Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 4784: Ice Fire Dragon Prison


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None of Li Tianming’s nine clans are in Xuanting, so this sentence has no deterrent effect on him.

The Thieving Sky clan is naturally very bold.

“However, from this warning, we can see that Xuanting officials attach great importance to the Origin Spirit Spring.”

To put it bluntly, this is a top-notch life-saving medicine. It doesn’t matter if you don’t need it on a daily basis. Everyone needs it one day.

When you really need it, no matter how much money you spend, you have to buy it.

In addition, the origin spiritual spring is extremely difficult to preserve, and the storage cost is quite expensive, which invisibly raises the price!

The duty of the ancient imperial army of Feixing Castle is to defend Feixing Castle. However, whenever they approach the boundary in the core area, they have to implicate the nine clans. It can be seen that the clan levels of Xuanting’s official and military clans are like a chasm!


For Li Tianming, these are meaningless.

He is now becoming a qualified member of the Heaven-stealing clan. He only cares about the barrier and treasures, and does not need to pay attention to anything else.

Hidden in nothingness, he stood outside this barrier. Even if this place was already a restricted area, no one could find him.

His eyes were equipped with the eyes of stealing the sky, staring at the thick and strict barrier in front of him!

“Bounded by Ice and Fire Dragon Prison, high-grade Hun Dao level.”

Yin Chen had already asked him about this information.

Obviously, a large number of item levels in the Guan Zi Realm all use the same system, including Zhou Divine Artifact, Zhou Divine Way, Barrier, Illusion God, Chaos Star Beast, etc.

This classification is more intuitive.

Among the Hun Dao levels alone, the difference between the upper, middle and lower grades should be very large. For example, for the ordinary Ancient Imperial Army Huan Dao monks, Huan Dao level is mainly at the lower Huan Dao level, while the tenth level Chaos Yuwen Zhuting, who is above the level of Universe God, is the middle-grade mixed-level phantom god.

Among the younger generation, Li Tianming has yet to encounter a middle-grade Hound-level phantom god.

The ‘Ice Fire Dragon Prison Barrier’ in front of him is the first ‘high-grade Hun Dao level’ barrier barrier he knows about. There is no doubt that it is much more advanced than the barrier at Soul Hunting Star Dock.

Moreover, the enchantment must consider the coverage area. The coverage area of ​​the Ice Fire Dragon Prison enchantment is the entire core area of ​​Feixing Castle. It can be regarded as a large-scale barrier and forbidden enchantment. With such a large range, every point must be guaranteed. They all have high-grade mixed-level defense, which is exaggerated in itself.

Li Tianming also doesn’t know if, with his current level of Heaven Stealing Hand, he can peel off this barrier and open a small door into the core area without causing any disturbance!

“Give it a try.”

He took a deep breath and came to the giant barrier. He tried his best to cover up the flow of power in his body, maintaining the state of the void universe and stars, focusing entirely on the Heaven-stealing Hand and the Heaven-Stealing Eye.

In the 100,000 compound eyes of the Bloody Sky-stealing Eye, the ice-fire dragon prison barrier in front of me looked completely different. The light mist, chaos, and nebula changes on its surface had all dissipated, leaving only dense divine patterns.

The order of magnitude of trillions is no longer enough to describe these divine patterns. They are the culmination of millions of years of official construction by Xuanting. It took the efforts of many ancestors to build the divine patterns one by one.

Li Tianming noticed that many divine patterns would first condense into an individual, and this individual would be different depending on the enchantment. In this enchantment, the ‘individual’ would appear in the shape of a dragon, with two types: ice and fire.

This is a forbidden barrier composed of two dragon-shaped divine patterns, ice and fire.

“This kind of dragon-shaped divine pattern that brings together trillions of heavenly divine patterns should also be regarded as a kind of ‘Hong Dao divine pattern’.”

Only the barrier constructed from the Hun Dao Divine Marks, whether it is a protective barrier or a barrier and sealing barrier, can be regarded as a Hun Dao level barrier.

At the same time, the Phantom God is the same.

The Hun Dao level phantom gods dyed with microscopic ink are also composed of Hun Dao divine patterns.

Each of these ultra-dense and complex chaotic divine patterns is actually a small fantasy **** or a small barrier. When separated, it can also become a large barrier, but it can be as big as possible. For the Chaos Universe As far as God is concerned, it will appear very thin.

Li Tianming is not a master in building barriers or illusory gods. He doesn’t even understand the way of divine patterns at all, but he has the talent to dismantle them!


Li Tianming smiled and used his Heaven-stealing Eye to accurately see each of the ice and fire dragon-shaped divine patterns. The builders in history gave these dragon-shaped divine patterns a simulation of wisdom, making them complex and precise. The structure maintains a mysterious agility.

This kind of agility can increase the vitality and responsiveness of the barrier. However, when Li Tianming’s sky-stealing eyes stretched out, the offended dragon-shaped divine marks should have sounded an alarm and rejected Li Tianming. When he was young, because of this kind of agility, he was touched by Li Tianming with his heaven-stealing hands and became docile.

“Yes, that’s it.”

Li Tianming said softly, the red light of the Sky-stealing Eye shone on the dragon-shaped **** tattoos within ten meters of the Guanzui Realm in front of him. Those ice and fire dragon-shaped **** tattoos were repelling each other. Originally, if there was an alarm, , on the contrary, it will be very big, but under this red light, it will fall into a kind of ecstasy, confused and even appear to be joyful.

Li Tianming doesn’t know what the principle is, but it’s just racial talent!

In this way, he shined with a hundred thousand compound eyes, and used the hand of stealing the sky to make them give way, opened a small passage, and allowed himself to advance slowly, surrounded by the intimate dragon-shaped divine patterns.


Soon, Li Tianming’s body of void cosmic stars was completely submerged in the ice and fire dragon prison barrier, without causing any movement. At most, the barrier produced a few ripples, which is also a common fact.

“This kind of blocking barrier is consistent everywhere. If I can open a way in at one place, it means I can pass through. The difference is that the thicker the barrier, the longer it will take.”

Li Tianming still doesn’t know the thickness of the ice-fire dragon prison barrier. He can only squeeze forward one step at a time amid the swimming of trillions of dragon-shaped divine patterns. As long as he is not discovered, he is absolutely safe inside.

“If the level of the barrier is raised further, there will probably be other more complex divine patterns, surpassing the Hun Dao divine patterns, and more warning settings will be added. My current strength of the Sky-stealing Eye may not be able to break through the barrier. Enter without causing any noise.”

So, if you want to pass through more enchantments and use stronger Heaven-Stealing Light, Heaven-Stealing Dao, and Stealing Nebula, it is crucial to improve the Heaven-Stealing Eye!

Li Tianming was relieved to be able to enter the ice and fire dragon prison barrier this time. Otherwise, it had only been a year, and he didn’t know where to find the ancient evil demon. He tested it last time, and the ordinary Thousand Eyes No beast can help him break through the shackles of a hundred thousand compound eyes.

The Thieving Sky Clan’s absorption of the Eyes of Ancient Evil Demons is not purely quantitative, but also has levels of shackles. Even the more compound eyes, the better.

Li Tianming doesn’t know yet what the upper limit of his Sky-stealing Eye is.

He concentrated on the operation of his hands and eyes. His eyes illuminated and his hands comforted and cleared the way.


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