Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 4780: The green-robed killer!


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“Fuck! Fuck!”

Li Tianming was still immersed in his understanding of the swordsmanship just now, but he glanced at the supernova ruins with his Sky-stealing Eye, which scared him to pieces!

“So many flying star mosquitoes!”

Tamar’s social insects?

When he took a look, he felt that the darkness in that direction directly formed a sea of ​​thunder tens of millions of meters wide, angrily chasing Li Tianming!

There are at least several hundred!

Each one is similar to the one Li Tianming killed just now!

Li Tianming had just easily dealt with a flying star mosquito, and was about to lament that the star beast in the supernova ruins was also a coward. Then, the nine tribes of the flying star mosquito came to teach him a lesson!

The reason why they came so quickly is because Li Tianming was on the outer edge of the tens of billions of meters defense circle of Feixing Castle. Those Chaos Star Beasts also knew that they would be attacked once they entered this area, so the Hu Renbing and the Star Beasts were in that position. Few indeed.

As for Li Tianming, outside is where the Chaos Star Beasts roam freely. Li Tianming is equivalent to actually killing mosquitoes at the door of someone’s house. Of course, all nine tribes are chasing him in!

Boom boom boom!


The deafening roar of thunder, the piercing scream, and the endless thunder swallowed up all Li Tianming’s sight in the first moment!

“What a dog place!”

With such an army of flying star mosquitoes, not to mention Li Tianming, even Master An Ning standing here would have to avoid their sharp edges immediately.

Without saying a word or thinking of resisting, Li Tianming immediately escaped into the void of the stars and disappeared completely!

Originally, he was ‘shining and glowing’, but he was locked by countless angry flying star mosquitoes, and then disappeared in an instant. This dealt a critical blow to the low IQ of those flying star mosquitoes that rushed up.

You’re obviously here, why aren’t you there?

Boom boom boom!

The flying star mosquito army crushed past where Li Tianming was just now.

He just rushed over…


All the manic Flying Star Mosquitoes braked quickly, then turned around and looked at the place they had just rushed over. They all tilted their heads, and their heads were full of question marks.

They communicate with each other.



After staring at each other for a long time, their hatred seemed to dissipate. A group of hundreds of flying star mosquitoes hundreds of thousands of meters long were freed from the blood feud and dispersed in an instant. They were doing what they were doing. went.

Li Tianming himself remained motionless, breaking into a cold sweat from the shock.

Although these mosquitoes are indeed not very intelligent, their destructive power is indeed terrifying. If they could not escape into nothingness, Li Tianming would be dead.

Of course, if he hadn’t been able to escape into nothingness, Li Tianming wouldn’t have gone so deep.

“Anyway, there are enough hunting targets here. If I can kill all these flying star mosquitoes one by one, close to thousands, then there will be tens of thousands of nebula sacrifices…”

So it’s so easy to make a fortune?

Kill ten thousand, and you can put a reward on yourself.

So, Li Tianming decided to fight these flying star mosquitoes to the end!

While these flying star mosquitoes slowly dissipated, he stared at one of them and followed it quietly.

“Shh!” Bai Ye suddenly shushed, and then said to Li Tianming: “Look over there?”


Li Tianming stopped and looked in the direction Bai Ye said.

You don’t know if you look at it, but at first glance, Li Tianming’s face darkened.

Among the flying star mosquitoes, there was a very tall green light and shadow.

The reason why it is light and shadow is because that person sees the world of freedom!

So Li Tianming almost didn’t see this person!

When did he come?

Why didn’t the Flying Star Mosquito attack him?

Li Tianming had no idea. He only had an intuition that this person was very strong.

Just as I was thinking this, the light and shadow of the man solidified instantly. It was actually a million-meter-tall Chaos God. He was covered in a thick green nebula robe, covering himself tightly, with only a small amount of darkness. Green hair revealed!


“I don’t know.” Bai Ye said.

“The attire doesn’t look like the ancient imperial army.” Li Tianming said.

After the man returned to the real world dock, the flying star mosquitoes did not attack him, and instead flew around him.

“It’s strange, why is this kid missing…”

The man in green robe suddenly murmured.

Li Tianming heard this!

“You’re actually coming after me? Are you chasing me so far?”

Li Tianming frowned.

He killed the Sand Demon near the fortress wall, and then came to the edge of the defense in a state of nothingness to kill the Flying Star Mosquito. Unexpectedly, someone could chase him here?

Is this a coincidence, or does it mean that there are too many people ‘hunting’ for me outside?

“Moreover, even people with such strength as An Ning have joined the team chasing me. It seems that the reward for Mrs. Charming Star has been completely spread.” Li Tianming said coldly.

“Some people, even if it is not for the Hundred Thousand Nebula Festival, or for the sake of gaining favors from the Yuwen Taigu Clan and the Zhenbei Bureau, they will be interested in you as a wanted criminal.” Yinghuo chuckled.

“You’re tall enough. I’m a member of the Ancient Imperial Army, and I’m covered by Lord An Ning!” Li Tianming curled his lips and said.

At this moment, he could only say that he was in danger. Fortunately, the army of flying star mosquitoes appeared first and he escaped into the void quickly enough. Otherwise, he might be attacked by the million-meter Chaos Universe God.

That’s dangerous!

“As long as I’m not being attacked by surprise, I’m not very afraid.”

The last time he was still very weak, he escaped into nothingness but was framed by Yu Wen Zhuting’s Ancient Star Realm Illusion God. That also taught Li Tianming a lesson.

There are relatively few phantom **** cultivators who practice this kind of forbidden phantom god, but Li Tianming has to be careful of the star clan, because their native star realm is the real talent for banning.

Even if you escape into nothingness, you may still be banned.

“It’s strange, I was still there just now…”

The green-robed man’s eyes were very malicious, and he glanced around, seeming to be in a manic mood.

“It’s not a good place to stay for a long time.”

Li Tianming turned around decisively, gave up on the flying star mosquitoes, and headed in another direction.

At the same time, the appearance of a new enemy this time also reminded him deeply that because of the Zhenbei Bureau and the Yuwen Taikoo Clan, there may be many people in Feixing Castle who want to kill him!

“This is not a bad thing. In contrast, there are many more opportunities to make money!”

How can you make money quickly by killing Chaos Star Beast?

Fighting with the Chaos Star Beast, how can you be as strong as fighting with life and death?

Prudent, cold, solemn, alert, decisive…all these are the qualities that Li Tianming needs to fight in this Shura field!

With the intimidation of this man in green robe, Li Tianming was extremely cautious next time.

If you don’t fight, he won’t show up!

Kill a beast and he will immediately move his position!

In this way, he appeared in various places on the defensive edge like a flash, disappearing and disappearing.

He wants to kill someone!

But he knew very well that at this stage, beasts were easier to kill than humans, and his basic strength was too poor.

That’s it!

One year is a long time for ordinary people, but for the God of the universe, it goes by in the blink of an eye.

“It’s time to rush to the ninth level to suppress the ancient universe god…”


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