Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 4782: The end of red is black!


The latest website: “After the order breaks through, it is in a state of weakness again. Next, it is estimated that it will cycle between weakness and stability for a long time!”

Because we use Nebula Sacrifice to break through, we will naturally break through every time!

“I would like to continue hunting and training, and stabilize and integrate order again as soon as possible, but the rules and time do not allow it.”

One year on, one year off!

The one-year period has arrived, and it is time to enter the training zone of Feixing Castle.

Li Tianming adjusted his breath, directly crossed the nebula storm, and returned to the castle wall amidst the roaring light.

I just came back and happened to catch up with the gathering of the Black Rose Thousand Barracks!

He quietly emerged from the stars in the void universe and appeared at the end of the fifteenth team without any sound.

Sir An Ning will be here soon!

“Imperial Weapon Token!” As soon as she arrived, she didn’t waste any time and asked everyone to take out the Imperial Weapon Token.

This is actually a head count!

Because hunting is a combination of hard work, many people have thick blood marks on their imperial weapon tokens.


In this way, it is clear who kills the most star beasts.

The blood-red man with the imperial weapon token naturally aroused many exclamations of surprise.

On the fifteenth team’s side, when Hu Renbing showed the dark red Imperial Soldier token, it caused the shouts of nearly a hundred Imperial Soldiers in the team!

“As expected of a hundred soldiers!”

“In just one year, at least fifty Chaos Star Beasts were killed!”

“Brother Hu, a role model for our generation. The invincible little diamond in the brothel.”

The praise was okay in the front, but it became more and more outrageous as we went to the back. Hu Renbing felt dizzy when he heard it, and he quickly roared: “Shut up, you roast chickens!”

Just when everyone was exaggerating, someone suddenly discovered that there was a different imperial weapon token above their heads.

The Imperial Weapon Tokens of the Xiaolong Army are all black, and this Imperial Weapon Token is also black, so black that no red can be seen at all.

But why is it so evil?

Everyone didn’t know it, but when they looked carefully, they were shocked. It was obvious that the blood on the imperial weapon token was boiling, and the blood marks were heavy and extremely dense!

The reason why it appears black is because there is too much fusion of hard work!

“They’re all so red and black!”

“It has been said that the end of red is black! The truth is the same!”

“Fuck, which Sun Tzu’s Imperial Soldier Token is this? It’s so dark that I can’t even see the name!”

The Hundred Soldiers and Hu Renbing were all alarmed. He discovered that the Imperial Soldier Token belonged to his own team. He quickly went up to pick it off and wiped away the blood mark to take a look.

“I’m so stupid!”

Hu Renbing suddenly saw the words “Li Tianming” on it.

He subconsciously thought he had seen it wrong, so he rubbed it several times with his rough fingers, blinked his eyes dozens of times, and then looked carefully.

It’s Li Tianming!


He fell in front of Li Tianming, held up the imperial weapon token in his hand, and asked with trembling thick lips: “You, didn’t you say you stayed on the fortress wall and didn’t dare to go out?”

I remember that at that time, he laughed at Li Tianming for being as brave as a big girl.

Although it is not a mockery, it is still so different from now!

In this regard, Li Tianming could only smile and said: “Then I felt too bored, so I went out for a walk.”

“Turned around?” Hu Renbing was dumbfounded, touching the imperial weapon token in his hand, and asked dumbly: “How many of them have been killed, brother? You have all lost the token!”

“About two hundred…”

When Li Tianming said this number, the brothers and sisters in the fifteenth team were stunned. This number was four times that of their hundred soldiers.

The question is, was this done by an ancient god?


Even people from other teams saw this scene, and they all came over here, looked at Li Tianming suspiciously, and secretly discussed: “Does this kid have an elder brother nearby to help him kill, and give him some military merit? ”

“It’s not necessary! This kind of hunting military merit can only be exchanged for some money and skills, and it has nothing to do with promotion. If there is such a brother, it is better to give him money directly.”

Everyone was talking a lot.

But Hu Renbing still wanted to speak. The Imperial Soldier Token in his hand was gone, and a cold voice spread.

“Quiet, line up!”

It was the voice of Lord An Ning.

In front of that, the million-meter-tall exquisite Star Sea Titan held Li Tianming’s black imperial weapon token in his hand. She looked at it, her eyes were like abyss, and she didn’t have much expression.

“Good job.”

After just this sentence of praise, she threw the imperial weapon token back into Li Tianming’s hand.

Obviously, she was just counting people. If she really wanted to redeem the military merits and clean the tokens, Li Tianming would have to do it himself.

“Sand Devil, where are your cards?”

After Master An Ning scanned all the imperial weapon tokens, he looked in one direction.

The imperial soldiers of one team looked at each other, and finally, several of them said in unison: “Master An Ning, we have not seen the Sand Demon Hundred Soldiers until now.”

An Ning said nothing, and took out a communication stone. After activating it for a long time, there was no response.


An Ning received the communication stone, and then took out a light golden Imperial Weapon token. She tapped the light golden Imperial Weapon token, and all the black Imperial Weapon tokens buzzed.

“Sand Demon’s imperial weapon token is not within a hundred billion meters!”

An Ning’e frowned.

When Li Tianming heard this, he secretly said in his heart: “Of course he is not here anymore. He has been dragged to the ends of the earth for a long time.”

He thought that the Sand Demon’s death had been discovered long ago.

“Sand Demon is gone?”

“That’s not right! He left his post without permission?”

Everyone looked strange and talked a lot.

“Which of you has contacted him within this year?” An Ning asked everyone.

Most people shook their heads.

A few of the Imperial Soldiers who were commanded by Sand Demon himself stood up.

“From the first month to yesterday, we have been contacting him, but there has been no response from his communication stone from beginning to end.” Someone came out and said.

“There has been no response, why don’t you report it to me?” An Ning said angrily.


The Imperial Soldiers were also helpless and responded: “Sir An Ning, the Sand Demon Baibing Lieutenant usually disappears and disobeys the summons quite often. He is a Hundred Soldiers Lieutenant and just ignores us. Something might happen…”

“I’m not within a hundred billion meters of Feixing Castle, and I haven’t returned to the Army God Vortex yet. Did you tell me something happened?” An Ning said.

Everyone looked shocked when they heard this.

“Sand Demon Hundred Soldiers, I’m afraid you’re in trouble?”

“He encountered some terrifying Chaos Star Beast!”

“Oh my thought this egg protection mission was not dangerous…”

The Flying Star Castle is spherical, so they joked that it was an egg protection mission.

For a while, there was a lot of discussion.

An Ning looked cold. Something happened to a hundred soldiers. As the commander-in-chief, she must bear some responsibility.

“You go back to the training area first! Come back in a year and continue to garrison.”

Fortunately, she didn’t embarrass anyone.

After all, according to her logic, if anyone in this group of people attacks the Sand Demon, it is impossible for the Sand Demon to not even have a chance to ask for help.

She was not even sure how to deal with the Quicksand Clan, even if she could get him to summon him.

At the very least, the Imperial Soldier Token can be used to ask Qianbingwei for help!


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