, Xiao Qing explained: “At that time, Miss Qing had not yet made a marriage contract with Cao Ning’s family.”

“It stands to reason that Miss Qing at this time is already the daughter-in-law of Zhou Xin’an’s family.”


Speaking of this, Xiao Qing gritted his teeth and took a step forward. Shuangmu hurriedly stood in front of An Qing. Zhou Xin smiled awkwardly this week. An Qing patted Zhou Xin on the shoulder and told him to push away.

Only then did Xiao Qing walk in front of An Qing and raise her voice: “The gossip is uncountable.”

“I heard that Miss Qing was not perfect at that time!”

“That’s why Cao Ning’s family is so angry!”

An Qing’s eyes suddenly widened and she looked at Xiao Qing in surprise.

Xiao Qing only took a few steps forward: “Master An, can the villain leave?”

An Qing nodded and waved her hand, and then the entourage moved away, indicating that Xiao Qing could leave.


“Fa Xiang, it seems that the ins and outs of this case have come out.” Shuangmu re-brewed a cup of hot tea for An Qing and said.

“Is it clear?” An Qing smiled, picked up the tea and blew, and said, “Tell me about it.”

“Is it because Master Min and Wen Ya have crossed the line and have the truth of women and men. Qi Shui’s family wants to marry Zhou Xin to Cao Ning’s family, whether it is because Master Min and Wen Ya are sincere, or they are afraid that their affair will be exposed. Anyway, the two eloped, but were caught.”

“Zhou Xinfei fled, Zhou Xin committed suicide.”

“Then there is still a doubt, whether this Wen Ya committed suicide or was committed suicide before telling the truth.”

“But in any case, Zhou Xin was not yet the daughter-in-law of Cao Ning’s family at that time, and we didn’t dare to be dissatisfied with Qi Shui’s family, so we could only pour our anger on Mr. Min.”

“So keep killing!”

“The murderer sent Cao Ning to settle down.”

“Whether it is motivation or strength, it is in line with the previous judgment of the murderer of Zhou Xinfei’s death.”

An Qing took a sip of tea and shook her head heavily.

“It does sound reasonable and logical.”

“But those are all human words!”

“If you listen to both, you will be clear, but if you listen to partiality, you will be dark. Make arrangements and invite Mr. Cao to the banquet in the name of the Cao family.”

Shuangmu nodded: “Then go on.”


The words are divided into two parts.

Let’s say this Xiao Qing walked out of the Jinxiu Inn, bowed his head, and hurriedly turned into a remote alley.

I was walking across the alley and I was looking back to see if no one was following

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Looking at himself, just like that, after walking for about half an hour, Xiao Qing stopped at the entrance of a casino.

Xiao Qing walked into the casino, not gambling, but walked to the counter of the casino, tapped the counter with his hand, and immediately after a big seven, he said: “How much do you want to borrow? What do you take as collateral? ?”

This Xiao Qing lowered his voice: “It’s not borrowing money, but selling goods.”

The casino guy glanced at Xiao Qing and smiled: “We don’t accept broken metal!”

“Good stuff!” Xiao Qing said in a low voice again.

The guy raised his eyebrows, looked at Xiao Qing again, then nodded and said, “Come with you!”

As he spoke, he opened a block on the counter, Xiao Qing hurriedly got in, and then the guy opened the first floor of the partition, revealing the upward stairs, and walked down Xiao Qing hurriedly followed.

Going down a hundred steps, another wooden door was locked. The guy took out the key to open the door, and suddenly he saw a bright light.

It looks like a small underground hall.

There, is the underground black market of Nawen Ya.

Xiao Qing is not stupid, the Zheng Qi crystal thing is not too eye-catching for my identity, and it is the most realistic to quickly change it to gold and silver. As Zhou Xin, some good literati also have some things that are inconvenient to show or sell, so we will do it for you, and naturally we are very unfamiliar with the black market.

“Big man, is that distinguished guest here to buy or sell!” A shrill voice sounded, and a man with a sharp mouth stepped down, dragging a long rat tail in front of him.

The underground black market was actually run by a rat demon.

“To sell, to sell!” Xiao Qing replied quickly.

The male rat demon heard the words and said with a smile: “What is your honored guest selling, please tell me.”

Xiao Qing took out this righteousness crystal directly, and the male rat poison suddenly lit up.

The crystal of righteousness has no effect on high-level Confucian scholars. The purer the righteousness, the less powerful the poetry, and the more people who need it.

Right now for some special reason, we’re running out of that kind of stuff.

“Your honored guests, please come with me.” The rat demon bowed and led Xiao Qing into a large stone room.

