Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 4370: Shuangtiandi



Underworld Emperor’s eyes swayed up and down, looking at the forty-nine immortal patriarchs.

The other part of the eyes looked at the battlefield of the Eternal God Army!

The defeat of the 10 billion vanguard army is obvious.

This is the reality before him!

If he doesn’t deal with it, the tens of billions of vanguard troops are already deeply trapped by the enemy. Whether they are slaughtered or captured, it will not be a good result, and it will hurt the vitality of their five races of gods!

This will also lead to an imbalance in the power of the gods of their five races compared with Zhantian and Huantian… This is what the five races do not want to see.

They dared to fight quickly because they thought they could definitely capture the Emperor Star, but the reality was just the opposite!

“Okay, how do you want to negotiate?”

Underworld Emperor did stop moving, and said to Li Tianming calmly.

Li Tianming had a plan in mind, and was about to say something, but his expression suddenly changed, and he said, “You want to delay?”

“What do you mean?” Emperor Mingtian shrugged.

“You are not the only one who came to our Emperor Star today!”

Li Tianming said coldly.

The area of ​​the Yanhuang Guardian Barrier is very large, and the opponent thought it would be difficult for Li Tianming to find them.

However, these heavenly emperors all have hundreds of thousands of Eternal God bodies, and the silver dust is all over the entire emperor star. Such a strong man can’t hide it from Li Tianming at all!

Another heavenly emperor of the five clans of gods appeared on the battlefield, and he broke through like a broken bamboo!

It’s not even just a Heavenly Emperor, there are at least 30 Zhengu Zhoushen with 50,000 meters of Zhoushen’s body, scattered in all directions, all wanting to infiltrate into the Emperor Star!

It can be said that with the addition of this group of people, the gods of the five races are already very ruthless in order to quickly conquer the Emperor Star. It has only been a few days since the opening of the channel!

“It seems that what you see is endless.” Emperor Mingtian didn’t hide anymore, he sneered and said: “The gap between you and my eight gods is the gap between heaven and earth. I gave you a chance to live in peace. Now that the passage is open, it is the heavens who want to kill you, Yanhuang. Don’t struggle, admit defeat and accept the reality. Today’s attack is just the beginning of the eight gods, and the real army will come next. , you and this Emperor Star, which is doomed to fall, are doomed to die together.”

He is not joking, Li Tianming crushed the vanguard army of tens of billions, and since the gods of their five races decided to attack, they don’t only have the vanguard army of tens of billions!

Including the current strong attack, rushing into the Emperor Star, once it reaches the vicinity of Tiangong God Realm, it will also cause damage there.

At this moment, some strong men have already charged into the Emperor Star!

“It is said that many of your relatives and friends are down here? Wait for their good news, you emperor star, the hole is too big, you can’t hold it.” The words of Emperor Mingtian can be described as extremely indifferent.

He knows who is near the Tiantian Palace God Realm, and with its extinction ability, no one can stop it.


To Emperor Mingtian’s surprise, until this time, Li Tianming was still not panicked. He faced Emperor Mingtian, and while waiting for Li Wudi to completely control the lives of the tens of billions of vanguard troops, he said lightly: “Everything has its own consequences. Except, you can stop being so confident.”

Hearing this, Emperor Mingtian smiled, and the ninety-seven eyes narrowed.

He delayed Li Tianming and these immortals here, as if everyone was delaying time.

Then finally at a certain moment, Emperor Mingtian’s message stone rang.

“There are no people below. The key people should have left on the Nine Dragon Star Sea God Ship, and the rest of the Zeus Gods who can participate in the battle have been dispersed!”

This piece of news caused Emperor Mingtian’s smile to slowly fall silent.

The gods of their eight tribes are dignified gods, and they are out of line to do this. Unexpectedly, Li Tianming predicted their shamelessness, so he took the first step to prepare for it!

“Do you know why I’m on guard? It’s because you Eight Gods have been Yan Huang’s lowly slaves from the very beginning, and you are all unscrupulous lowdowns in your bones. When dealing with you, you must not be expected to be upright.” Destiny said coldly.

For this period of delay, Emperor Mingtian did not take any valuable prisoners, and Li Wudi and the others were destroying the Zhoushen body of the Zhoushen army every moment, and then taking their Zhoushen origin Got it in hand!

Looking around now, it can be seen that the battlefield of the tens of billions of vanguards is shrinking. The evil spirits, the Yanhuang God Clan, and the Yanhuang Emperor Demon are completely scattered, controlling the Eternal God Origin of each of the five races of gods. can destroy!

The most effective way to deal with these peak powerhouses is to disperse, the more disperse the better, this Yanhuang Guardian Barrier is so huge, those vanguards are cut into pieces, like ants in the sea, how can you be a Mingtian Emperor To reverse the situation, how to save people?

The Emperor Mingtian’s delay is really dragging the vanguard into eternal doom.

“Let that evil god, the Yintian Emperor, come over, and I’ll talk to you face to face!” Li Tianming now had the life of the tens of billions of vanguards in his hands, and he finally had the confidence to speak.

“What do you want to talk about?”

Soon, in the vortex of flames below, a giant black shadow flew up to the sky and hung in the distance. It was a peak Zhou God shrouded in black mist. Judging from his body shape and figure, he had a very enchanting curve. The woman, with boundless black primordial wings on her back, has nine pairs from top to bottom, a total of eighteen wings, and the total number of small primordial wings has reached ninety-eight!

The two heavenly emperors personally lead the vanguard army, which shows how determined they are!

It’s just that I didn’t expect that the speed of soldiers and speed was at a disadvantage!

“It’s very simple.” Li Tianming pointed to himself, “I don’t want to make too much demands, everything is based on reality. I heard that you have already pushed the power of heaven into the channel, so the punishment of heaven can also be here. Established. Therefore, all you need is to swear by the law of heaven, from the emperor star to all the worlds of good fortune, a truce for a hundred years, only a hundred years, I will release your vanguard immediately, and let them go home safely .”

As soon as these words came Yintian Emperor and Mingtian Emperor fell silent.

After being silent for a while, Emperor Yintian said with a sneer, “Give you a hundred years to breathe, and we won’t be able to take you down.”

“That’s no way, who let some of you die in my hands?” Li Tianming said.

“Then you kill them.”

After saying that, Emperor Yintian didn’t stay, but left towards the top, and soon rushed out of the protective barrier of Yanhuang.

“Li Tianming, the Eight Gods never accept compromise. In order to destroy you, tens of billions of gods can be lost, so don’t dream of Spring and Autumn. The next wave of real troops will arrive soon. Can you How long will it last?”

After Ming Tiandi finished speaking, he also vacated and left.

They are not going far away, but to meet a greater murderous intent.

Brothers, after the lunatic got sick, he didn’t recover a little bit, and he was a little tired. Today, I can’t write anymore. There is only one chapter. Rest well tonight and fight again tomorrow.


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