Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 4615: Eternal!


The giant black cauldron with a human head was torn in half amid the billowing poisonous smoke!

Huang Liu’s shrill screams erupted, but what Zi Zhen didn’t expect was that the black giant cauldron with human heads actually regrouped in the thick black smoke.

“You bitch, you must die!”

Huang Liu roared in pain, and countless poisonous six-color smoke formed a storm and swept toward Zi Zhen!

For a moment, Zi Zhen seemed to have entered a sea of ​​poison, feeling that the terrifying power of the six human disasters around him was constantly eroding his body.

She responded with indifference. The 100,000-meter-long purple demon body had spikes and sharp claws raised all over its body. It waved wildly, forming a purple power storm that swept away the poisonous thick fog around it.

She looked coldly at the huge human-headed cauldron that was gradually gathering and rejoining, feeling a little heavy.

At this time, the slightly inked voice came through the poisonous fog in the sky: “Zi Zhen, this guy is just like Shen Wu. After all, he is an eternal creature. As long as he is not refined, he can be condensed and reborn!”

Huangliu did not deny it, but smiled proudly: “Since you know this, why don’t you get out of the way? It’s still too late to let me go now, I can be lenient and let you people from the Emperor Star go… If It’s too late, when I break through, they will all die!”

Zi Zhen remained silent.

The purple demon body burst out with even more terrifying power.

Continuously tear apart the huge human-headed cauldron in the field!

Then he watched helplessly as the giant cauldron condensed again, and Huang Liu’s sinister laughter could be heard everywhere.

Huang Liu didn’t bother to pay attention to Zi Zhen at all.

In the six man-made disaster formations, six colors of poisonous smoke, each of which is the power of disaster and plague, are rushing towards the surrounding formation of billions of phantom gods!

It was like a wave of waves, rolling against the phantom **** formation, trying to break it.

In this plague force that fills the sky with the six human disasters, Zi Zhen has some difficulty in moving.

Even with her current demon body, if she stays here for too long, she will be eroded and infected by various plagues, and will enter a weak state, and even eventually die.

However, Huangliu didn’t notice that his six human-headed giant cauldrons were getting closer to each other under Zi Zhen’s constant attacks.

Unconsciously, six giant cauldrons with human heads almost gathered together.

At this moment, Wei Sheng Mo Ran raised his hand solemnly, and the surrounding phantom gods suddenly changed!

Originally, they formed a defensive formation to prevent Huang Liu from escaping.

But now, more phantom gods surged out of her body, and they turned into nine huge phantom gods’ mouths behind her!

Just like when they faced Shenwu before, when they bit the five silver giant swords, at this time, the nine giant mouths of the phantom **** opened instantly, killing the six human-headed giant cauldrons of Huangliu. Bite it!

This is the phantom power of the micro-ink dye, a certain restraint on eternal creatures.

When the five silver giant swords of Shenwu were bitten by the giant mouth of the phantom god, they could no longer move, lost all effects, and could not even be divided into small sword energy.

The same is true at this time!

When the six human-headed giant cauldrons gathered together inadvertently, Wei Sheng Mo Ran directly used the phantom **** to form a giant mouth, biting the six human-headed giant cauldrons, and finally restricted their abilities.

The six colors of plague poisonous smoke were immediately cut off and could no longer be spewed out!


Huang Liu’s expression changed slightly, but he soon struggled crazily and sneered cruelly: “You used the phantom **** to seal my body, are you not caring about the people of the Yanhuang Emperor Star?”

Although the giant mouth of the Phantom God suppressed its body.

But the poisonous thick fog that was released before still exists.

Now the phantom **** formation that surrounded Huangliu has turned into the phantom god’s giant mouth, and the poisonous thick fog is equivalent to no obstacle!

Six plumes of thick smoke of different colors immediately formed and dispersed in different directions, obviously intending to contaminate the entire Yanhuang Emperor Star!