A moment later, Xiao Qing walked out of the stone room with a smile on his face, and it seemed that he got a satisfactory harvest.

Looking at Zhou Xin’s back, he waved to the male rat demon who had received Xiao Qing before, and two more rat demons stepped forward.

“Go and check, where he has been before, who he has seen, and where my righteousness crystals come from.”

“We need a lot of righteous crystals right now!”

The two rat demons cupped their hands and chased out.


Splendid Inn.

“What? Mr. Cao is in Wenya?” An Qing frowned and looked into her eyes, don’t know where to go?”

Zhou Xin nodded: “We left half a month ago.”

“I heard from the people around me that because of Lord Min’s affairs, Cao Ning’s family kept looking for trouble for Mr. Cao. Mr. Cao was too troublesome, so he took a job and went to the county town below to inspect the academic affairs.”

“It’s said to be a patrol, but it’s actually a refuge.”

“Therefore, apart from Xuezheng, even his family members could not contact him.”

An Qing stood up and paced back and forth in the room.

Now that I’ve traced it, only that Young Master Cao is the one closest to Lord Min, and I’m the only one who will look at the problem from the point of view of Lord Min, so if you want to find out about that case, that’s a key person.

An Qing stopped, walked behind the desk, picked up a pen and wrote a line of words, took out her own small seal of the law, affixed it, and then handed the letter to Zhou Xin.

“He wants to come forward and ask the people below to contact the local Eight Doors. Let the Eight Doors go to Xuesi Yamen, and let Xuezheng call Master Cao back.”

Shuangmu took the letter, which was written in twelve small characters, “Cisco cheated, blocked the dossier, and cooperated with the investigation for reference”.

“Little man…” She looked at An Qing with puzzled eyes, and An Qing said lightly: “Changing the name to take the test, how can it not be considered fraud!”

In order to change the name of Mr. Min to Tang An, I changed the qualifications of the township examination, so that Mr. Min could retire to the Gongyuan in the name of Tang An, which is actually a violation of Xiaoxuanlu.

There is something wrong with that document!


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There you go. Zhou Xin bowed his hands and was about to go out when suddenly there was a commotion in the room. Zhou Xin was suspicious of going out, and Shuangmu hurriedly collected the letter and followed Zhou Xin subconsciously.

At this time, I saw a young man wearing a fancy dress and several people barged in directly. The shopkeeper of the embroidered inn had been struggling to stop us in front of us.

“Qing’an House, there are distinguished guests inside and outside, honorable guests…”

“_A stubborn son of a seventh-grade Confucian family, what kind of an honored guest!” A thug in front of this young man shouted angrily, he raised his leg and was about to kick at the shopkeeper. Suddenly, a sound of breaking through the air sounded, and a stone Fei came, hit the injured foot directly on the thug’s raised foot, and heard a “click”, the thug screamed directly, hugging his leg and mourning on the ground.

The leading son looked up at An Qing and Shuangmu who came out, frowning slightly: “Fingering magic?”

“My son’s knowledge is not good, but his martial arts are acceptable.” An Qing said in a hurry, “Is it itchy for all of you to trespass at my son’s residence?”

At this time, the shopkeeper hurried forward and said, “Young Master, don’t say a word. That is the son of Zhou Xinan’s family…”

An Qing’s expression moved and she looked at each other.

So fast!

As soon as they made a move, they got the news.

Whether it was leaked this week, or Shuangmu and the others were noticed when they were looking for Mr. Cao, it all means that our actions have entered the attention of Cao Ning’s family.

Not only did I know my superficial purpose, but I also figured out my subsurface identity!

That’s just a vassal family of the An family.

It can also be seen that in Xiaoxuan’s place, the power and energy of the aristocratic family is not much.

“Zhou Xinfei? What are you looking for?”

The leading son stepped forward and said, “Chen Luo, right?”

“Your Zhou Xin’an family and his Cao family in Yuzhou are guilty of river water. You don’t know what is the relationship between me and Zhou Xinfei, but this person has no grudges with your Cao Ning’an family. You’d better not inquire about my affairs. “

“This time, my son is here to persuade him to leave early and return to Yuzhou. Zhou Xinfei was not a place for him to stay for a long time, so as not to be involved in some muddy waters that his family may not have intended to live in.”

An Qing sat directly under the chair outside the yard and smiled: “Joke.”

“I am a citizen of Daxuan, the land of Daxuan, where can I stay for a long time.”

“Could it be that Wen Ya gave him Cao Ninglin’s family as a holy city?”

Xinfei’s face became hot that week: “Your Excellency wants to toast instead of eating and drinking.”

An Qing looked at each other with great interest: “I’ve grown up so much, and I’ve only eaten toasts, not fine wines.”

Qing’an Mansion also sneered: “In that case, your Cao Ning Lin family will naturally arrange it.”

“But drinking, it’s better to go home.”

“Also ask Zhou Xinfei to go home with you and wait for the Cao family to pick him up!”

After saying that, Qing’an House waved his hand, and several thugs in front of him immediately stood up.

An Qing frowned slightly. I could feel that the thugs were all masters of the seventh rank and below, and there were even two seventh-rank masters. It was impossible for such a person to be a thug.

This time, Cao Ning’s family came to her unprepared!

“Don’t try to touch my son!” Shuangmu hurriedly stepped forward and blocked An Qing.

An Qing was about to speak when her eyelids jumped and a smile appeared on her face.

He stretched out his hand, grabbed Zhou Xin’s arm, dragged him to his side, and said, “Young master is fighting, why are you a maid for fun!”

“But…” Listening to An Qing’s words, Shuangmu’s face flushed slightly. You naturally know An Qing’s abilities, not to mention those rotten chickens, even if a great scholar from Cao Ning’s An family came, he would not be a match for Lord Zhuguo. But since he is a subordinate, there is no reason for the adults to do it themselves.

“Hmph, it’s a pity for fragrance and jade!” With a wave of the palm of Qing’an House, these thugs in disguise rushed towards An Qing.

On Zhou Xin’s side, instead, he leaned back on the back of the chair with a smile on his face.

Just when the other party entered An Qing’s one meter range, suddenly, the wind picked up.

A huge coercion enveloped the compound, and sword shadows appeared out of thin air above the compound. This sword shadow instantly

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Falling down, shooting through the chest of the man who did it.

All the people who did it flew backwards and landed on the ground. They were injured, but they vomited blood. At the same time, a figure appeared like an electric light and stood in the Qing’an Mansion in a blink of an eye. in front of.

A broken sword rests on my neck. Only now did Zhou Xinfei see clearly that in front of him was a young man with a stern face, with murderous aura in his brows.

“Young Master, did you kill him?” the swordsman asked loudly.

“That’s right, Mr. Ji Ben is going to abide by the law now.” An Qing looked very distressed, “I’ll be stunned first, and then we’ll be tried together. Maybe there’s some death penalty on him.”

“Yes!” The swordsman shook his body, and suddenly a sword shadow the size of a thumb flew out from his body. The sword shadow quickly passed through the heads of everyone in the An family. All of them were blank and dizzy. past.

Until now, the swordsman turned around and bowed respectfully towards An Qing: “Guard Ji Zhong, I have seen the son.”

“Oh, the seventh-rank Martial God, Daji, it’s not bad!”

Lying on the ground at this time, the Qing’an Mansion, with the last trace of Qingming left, looked at the swordsman and “Chen Luo”, and a kind of horror that could not be concealed in his heart.

Ever since they knew of the prospect of marriage with An Qing, the aristocratic families have set their sights on these extremely talented warriors who lead An Qing.

It must be Zhou Xin who is Confucius, these people are not the 17 sages!

The future is limitless.

And one of them has an almost unique name, even higher than Duolin Adamo and Wudang Song Youji.

Sword God Ji Zhong!

In the Lunjian Pavilion in Dongcang City, that name has almost covered a generation, not only martial arts, but even Confucianism and Taoism!

The person who can make him a son…

Zhou Xinfei’s vision gradually blurred, and he looked at “Chen Luo” with his only remaining eyes.

This is not Zhouxin, this is…

Grandpa, the matter of Mr. Min is getting bigger!

That was the last consciousness of Qing’an Mansion. Immediately, because his soul was sealed by the colorful sword shadow, he closed his eyes and gradually lost consciousness…


At the same time In a secret room in the deepest part of the underground black market of this casino, an old rat demon was preparing concoction, and the whole secret room was filled with an unpleasant smell.

On the only stone bed in the secret room, lay a human race of about seventy or eighty years old, with his eyes closed, and he seemed to be in a coma.

The rat demon prepared the concoction, walked to the stone bed, helped the man sit up, and poured the concoction into his mouth, but just as the potion entered, most of it flowed out along the corner of his mouth, only A small part was held in his mouth.

The rat demon took out the righteousness crystal that had just been collected and placed it between the eyebrows of the other party. The righteousness crystal instantly turned into a ray of green energy and penetrated into the other’s brain. At this time, the other party’s nose lightly said “um” With a bang, the medicinal juice in his mouth went down.

“Zhou Xinfei….We will cure him.” The mouse said heavily, and continued to feed the concoction into the other’s mouth…

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