This scene made countless people on the Yanhuang Emperor Star change their expressions, becoming frightened and nervous.

But soon, Zi Zhen’s three eyes and nine pupils were staring at the six poisonous smoke.

Under the red kapok mask, six scarlet vortexes condensed again, flying out towards the six poisonous smoke with extremely strong devouring power!

Six Paths of Reincarnation Devour!

Previously, it had no good effect against Huang Liu’s body.

But the power used to devour the remaining six human plagues is just right.

The scarlet vortex roared and caught up, quickly sucking in the six poisonous smoke! The power of the poisonous smoke and plague was under the control of Huangliu. He still wanted to struggle, but he couldn’t escape from being swallowed up at all.

In the end, he was completely swallowed up by the scarlet vortex!

The sky in the Yanhuang Emperor Star became clear again.

This sudden change made everyone breathe a sigh of relief.

But for Nahuang Liu, it was like falling to the bottom. His giant cauldron was now bitten by the giant mouth of the Phantom God, and he was unable to release more of the power of the six human disasters. It was equivalent to being locked to death!


Huangliu threatened angrily: “Don’t forget, everyone in the entire universe is still under my torture. Let me go quickly, otherwise everyone will die without a burial place!”

When he roared so angrily, news came quickly from Yin Chen.

Some people in various parts of the universe who were infected with the gray plague indeed became more miserable. When Huang Liu was imprisoned and became furious, it intensified the pain of everyone in the universe!

This left both Wei Sheng Mo Ran and Zi Zhen at a loss.

Now they can only suppress Huangliu like this. If they really want to kill him, they can’t do it yet.

Fortunately, Yin Chen quickly added that the intensification of the gray plague only seemed to increase the pain and did not make people die faster.

This made the two of them feel a little relieved, but also a little anxious.


They are looking forward to Li Tianming’s return.

Now only Li Tianming can truly kill this Huangliu!


The other side.

Mo Si, who transformed into a black female demon, kept attacking the blockade of Li Wudi and Uncle Taixu, trying to break through the barrier of Yanhuang Heavenly Palace and escape.

I just heard Li Wudi laughing and talking nonstop.

“Is this the eternal creature?”

“Come on, use more force!”

“If you don’t work hard, I will work hard!”

The continuous ridicule from the middle-aged greasy man made Na Mo Si feel irritable.

“Get out!”

Mo Si was already extremely irritable, and Tai Er’s death made her unwilling to fight.

This woman, like Zi Zhen, relies entirely on the physical body.

She is always in the most violent state, and it is increasingly difficult for Li Wudi to stop her.

As time went by, Mo Si also realized that her current condition was very dangerous.

Although the terrifying blond woman has left, as long as Li Tianming comes back, she will still have nothing to gain…

This made her run away like she was dying!


Just when she saw the opportunity and wanted to pass by Li Wudi, Li Wudi grabbed one of her tails.

Li Wudi chuckled: “Hey, you want to run away? This tail is good, cut it off and make it into wine.”

Unexpectedly, the Demon Si gritted his teeth and turned into a black stream of light, rushing out from Li Wudi’s hand!

Li Wudi was stunned, looking at his hand, only a broken black devil’s tail remained. Let me go, is this girl a gecko? ”

After being delayed like this, Li Wudi couldn’t catch up.

I saw the black figure of the four demons flying towards the barrier of Yanhuang Tiangong, and the remaining three tails turned into terrifying spears. With a roar, the barrier of Tiangong was broken!

“Come out!”

Mo Si was overjoyed.

I saw her flying out of the heavenly palace barrier. In the starry sky, the broken tail was recovering and condensing at an extremely fast speed… This is an eternal creature, possessing some kind of immortal and terrifying characteristics!

However, just when Mo Si thought she could escape, suddenly, a huge shadow rushed out from a golden and black vortex in front of her, covering her…

What appeared in front of her were nine golden and red dragon heads.

The Kowloon Emperor is buried!

Li Tianming finally arrived!


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